Saturday, December 31, 2011

Anthro Reviews - Dropped Dots Dress, Embossed Basket Dress, Split Diamonds Shift, Inlaid Sweater Skirt

Still playing catch up - alas! I popped into Anthro to make a few returns the other day and here are some lovelies that I spotted/tried on...

Split Diamonds Shift  (size 2)

This is a beautifully made dress and the material is thick and substantial (in a good way). My size 2 fit but was a little snug. I have to agree with Roxy over at Effortless Anthropologie (see review here) that one should consider sizing up. I wanted this to fit a little more like a shift and less like a tight hoochie-mama.

Embossed Basket Dress (size XS)

These pictures do not do the dress justice! The blue is GORGEOUS and bright without being gauche. It fits just like the Noon & Night Dress and if I could grab it for the same price I would prefer it. Something about the cap sleeves is more ladylike/Audrey Hepburn than the tank top styling of N&N. Something bothers my about the those sleeves being thick in the Noon & Night but since I grabbed it during the 50% off I think I can suck it up :)

This dress is adorable! So feminine and 1950s. I do wish the background color was slightly lighter - it almost appears black in low lighting. Also it was TIGHT. I could not zip it in my usual size 2 so I would recommend sizing up in this dress. That being said, the linen is lovely, the polka dots adorable, and the silhouette is quite flattering. 

Inlaid Sweater Skirt - Black Motif (size S)

Yes, those are my pants around my ankles. I always start burning out. This skirt is actually very cute but I think the silhouette of this one is too close to something I owned in the 90's. It just doesn't feel fresh or modern. Extremely comfortable however.

still more reviews coming! Anthro has really drawn me in with all their promos!


  1. The dots dress confuses me, since it looks so similar in shape to the embossed, noon & night etc. but is instead a more linen-y fabric, with no stretch. Does it pouf out a lot? I guess I would have to see it in person!

  2. It does pouf quite a bit but I actually think part of that was the way it was pressed. It's pretty but not that comfortable and nothing so spectactular. At least the Noon & Night is uber comfortable