Sunday, November 20, 2011

J Crew Sale Reviews - Silk Elodie Blouse, Vintage Cotton Rugby-Stripe Tee, Lady Lace Popover, Factory Blackwatch Tartan Wool Pants

So my saga of sickness continues! After semi-recovering from the flu, I now have pink eye and another sinus infection. I have no idea what is going on with my poor little body but I am tired of being sick! Luckily my doctor loaded me up on some meds so I am planning on being healthy for Thanksgiving. Ahem. Possibly for the rest of the year - I think I've done my time.

Anyway - finally got the energy to try on my sale items... here they are in no particular order :)

Silk Elodie Blouse (TXS) in Grafitti Green

Taking a cue from A Bigger Closet, I decided to try this blouse in a Tall XS. Although I am by no means tall, I have freakishly long arms compared to my torso so I thought it might work. Untucked, the shirt definitely looks too long. Tucked it better but the arms are too long and the tight cuffs make them blouse out in a sort of pirate sleeve way. Not loving it. Boo. Not sure I would love it in the right size anyway. When I originally tried it on here I was having doubts.

The material on this is a little funky but I like it. the cream stripes are definitely a bit see through which is probably why this color still lingers in the sale section. The fit is quite flattering - fitted but not skin tight. it was slightly pulling at the buttons but I would probably unbutton a few anyway. Like it but perhaps I need to face my newfound stripe addiction head on and return it.

Lady Lace Popover (XS) in Navy

This truly is a lovely little sweater - hugs in just the right places, nice open neckline, perfect length. Still a bit pricey for me with the 30% off so I'm not sure. The navy does not show off the lace as well as the other colors but it is still quite lovely.

Factory Black Watch Tartan Wool Pant (size 2)

This combo is straight from Shopping with M who did it here . Such a great combo. Holiday done right I say! My left hip looks really bit here... more on that later...

Most J Crew pants give me total waist gap - as you can see from the above picture the waist band lays perfectly flat. Yahoo!

So I really love these pants. I do not love wool but these do not bother me at all - soft, lined, yay. My one complaint is that they make my hips look a little big and that is because there is some major lumpiness where the pockets are. I am trying to show it in the close-ups but you can't really tell. I think it is called "cheap pocket construction syndrome" and I definitely think it makes me look slightly hippy. I might get over it though because these pants are wonderful.

That's it for now. back to meds and bed :) or chasing a 2 year old...


  1. The blackwatch pants are great. It's odd how these Factory pants are lined and some of the retail wool pants are not. Go figure.

  2. The sizing on the Elodie is really tough to figure out. It's really a shame, because the fabric and colors are so lovely. I bought a petite small for my sister who is usually a regular medium in blouses. She says it fits ok, but I haven't seen it on her.

  3. Maryeb- yeah the sizing is super weird. maybe I should try a petite although at this point I'm not sure if I'm loving it anyway...

    gigi - have you noticed the hip thing on these pants? It is actually really bothering me and even my husband noticed the lumps on the hips. Darn it.

  4. Elodie is one of my favorites.
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