Tuesday, December 6, 2011

J. Crew Review - Stadium Cloth Boulevard Trench

I need another coat like I need a hole in the head but I couldn't resist trying this one on. They only had a size 2 in the store so I couldn't try a size up to compare.

Stadium Cloth Boulevard Trench (size 2) in Saddle

This coat is to die for. The cloth is wonderful and feel so warm and yet breathable/flexible. The color is a perfect camel and the fit/length is divine for someone my size. Not sure how it would fare on the taller ladies. I definitely want to try a size 4 for comparison. The 2 fit perfectly but I only had a button down underneath and it was snug. The fabric does "stretch" much like something that is cut on the bias so I could still move freely. This is a timeless coat. So flattering, so fashionable and yet you can wear it when you are eighty. Unfortunately, it is a bit out of my price point right now plus I really think I need a size 4 and that is sold out online in this color.

Will be stalking this in sale season. If it ever makes it, which it probably won't.

Anyone else own this coat? Did you size up?


  1. I love a timeless coat like this. I hope you can grab one in your size when it goes on sale. Like today maybe? ;)

  2. I have that coat from last year and it is one of the best JC purchases I've made -- and considering my JC addiction, that is saying A LOT. Looks great on you!

  3. i tried this coat the other day in the same size as my majesty peacoat, but it was crazy tight in the arms/shoulders but fine to a little big in the body. i feel like sizing up would make it sloppy. granted, i was wearing a cambridge cable tneck underneath, but that wasn't a problem with the majesty. love the look though!

  4. I need a size 4 in all of the J Crew coats otherwise I can't use my arms.

  5. ABC - totally grabbed it and it is arriving tonight! Still don't know if I can justify the price tag but maybe Santa will :)

    Dinster - Thanks! The material of the coat is so delicious - finally high quality from JC!

    AJR - I hope the 4 is a good fit. I just felt like the 2 looked nice but definitely felt a little snug. We'll see - it's coming tonight!

    Bourbon & Pearls - hilarious- I generally find the same thing. I've made the mistake of buying my normal size anyway because I like the way it looks but then I'm walking around in my coat like some sort of demented fembot. Arm use is essential.

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