Saturday, December 10, 2011

J. Crew Review - Stadium Cloth Boulevard Trench

Just a quickie to say that my size 4 arrived and I think it is a better fit than the size 2. The one thing I didn't like was that my boobs look very lumpy and larger than usual in this coat but then I realized that I had a shawl-collar sweater on underneath so I think that's what did it. I will try on again with a less lumpy sweater later - just wanted to see if the back still felt a little tight with a thick sweater on.

Stadium-cloth Boulevard Trench (size 4)

The quality on this one is definitely high, so is the price tag even with the promo. I'm going to think about it but I LOVE the look of a classic camel coat. Totally timeless.

Anyone else snag this during the promo?


  1. I agree with you, it's a beautiful, classic coat. I hope you decide to keep it because it looks great on you. I especially like it unbuttoned a the top so it leaves a nice space to show off a pretty scarf.

  2. Thanks, ABC - I always appreciate your input. I will probably hold on to it unworn until I see if it goes on sale any further. Am so in love with the camel color (love the red as well but I don't think that is as timeless)

  3. You could wear this for a long time. I love this particular coat by J Crew.

  4. Thanks Gigi. Luckily I have 60 days to think about it!

  5. hi there! love the coat! did you end up keeping it? i have this coat in the maraschino cherry, black and saddle. my favorite jcrew coat. :)