Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Anthropologie Reviews - Soft Chevrons Pullover, Purl Wise Pullover, Harrington Cowlneck

Oops. I've been a bad blogger. There is so much going on! I love the holidays but I always feel like a chicken with its head cut off - running around without a clear destination. To add to this, my daughter has definitely hit the terrible part of the twos. Woah. Tantrum-ville, population: me. It's been a bit rough but I know this is all part of the development process. Luckily, school is wrapping up tomorrow for me (yay) and then we will be jetting off to spend time with family and hopefully lovely little one will be too distracted by merriment to throw any more fits. Time will tell...

In the meantime...  a few quickie Anthro Reviews. Yahoo for their EXTRA 30% off sale.

Soft Chevrons Pullover (XS) in Pink ($59.95 + 30%)

Yes, that is my belly button that you can see through the sweater. The sweater is sheer but it is oh so lovely - really delicate. The shade of pink is not my favorite - sort of in between pink and lilac - but I love everything else about this sweater. The SA said she pictured it in warmer weather with shorts and I can totally get that vibe. It's a great mix of slouchy, delicate and flattering.

I remember when this sweater came out - unfortunately I can't remember what it is called. This is a Medium which is probably 2 sizes up from what I would need but I still kinda of liked it. The wool is a bit itchy so that was a deal breaker for me.

Purl-Wise Pullover (S) in Orange ($59.95 + 30%)

I never even gave this sweater a second look when it came out but I LOVE it. It's absolutely adorable and the details make it special. I am not a big fan of orange so I would prefer it in one of the other colors. I actually did a charge send on an XS but I'm thinking that I like the slouchiness of the S even better. I'll do a comparison with the navy XS when it arrives.

Harrington Cowlneck (XS) in Pink ($129.95 + 30%)

Can you tell this is at the end of a long day? I was so lazy I didn't even bother putting a shirt on underneath. I didn't realize this sweater was quite as cropped as it was. It's very soft and cute but I don't really love the whole cropped look so it was a pass for me.

Firelight Skirt  (size 2) $49.95 + 30%

The fit of this is very sexy and the color is divine. The wool was itchy and even though the skirt was fully lined I found it bothered me. Bummer since this is at an awesome sale price and the skirt is cut in a way that it really gives with you as you move. Boo. 

The promos are almost overwhelming at this point. I may have to take a break! I did snag one of those delicious Jellycat stuffed animals on sale. Couldn't resist.

Anyone else find something spectacular?


  1. I agree. The onslaught of promos actually has me hesitant to buy anything. Too many choices and my budget just can't take it.
    That skirt looks great on you. I'm surprised it's itchy even with the lining.
    Checked out the availability of the Purl-wise sweater. It's so pretty, but only available in XL. Can't wait to see the navy on you.

  2. Sorry this is off topic but I was reading your comments about the JC ladylace at the jca blog and I had bought three in diff cOlors also online @ 90. Crazy huh? But @ 50 Plus 30 off would be a huge savings. How did u approach them at the store and how did they cOnfirm instore price if they didn't Carry it? Please email me
    Thanks for ur help!

  3. Maryeb - I just called CS and there are a bunch of Purl Wise Sweaters available in stores. I might have to get the grey and light blue ones as well. Still debating between the S and XS but my XS hasn't arrived yet...