Monday, October 17, 2011

Boden Reviews - Paris Cardigan, Colourblock Cuff Top

Boden is having a 30% off catch of the day sale today so go go go! They have some great sweaters on sale and they rarely offer a discount this big so check it out!

Paris Cardigan (size US 4) in Caramel

I love the idea of a short sleeved cardigan. I have one in grey that I wear over everything because I love showing a little peek of whatever shirt I am wearing underneath. This sweater looks so cute and stylish on the model but I did not like it on me. Too long and the color is darker than I expected. It looks camel colored in the photos which I was hoping for but it really is more of a true caramel color. The wool is super soft, in fact I was sure it was part acrylic, but it's not. I think it's too heavy or something because it just doesn't hang well on the body. Sad face.

Colourblock Cuff Top (Size 4) in Navy

So I know I blogged about this before but I would like to say that I really prefer this top in Navy. Super cute. Also, I think I might size up to a 6. When I am standing up and sort of still it fits fine but as I started moving around I noticed it felt a bit tight (in reviews on the website many people comment on the lack of stretchiness and tightness in the back). This top is soooo cute and I would keep it but the elastic cuffs are still a dealbreaker. Such a shame - just really cheapens it. Again, insert sad face here.

I am still debating on the Breton Tunic - it is slightly itchy but super cute - i actually really like it over jeans. Hmmm....

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  1. OMG. I had no idea. See what happens when you have drs. appts. and errands to run?

    Well, THANK YOU for the COTD update, and I will go and tell folks about it, and mention that you didn't drop the ball, unlike me. LOL.

    These are wonderful reviews, btw, so thank you for that, too!