Wednesday, November 2, 2011

J. Crewlet Reviews - Part I

I rarely go to the outlets anymore except to shop for my daughter. I do like the Gap Kids Outlet for leggings, socks, and other basics. I haven't shopped at the Crewlet for a while because they never have any retail items, just the outlet stuff, and I'd really rather wait for the retail stuff to go on super sale. Anyway - tried on a few things and have to say that on the whole I was impressed. PLUS - they did have a few retail items - including a sweater that I almost bought last year. So here goes:

This is a retail sweater from last year. It was on clearance. (XS)

It is just a basic long cardigan but it is 100% merino wool and really lovely. The color is "natural" but it has a slight pink undertone to it. I almost bought this last winter and was rather happy to be reunited with it. Especially for 30% off + educator discount.

I know better than to even attempt the drop-waist thing. It is not flattering on a curvy lady and it reminds me way too much of my 80's childhood. The fabric felt really cheap and stiff to me. I was inspired to try it on because I saw someone wearing a dress very similar to this the other day and it looked so cute and "fall chic". Of course she was also about 22.

Factory No. 2 Boucle Pencil Skirt (size 2)  can't find it online

 I wanted to show a close-up of the material because I thought the colors were gorgeous. The fit is nice too. Overall, I think it's a great skirt and they were having a promotion on pencil skirts that day. I do think that the material appears a bit cheap close-up but I'm not sure what the "original" of this skirt looked like.

No. 2 Pencil Skirt (size 2)

This is another No. 2 pencil skirt that I cannot find online. The shade is lovely - sort of a watermelon color. The fit was comfortable and the wool quite soft. Definitely a nice alternative.

What I really wanted to see/try on was:

Factory tartan marvelle skirt - I am OBSESSED with this plaid

Unlined is a dealbreaker for me but oh my! Love the plaid...
Am really loving the way a silk blouse dresses up anything...

Loved this plaid last year but couldn't make the skirt work on me. Maybe factory version will be better?

I have a few more reviews including striped legging and the factory version of the tartan shirt!


  1. THanks for the reviews! Love that plaid skirt as well, boo that it wasn't there to try on. The tartan pants are lined, in case you didn't see that on JCA yet, and they're lovely IRL.

  2. Oh yay! Glad to hear they are lined. Would love to give them a whirl. I was back at the outlets this week and they did not have any of the plaid items which made me sad. Hopefully soon!