Wednesday, October 12, 2011

J Crew Sale and 3 New Arrivals

Wanted to quickly post some sale reviews since tomorrow is the last day to snag some J Crew booty with the extra 30% off.  Without further adieu...

Maisie Dress (size 2) in Abstract Floral (still full price online)

Hmmm... Just not flattering at all on me. I would say this dress is definitely TTS. I could not size down on this one. The elastic waistband hits at an odd place on my body and I have the feeling I would be constantly tugging the dress down. Basically a well made dress but not working on me. Might be better on a less curvy body.

I will say that the colors in this sweater are lovely. It is a true gold which I loooooves. There are also cute little buttons on the sleeves for that rolled look. Clearly this sweater runs fairly large. I would size down for sure. The skirt does not seem to be online yet. It is really poufy and $98 - not a good combo. I probably could have worn a 2 (pencil skirt size) since the waist is elastic but why bother? I actually don't love the print that much. BTW - the model on the website is definitely wearing a longer version of this skirt. No way is that 19".

Talia Top (size 2) in wreath

This was called the boat blouse previously and was reviewed by ShopwithM  here

TTS. I liked it but it was not the love that I thought it would be. The silk flows nicely and is not transparent, the color is lovely but I found it a bit too plain. Would prefer one of the other silk blouses methinks. 

Loved the idea of this and it was actually a decent price at $98. Not so flattering on me but I think with the right styling could be super cozy and chic. Perhaps with skinny pants (my solution to making ANYTHING seem fashionable and cute). It is super cozy.

Cowlneck Poncho (size M and then size XXS) 

Thought I would do a side by side comparion of XXS and M. I realize this is several sizes difference but the M was the smallest size they had at my store (the XXS was from a try-on long ago). I have sort of warmed up to this item but of course it is currently sold out. Boo. Definitely would want the XXS. It is still oversized but the M looks rather ridiculous. Since I spend a lot of time in and out of the car I think this would be a great layer to throw on. I only put on my parka if I'm actually spending time outdoors. Hmm... hopefully one in an XXS will popback. If you've seen one - please put it on hold for me and let me know!!!

Dream Ribbed Yoga Cardigan (XXS) in Heather Fern

I blogged about this sweater before but I changed my mind in the smaller size. It is soooo cozy and I do love this color. It is still a little "batwingy" but I think I will get a lot of use out of it on those cold, blustery days.

Last day Extra 30 tomorrow - good luck on popbacks!


  1. I wish I hadn't already bought a poncho, I love that one above and would live in it all winter.

  2. I know. I wish I HAD bought the poncho. Really hoping it pops back in my size at some point. I didn't like it at first but upon revisiting could see it being so useful.

  3. I loved that cardigan and am planning on getting it if they still have it in the B&M.

    I have yet to see who is the Maisie dress flattering on. Too bad, because this one is such a pretty print!

    I like the green silk blouse look on you. I think it would look very polished with a nice navy or dark blue skirt. I might check it out in another colour. Green is not 'my' colour.

  4. I tried on the poncho awhile back and loved it. I kind of wish I had bought it but decided to be good to my wallet. I bought the Maudie dress in a different floral print and definitely think it hits in a weird spot but I'm going to make it work since it was final sale.

  5. The green in that silk is pretty on you. The poncho looks really cozy. I got the cheaper one and am happy with it.