Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Anthro Reviews - 50% off

Whew. The holidays are over and here I am back at home trying to find a place to put everything. Despite my greatest attempts at not getting much for my daughter for Xmas (not to be a Scrooge but because she really doesn't need it and we don't have much space), we still ended up with a ton of stuff. Our house looks like a dress-up shop exploded. Anyhoo, I went a little crazy before the holidays with all the sales so I thought I would start posting. Clearly everything is not a keeper but it was fun to get it at such a great price. In fact, Anthro's regular sale today felt totally unexciting.

I apologize for the ridiculously bad pictures. I was just trying to take some quickly before I attacked the disaster that is home right now.
Here goes...

In Clouds Blouse (size 4 and 2)

 I was soooo excited about this blouse - snails, green and silk. Yay! Unfortunately (and I will try to take better pics later) the cut is completely unflattering. I think if I was smaller busted it would look better. I felt more comfortable in the 4 and would consider having it nipped in at the waist but it is still basically a sack. Sadness. Sad sad sad.

Tarpan Buttondown (size 4)
Love farm animals. Love buttondowns. This is cute, I had tried it on before in the store. It is a little short and a little boxy however.

 Peppering Skirt (size 2)

This is not a skirt I was initially drawn to at all. But, after reading all the positive reviews I decided to give it a try. It really is flattering and would go with a thousand different things. I thought the ruching would bother me but it is unnoticeable. My usual 2 felt slightly snug but I think that's because a) I'm not used to wearing things at my waist (where I think this is meant to be worn) and b) I have a gained my usual holiday tummy.

Tile-Quilted Pencil Skirt (size 2)

I'm wondering if a size 4 might not have been better. This skirt is COMFY which makes it tempting but it is also a little lumpy bumpy. Especially on the side with the zipper. Do love the print.

Sloping Skirt (Leifsdottir size 4)

This was a total random purchase and of course the thing I like best. Unfortunately, I really think I need the 6. I find it funny that no one else seems to need to size up in Leifsdottir but I always do. Sometimes 2 sizes. This skirt is gorgeous and bright and super fun but it is definitely too small. Ironically, I went online and saw that there was a size 6 available - hooray! But I don't want to pay $99 for this skirt I want to pay 50% off. By the time I called CS he said the skirt was gone. Boo. Alas. This is the sale game!

What else have people gotten during the 50% off? Any of the above items? Opinions?


  1. Oh, my...I am so sad that the top up top didn't work out for is adorable!

    But on the bright side that tile quilted skirt is amazing on you...please say you will keep that, in that size!

    (P.S. If you want to, I will happily buy the clouds top, size 4, from you, maybe you can e-mail me? dinagideon AT aim DOT com.)

  2. Hi there! Thanks for the reviews. I like the Tile Quilted Pencil Skirt. I didn't even notice that one online.

    I worried about my Peppering Skirt too for the same reason when I first tried it on, but after wearing it during a short "try on" session, it actually stretched a bit and felt perfect. It looks great on you!

  3. A few more days and a few more relatives and the holidays will be over for me too. Reading your reviews is a nice break from all the cooking and cleaning.
    I don't remember the Peppering skirt, but wow, is it cute. It does look like it can go with a lot of tops.
    Playing the sale game can be frustrating. Fortunately there are always new items that catch my eye. I console myself with this thought when I miss out on an item.

  4. Good buys! I grabbed the Peppering skirt too and have a post coming up tomorrow on my blog (don't you just love delayed posting?) I saw 2 size 2 left in the store, so I knew it was a sign!

    I also got the Firelight skirt (I blogged about it before as well) in red for $24.98!

    Anthro has really spoiled us with their 50% off sale items discounts. Also Gap & Talbots are good at deep discounts as well.

  5. Dinagideon - thank you! I like the quilted pencil skirt but I have to say that IRL it is a bit more revealing :). Will be in touch when I decide about blouse!

    Vaporous Breeze - glad to hear that about the peppering skirt. It is extremely flattering...

    Maryeb - always love your comments! Ironically, after talking to TWO CS reps - my skirt shipped. Harumph - now i have to see if I can get a price adjustment...

    Rose - I also liked the Firelight skirt but found it too itchy so returned it despite the awesome price. 50% is a spoil. Went to Anthro today and wasn't tempted by anything!

  6. Oh, the tile quilted pencil skirt looks fabulous! What a shame about the blouse- that's the down-side of silk blouses. Button-ups seem to work well (hello dear Blythe and Lucindas!), but the detailed cuts are difficult!

  7. I love the In the Clouds blouse. Consider keeping it. That shade of green is beautiful. I'm rockin' a huge chest right now (b-feeding) and found it flattering. I guess I always think of long necklaces to get the eye moving elsewhere. Or a navy blazer over it. You know green & navy are hot for spring. Will you consider adding your height to the sidebar info? I forget how tall you are.

  8. Gigi - thanks for the input. I LOVE the print and the color green and by the way - B-feeding chest is insane. when I got pregnant I shot up several cup sizes right away and it only got worse with breast feeding. It took months after stopping for things to go back to normal. I will definitely consider it and will put my height in side bar (if I can figure it out... I am 5'4'' btw)