Sunday, December 18, 2011

J. Crew Reviews - Bennett Chino, Daisylace Tee, Eden Cardigan

Popped in the other day to try to get an adjustment on my lady lace popover - happily it worked! For the first time ever, the SA let me return and rebuy it at a savings of $60!!! Thank goodness - I really do think I'll find a lot of use for the sweater - love the long arms, nice fit and perfect length (for the short-torsoed at least).

Anyway - here are some other items I spotted...

Daisylace Tee in white (XS)

Oops. Way too small. The lace was so tight around my arms I almost couldn't move them. Also way too transparent. It's a sweet little tee but probably better for the less well-endowed.

Perfect Shirt in floral (size 2)

The sweet SA brought this for me because he thought it was less "in your face" than the dress (see below) but I actually feel more comfortable in a bright floral dress than I do a shirt. It's too 70's Hawaiian gone wrong for me but I'm sure styling it without Xmas green corduroys might help :)

Jules Dress in floral (size 2)

I love the jules dress in wildcat - it drapes well, has a fun retro feel to it, is super comfortable and doesn't wrinkle. This dress however has a totally different fit because of the fabric. There is also a seam that runs around the dress at high hip level and it creates a bit of a bump in fabric. I would definitely want to size down on this one but it was so unflattering, I didn't bother.

I'm not actually sure this is the classic flare jean but I think so. I will say - these are SOOOO comfortable. Slightly high rise to hold in all your post-mommy jiggles and the material is lovely and soft. I'm really trying NOT to buy any jeans right now so I resisted but they were on sale for $44.99 + 30% off in store.

Eden Cardigan (XS) in Heather Charcoal?

The color code is HCA so I'm gonna say Heather Charcoal - it's a color not currently on the website. I truly believe the the Eden is the perfect "boyfriend" cardigan. Just long enough, just fitted enough, nice merino wool. I'm throwing out my old grey go to sweater for this one. With 30% and teacher discount I snagged it for $29. Not too shabby.

Bennett Chino (size 2) in Vintage Elm $49.99

There it is, my booty on the internet. Not my favorite angle to show as it is a substantial booty but I did want to show that they are fitted in the rear without being obscene. I love these pants. Kind of remind me of the Riveter or Troupers from last year. I have too many bottoms in this color or I would have snagged them. Will wait for redwood to go on sale. 

I think I am finally shopped out. Anthro has really been getting me with their recent 30% off. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the last of the holiday shopping!!!


  1. I was wondering how the Bennett chinos fit. It looks like they are nice and slim without being tight. I've been holding strong these last few promos, but I may bite and get a pair. At least I'd get 30% off.

  2. Hi Maryeb- always nice to hear your comments. I REALLY liked these pants.I am also contemplating but also figuring that they will go on further sale after the holidays. Super cute pants.

  3. Good, good morning! Thanks for the review of the Benett Chinos. I've been eyeing them for a while now, but was so unsure about the fit. They look great on you! Oh, and you've been given a blog award! Check out my post!

  4. That floral print is horrendous! I think my Barbie had something similar back in the 70's phew!

  5. I'm not feeling that new floral print either. It's like angry psychedelic or something. Thanks for sharing pics. I see that the Bennetts are not for me, although I like that redwood color. Hope you get them on mega sale.

  6. Love all the feedback! Yes the floral is a swing but a miss. I think I can definitely score the Bennetts on mega sale post-Xmas. Last year I got the Troupers for $13!

    @ egyptomaniac - THANK YOU! I am tickled pink. That's fabulous. I think the last time I got an award was high school ;)

  7. Thanks for the reviews- I just came back to this to see the daisylace on someone before buying (and yay, didn't the rust eden cardigan pop back at the sale price tonight too...) I'm dying for the green version, but it's crazy expensive at full price for Canadians (72, plus shipping and taxes!) so I thought I would grab the pink first to be sure of the size. crazy logic, I know.
    Anyway, I think the print on the dress is awesome- it should have been a different style of dress, with fitted waist or something, to counteract the big print. and then I would totally buy it!