Friday, December 9, 2011

Anthropologie Reviews - Sumana Dress, Chinoiserie Tank, Pale Borders Blouse, Colloquium Trousers and Blanched and Buckled Cardigan

I have to say that I am AMAZED at the amount of promotions going on recently. I did pretty well resisting the majority of them, but, a girl can get worn down! I am feeling super excited about the extra percentage off of sale that is coming this Sunday. Loves me a good bargain. Anyway - had to drop by for a few returns the other day and here is what I tried on...

Sumana Dress (XS)

I love a good bohemian print and this one is lovely. The beading detail at the hem is also quite nice. I felt a little too "Age of Aquarius" in it so I passed but it would certainly be good for hiding a food baby during a holiday party. Perhaps a bit too youthful for me.

Pale Borders Blouse (size 2) and Colloquium Trousers in Orange (size 4)

I have been dying to try on this blouse as I am absolutely in love with every item in the Lousada Heyhoe line. The print is gorgeous and the silk very nice but the fit is off. I think I need a bigger size to accommodate the girls but the body was already boxy. And the hips tight. Not flattering. I sized up in the Colloquium because I had read that that they ran small but I think they run TTS. Unfortunately you can't see how they fit in the crotch area but it is all bad. The color and wool are great though.

With the current 50% off promo this is, of course, totally sold out. Clearly the medium is not the right size but I still wanted to see if it was worth hunting down. I love the buckles but I was surprised that the knit was looser and less thick than I expected. I really thought (especially for the price tag) that it would be a typical thikc, wool aran knit. Not so but still a great piece.

Popham Peacoat (size 0)

I snagged this in a 2 during the madness of Black Friday and wanted to compare with the 0. The 0 fit better in the body but I did feel a slight snugness in the shoulders so I think I'll just stick to my size 2.

Chinoiserie Tank (size XS?)

The print is delicious but the back is this lace/crochet that while totally beautiful is also totally see-thru. I don't think this is a great shape for us larger busted ladies. It hung off my top off in a way that made my mid-section look a little thick.

Keep the promos coming! 50% sweater and 30% off sale items this Sunday! Woo woo says me, Boo hoo says my wallet.

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  1. Thanks for sharing pics. It's good seeing the goodies I didn't get a chance to see in person. :)