Monday, September 19, 2011

Lands End Canvas Reviews

Oopsies. I have been a bad blogger. Last week my school started and I was surprised by some policy changes that are making my life a little stressful. It's really starting my year off on the wrong foot! Also, my little bunny started school and I couldn't believe how emotional I was about it! She, of course, did not cry at all on the first day - I was another story. I had no idea I would be so emotional about her going to school. One of the awesome things about motherhood is that you are always surprising yourself!

I thought I'd do some LEC reviews because I have nabbed a few great items from them in the past and I bought the Groupon ($30 for $60 worth of clothing).

Here's what I found:

Women's Cotton Cashmere Sweater (XS) in Scuba Blue and (XXS) Tomato

Yes this is a very basic sweater but it is also offered at a very affordable price! I love the little sweatshirt detailing (inverted triangle at neckline) and the material is very soft although not terribly thick so I think this might not be a winter sweater. I really loved both colors and preferred the size XXS although if you are looking for a little slouch I would go with your normal size.

Woman's Button-Side Crewneck (XS) in Dark Midnight and French Pecan Heather

I don't know why I didn't order an XXS for comparison - I think I would have preferred that. My husband said the fit was a little too boxy but I LOVE this sweatshirt. The buttons on the side are SOOO charming and the terry is to die for. I want to wear it every day. I think it's a teeny bit pricey but I'm sure it will go on sale at some point. I would really like to see what the Daylily Orange looks like. I don't look good in orange but the color on the website looks beautiful.BTW - Dark Midnight is a slightly darker version of JC's Nightfall Blue

Women's Heritage Oxford Shirt (2 and 4) in White

I felt fine in either size. The 2 was a little snug in the chest but that's it. I've been looking for a white shirt that is a bit cheaper than JC's Boy Shirt (which I own but would rather not have paid so much for). This shirt is super cute and I love the nod to true men's shirts with the side vent (in a blue stripe) and the button down collar. The cotton is a nice heavy weight and I like the length. This is the newer version but there is another one on sale for $19.99.

The Heritage Poplin Shirt (size 2 and 4) in white

The 2 was definitely too snug in this one - all over. Prefer the 4. Again, if you are looking for a basic white button down - this is a nice option. This version is more fitted because of the stretch in the fabric and the shaping at the waist. It's a light cotton. Very flattering and comfortable and again, a good deal at $19.99

Boyfriend Shirt (XXS) in white

Huge, unflattering. Not for me.

Women's Button Front Pocket Skirt (size 2) in Berry Breeze Plaid

Well made with a lining, nice cotton. Colors were a bit too saturated for me and the overall feel was 12 year old girl instead of mother of girl. It's a little hard to tell in the picture but it was super poofy. A good ironing might help.

Women's Stretch Slim Leg Jeans (size 27) in Rinsed Deep Indigo 

I don't know if it's from the super stretch denim but these puppies were running really big. I would definitely size down. The denim had that feel of not being jeans but some weird material with way too much stretch. I can see them being baggy at the end of the day. That being said, the general shape was flattering. I would call them more bootleg however.

Women's Slim Leg Jeans (size 27) in Rinsed Deep Indigo

These are definitely slim leg without being jeggings. The camera washed out the color - it is the same as the jeans above. I like these a lot and although the 27's initially felt WAY too tight in the waist, within an hour of wearing them around the house they felt perfect. The length is also just right for me - fine with flats, fine with heels. For $26.99 these are a steal and they actually feel like denim! I did take a picture from behind but I'm not quite ready to post that much information on the internet :)

What are other people snagging with their $30 Groupon?


  1. I missed the Groupon, but it looks like you got some great deals. The slim leg jeans are really flattering on you and I love the colors in the skirt. Very cute.

    I still cry over my kids going off to school and they are much older than your little one. I think it's a mom 'thing'. It's good that our kids don't feel the same way, otherwise they'd never leave home.

  2. Maryeb - I always love your comments! Thanks - I like the slim leg jeans a lot and will definitely buy a pair but am not totally sold yet on what else I should purchase.

    Glad to hear I am not the only one with the school thing. It really caught me off guard. I think it is a 'mom' thing - I feel like our special time is ending!

  3. My oldest just entered Kinder this year. Also, since I'm working full time I had to send my almost 3 yr old to day care with her. I was so heart broken I had to do this, but they really like going to school and I'm grateful for that.

    I haven't shopped LEC since last fall and I liked what I saw in their catalog this fall. Your reviews are helpful and I hope to get some affordable clothing there in replacement of JC ones. JC is getting to be much out of my budget with their ridiculous prices.

  4. I think you look fabulous in those jeans!!! I love the tomato red/orange sweater too.

    I don't order from LEC often although I get tempted when they send catalogs. I have my eye on the tee with elbow patches.

  5. Jcrewphd - that must have been really hard! I will say one of the good sides of sending my daughter to school is that I am soooo excited to see her when she gets out! And yes, thank goodness school is fun!
    LEC is hit and miss for me but I do trust the quality and I think they are really trying hard to get into the modern age.

    Fhsnonmymind - THANKS! I think I am definitely going to bite on those jeans. Great for everyday or dressed up with heels for a weekend. And super comfortable.

    Rose - I love the red sweatshirt too. it seems to be sold out now but I bet it will pop back