Sunday, October 2, 2011

Anthropologie - Lapel Skirt

Oops - Forgot this one the other day.

Lapel Skirt (size 4) $49.95

The angle of this shot is terrible but I was trying to capture the fact that this skirt really sticks out at the hips. I do think a good ironing would encourage it to lay flatter and thus be more flattering but without that it adds a lot of bulk! I think the waistline is a cute detail and it is a well made skirt but I wouldn't buy it for $49.95. Plus the colors are a bit tricky. Please excuse the pants around the ankles. I always burnout by the end of a try-on session...


  1. i got the creme fraiche lace jacket. looked good when i was pregnant. now i'm not so sure. at least w.their return policy, i can lose more weight & then decide. i feel as you do. it's hard to find my anthro style. i like their styling, but don't think it's me. i do better incorporating. love the store, though.

  2. Yes I agree with incorporating element. Head to toe Anthro makes me feel like I'm trying to hard. But their return policy CANNOT be beat and their easy charge-send process. I really like them as a store but am trying to select pieces that work with the rest of my wardrobe.