Monday, October 24, 2011

J Crew Reviews - Vintage Cotton Stripe Shoulder Zip Tee, Tartan Shirt, Unknown Dress

I couldn't resist popping in for the 30% off in-store promo but didn't really see much that caught my eye. I do find that I am continually drawn to the same things at J Crew - well done stripes and button shirts. While there is nothing wrong with this, per se, I'm trying to branch out into other areas of fashion! That being said - the good, the okay and the ugly.

Unknown Tartan Shirt (size 4)

I literally can't help myself when it comes to Tartan prints in fall. This lovely doesn't seem to be up on the website yet but I love it. The red and green stripes are quite bright and provide a nice pop of color. I usually wear a size 2 in these shirts and I'm sure that would have been fine - I was just too lazy to look for one. 

Vintage Cotton Stripe Shoulder Zip Tee (various) on sale for $29.99

Flapper Grey (XXS)

Spicy Cinnamon (XS)

Navy (XS)

Navy (XXS)

I have professed my love for this shirt before here . I keep on swearing off stripes but that is difficult when that is all you see in all the stores! Anyway - couldn't resist the grey one since it doesn't feel quite as nautical. As you can see from the pics the XXS is more fitted but I like the casualness of the XS. Plus I'm quite busty so a little extra room never hurts.

Unknown Wool Knit Sale Dress (size 2)

I was quite surprised that I couldn't find this dress anywhere on J Crew's website. The material is a thick knit, truly yummy, and the overall shape is lovely. HOWEVER, the hips are knitted for someone with much larger hips than your average JC size 2 so they stick out really oddly. It's a shame because it's a nice dress but the hip thing is a deal breaker.

Can't believe JC is running another 30% off promo this morning.... come on Cowlneck Poncho... pop back... please....


  1. Great reviews and pics! I love the striped tees on you.

  2. Really like that tartan shirt. Loved the cinnamon tee.

    The dress may be a new item and might show up on the website in a week or two. It's happened before.

  3. That's the moonlighter dress (47731). I saw it go down to $89.99 online and $39.99 in-stores. I have so many stripe tees and swore against that cute shoulder zip. Got it anyway because cinnamon is so unique.

  4. HA! Glad to hear it Gigi - I totally ordered the grey one even though I swear off stripes on a daily basis. Also got the Top Sail Maxi from anthro which I've convinced myself doesn't count because it has the plain tee on top. Thanks for the info on the dress!!!

  5. AppGal- Thanks! I don't know why i can't get away from zippers or stripes

    Rose - yes this tartan shirt is really beautiful. I like the colors in it a lot...