Friday, October 14, 2011

Anthropologie Reviews - Fair Lady Trench, Tarpan Buttondown

This is a quick post today. I have a few more reviews to post over the next day or two. If anyone can help me name the unknown items - I would be very appreciative! Here we go...

Fair Lady Trench (size 2) in Beige

On the rack this coat is SO adorable and it has the most lovely butterfly lining. First off, I would size up at least one with this coat. I had a lightweight merino sweater and tee underneath and it was WAY too tight.  The material is heavyweight and sturdy and I liked all the little snaps. I just added to much volume for me. Maybe on a straighter figure this would be more flattering. Too poufy.

Fei top Item #20535738 $49.95 (size L) - I believe this is the Geo Feather Blouse but in the Blue Motif

This top is clearly not the right size but I loved the pattern and really wanted to try it on. It's a very deep vee but this might be less so on a smaller size. It's really intriguing - a bit like the Tsuru Top. Thinking about pursuing it in a smaller size.

Tarpan Buttondown (size 2) in Neutral Motif

Online I immediately noticed the other prints of this shirt but in the store - I was drawn to this one. The little farm animals are so darn cute! I love the slightly shorter length and the button-down color. A good combo of boyish and girlish. I might size up on this one for my chest. It fit very well but with movement might start to gap. Love this one.

For some reason I cannot find this top online but I think it's a new arrival
I LOVE the kimono styling at the top. Really flattering (although a bit low cut). I do not love the peplum at the bottom. The waist sits a little high so the ruffle around it does not do anything fabulous for my shape. The silk and print are lovely however.

More to come...


  1. I just tried on that kimono top today, too! Unfortunately, I can only wear it with a cami underneath if I want to avoid exposing, not cleavage, but my actual BRA cup. Sigh.

  2. You made me laugh out loud! Yes, it was not cut so modestly. I bet a simple added snap at the tailor would fix the problem... or sizing up which I did not try.

  3. The fei top is really cute. I also like the trench. I tried that on and it's overly voluminous on the bottom. As in...who is it going to look good on besides the uber tall/thin people we assume it'll look good on. Or do you just roll with it...

  4. TOTALLY agree about the trench Gigi! It looks okay in the picture but IRL it was crazy. NOT flattering... on me that is