Monday, October 10, 2011

Boden Reviews - Midseason Sale continued

Just a few more for thought...

Printed Cord Dress (size 4) in Coal Honesty

This dress fits beautifully. For me, as a shorter person, I wish it hit a little more above the knee. It nips in beautifully below the bustline without being too snug - a problem I sometimes have with a size 4 so you can definitely take your smaller Boden size with this one. I'm not wild about this print - Boden prints tend to be a little too big for me. I do think the fit on this one is greatly improved from some of the cord dresses last year and it is certainly high quality with a nice lining. It's one of those dresses I like better in the picture than in real life (when usually it is the opposite).

Essential Scoop Neck (size 4) in White

Sorry for the wacky pose. This tee is a bit see through and I didn't know how I felt showing my belly button so thought I'd strike a Pepto Bismol pose :)  Why is it that every year I convince myself I will be able to find a white tee that is not transparent? I just don't think it's possible. That being said, Boden's tees are thick and durable and this one is no exception. I would definitely take my bigger size - this one was a little snug. Also the front is really low cut. In this shot, I had done some adjusting and it's still pretty low. I like low cut but don't want to be worried about bras sneaking out.

I do have a few more Boden goodies to try on but am still waiting for them to arrive...


  1. Thank you again for e-mailing me! I love your blog and obviously we have a ton in common! (Part time teacher/Part time SAHM? Bonjour!)

    Thanks for all these great Boden reviews, definitely look forward to including them in tomorrow's Boden Weekly Review Roundup.

    BTW, lol at the Boden big print conundrum. They are definitely getting more scaled back, but still verge on being too large! :)

  2. Not only do we have teacher and SAHM in common - but we also have the "random french expression thrown-in" in common. Love it. Glad to hear you say that about the big print thing - I believe you are bit taller than I am and so when I see the Boden clothes on you I think you can really pull it off. I tend to feel like i am drowning in print. Still... they are a great company with great customer service.