Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lands End Canvas Reviews - Floral Poplin Shirt and Polka Dot Silk Blouse

I really like that Lands' End is trying to appeal to a younger, hipper demographic with their Canvas line. I have a few items from Canvas that I wear to death and are extremely high quality. I am a sucker for a good button down and for a nice printed silk shirt so ordered both of these in a recent promo... The styling in the catalogue really drew me in - preppy but a little slouchy and laid back at the same time. Their fit is definitely generous in their tops but I do find sizing to be fairly consistent once you figure it out.

Lands' End Canvas Floral Poplin Shirt (XS) in Peat Dot

So, the above shots are kind of a double post of the Peat Dot shirt and the J Crew Factory Black Watch Tartan Wool Pant (size 2). These pants are currently sold out and I am actually surprised they didn't sell out earlier. This is my 2nd pair because the first pair was super lumpy on the hips. These are much better but I recommend keeping the pockets sewn shut. Anyway, the shirt. Totally nice basic shirt - and currently on promo for TWENTY DOLLARS! My problem is that the background color is so ivory that it almost appears yellow. Not great on my skin. I'm trying to show this by comparing it with a white sweater in the last pic. Otherwise fit is flattering, length is good, generally a cute shirt.

Lands' End Canvas Floral Poplin Shirt (XS) in Classic Navy Plaid

Even though I love polka dots, I am probably more tempted by this colorway. Love the blue with what appear to be bright pink stripes. Super cute!

Women's Polka Dot Silk Blouse (XS) in Bisque Fruit

Bummer. It actually looks deceivingly cute in this pics but it has mega-puffy sleeve syndrome and it too boxy. A pass for me but the print is adorable and the material quite nice. Wished it looked as cute IRL as it does in these photos.

I really like the Poplin shirt is a steal for $20. In general, they have great sales and promotions.

Anyone else checking out LEC?


  1. My favourite is the top shirt!

  2. The dot shirt looks so cute with the pants! I'm glad you're keeping the pants BTW -- they look great on you and noone will notice that lump. ;) I've had great luck with Canvas lately. Actually, I just stopped at my local LE Inlet and they have a huge section of Canvas in the back room now, yay! I was able to take home an adorable spring purse yesterday for $12. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Rose- I love a good polka dot shirt. It is super cute for $20.

    ShopwithM - I know - I think their quality is super. My local Sears just carries LE and NOT LEC which is a bummer but at least that saves me the return fee. And yay for the factory pants - I know they are going to get a lot of wear this winter!