Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Banana Republic Soft-Wash Shirt and other sale finds

I'm not even sure how I ended up placing an order with Banana the other day. Ugh. 50% off drew me in and I have been wanting to mix it up a little. This plaid shirt was calling my name and I'm glad I answered because it is very cute!

Soft-Wash Blue Plaid Boyfriend Shirt (XS)
I believe this has gotten noticed a bit for being feature din Marissa Webb's instagram. I don't know what it is but I just love it. I find the "boyfriend" moniker a bit misleading since this shirt fits beautifully and perfectly. I love me some shape in a shirt! The plaid is just blue and white but somethign feels so nice about it. Lightweight cotton - this is definitely more of a warmer weather shirt (although with layering it doesn't really matter) - and a great length. And $20. Yes.

I caught a few bargains in store the other day including the aforementioned Lexia Hooded Pumps for something ridiculous like $20 (I did also have a reward coupon), a textured sloan pant for about $30 (love the texture and the color - sort of like wearing chambray or jeans but dressy enough for work) and a great oversized, crisp white boy shirt for $18. Not bad.

There is some cute stuff over there! I'm sort of rooting for BR now :) They had a lot of leather collection items on the sale racks for really good prices with the 50% off. Might be worth a visit to your local store.

This Heritage Floral Top looks super cute and like something J Crew would do.

I have absolutely no reason to own a black leather top but boy would I like to.

Love the simplicity of the Textured Voile boyfriend shirt. Who couldn't use a great lightweight white shirt for summer?

I own this little tank and cannot even describe how comfy and soft it is and yet how undeniable chic I feel in it!

Not getting great reviews, but I love the idea of this laser cut top. BR is doing lots of interesting things with cutouts and eyelet (and lasers apparently ;)

I have some reviews of the Geo Lace Blouse coming up as well as the Striped Vee Patio Dress.

Anything catch your eye at Banana Republic lately?

Monday, July 27, 2015

J. Crew New Arrivals: Some Scarf, Flouce and Seaport Plaid

Whew. The sales .They keep on coming. I keep on swearing off buying anything else and then more and more sales! It's hard to keep track. I am regretting not trying a few more things during the 75% off sale before it went final sale but truth be told I don't really need anything anyway. So, to take a break from $10 bargain sales I decided to finally try on at least a few new arrivals.

Vintage Scarf Dress (size 2)
People are loving this print. It's not my thing (reminds me too much of these tees that were very popular in the late 80's early 90's) but I adore the color. It's also fun to see J Crew do a different type of silhouette. I would say this is TTS. In the middle picture I am trying to show that the waist can ride up a bit if you don't cinch it with a belt. The silk felt nice and I liked the depth of the vee.

I like the idea of a scarf print dress and although this one is much more summery I would consider it.

Also like this one which mimics more of a bandana print. Just wish the shoulders weren't cut out.

This is a bit literal with the scarf hemline but something about it seems so easy breezy summer.

Sleeveless Flounce Dress (size 2) in Belvedere Red

I can usually size down in this type of shift dress at J Crew but this felt very TTS to me. Definitely don't want this style to be  tight. I liked it quite a bit - had an easiness to it that could really be jazzed up with some jewelry and heels. I even liked the color which was really bright but tasteful.
If you're into this style I found this gorgeous one at Parker (much dresser IMO) with a print.

Flutter Mini Skirt in Vintage Scarf Print (size 0)
I'm usually not into this style of skirt - makes me feel too little girlish - but I liked this one quite a bit. My mostly usual size 0 was toooooo tight. So I would say this runs a bit small. I like the print even better on this material which is a lighter crepe (think thinner than the pleat-front mini skirt). It also comes in a plain version but I'm a little wary of the seaming on that one. Not sure if would be flattering. In fact pretty sure it would make the skirt pull in weird ways.

Lightweight Perfect Shirt in Seaport Plaid (size 2)
Loves me some J Crew button downs. This shirt is definitely light weight and almost felt sort of crinkly like their crinkle cotton shirts they do during the summer. This fabric doesn't work great for me so it felt a little snug at the bustline. Overall a cute little plaid though. I think I prefer this blue plaid shirt I got from BR (review upcoming) or maybe even this one that they are offering.

?? Size 2
I've seen this jackets hanging out in the sale section for forever. The material is really dense in a good way. Overall I liked it except for the side. The slit are cut so high that it sort of made the front do weird things. It would't lay quite flat.

Embellished Scoopneck Tee in Orchid Smoke (size XS)
I don't know why but I loved this tee. I would not pay $55 for it however. In fact, with the way most of my J Crew tees have held up I probably wouldn't pay more than about $10 for it. Still, love the color and the embellishment. Just enough to add interest. They are also offering a jeweled bib tank which looks cute and a long sleeve embellished painter tee.

All in all some cute stuff although it's hard to consider paying full price for anything with the sales we've had lately. Is there anything you've just had to have?

Friday, July 24, 2015

J. Crew Review: Linen Sundress in Iridescent Sequin, Chevron Pencil Skirt and Striped Tuxedo Dress

I thought I'd pop these reviews up while J Crew's crazy summer sale continues. 75% off is pretty incredible. I was up early this morning with the baby but I still didn't bite on anything. I'm trying to get better about the whole "well it's only $10" rhetoric. At the end of the year I find I have A LOT of "it was only $10" items that I don't really like or need that much. That being said, I did fall into that trap the other day at Banana Republic when they just happened to have 2 pairs of shoes in my size that I couldn't resist for around $25 bucks a pop. One of them is these lovelies in the taupe color. They are a little crazy and a little high and I'm not sure I will keep them but I thought I should hold onto them until I decide :)

Linen Sundress in Iridescent Sequin (size 2)
This just went on sale and sold out with the extra 40%. It's lovely but I don't really have anywhere to wear it. I also found the fit a bit strange. It's basically fine and the length is right at the knee (I'm 5'4") but...

I sort of wanted to pull up the straps like I am doing in this left most picture. The whole thing sat a bit low on my frame. Also too much extra fabric in the hip area as I am showing in the right hand picture. What is up with that at J Crew these days? I get the waist to fit and then there is like 2 inches of fabric jutting out from the hips. Urgh. I do love the color, pattern and sequins. I think if I'm going to go sequin dress I would rather have this one from J Crew or this amazing one by Alice+Olivia (not that either is anywhere near within my budgetary restraints)

 Pencil Skirt in Chevron Stripe (size 0)
I thought this one would be a slam dunk for me. It fits TTS and I do love stripes but I didn't find it particularly flattering. The way the side panels are sewn on - they can get a little lumpy. Still, as far as pencil skirts go it's pretty nice. J Crew does know what they are doing in this department. I love this more colorful one by Clover Canyon. Yes, still out of my price range.

 Striped Tuxedo Shift Dress (XS)
I saw this on Gigi of Gigi's Gone Shopping and thought she looked lovely in it. It's a nice cotton - sort of like wearing a shirtdress - and the length is good. Love the hemline.

It just didn't hang quite right. Maybe once my boobs shrink a little more post-bf. I really wanted this to be my new go-to summer dress but it doesn't hang quite as nicely as I'd like. I have high hopes for this new striped dress from J Crew. Looks super cute and has some seaming which would probably help it lay a little better.
Joe Fresh has this cute little inexpensive option.
Lou&Grey at Loft also has a cute one. It's on sale currently for 50% off.
This one from the Loft is almost sold out but looks just right.
Of course, can never go wrong with a classic Ralph Lauren polo style stripe dress.

I'll check the sale again tomorrow, of course. Going to try to stay strong unless something really amazing comes up. How about you?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

H&M Review: Patterned Skirt (floral midi)

It is a rare day I enter H&M but I had seen some things online that looked really fun so I decided to take a quick peek. This print immediately caught my eye so I had to try it on.

Patterned Skirt (size 4)
At J Crew I normally wear a size 0 in skirts, sometimes a 2. This is a size 4 and it was still too tight in the waist. The print is lovely and the skirt is fairly heavy which makes it drape well. The pleats fall nicely not adding too much bulk. I think the length is also right on for this type of skirt.

If you don't like midi skirts, this pattern also comes in a beautiful maxi dress and a lovely sleeveless sheath dress.

This Patterned Maxi Dress also caught my eye and totally reminded me of something Anthropologie would carry.

If you like floral midi skirts, this Valentino one is so over the top gorgeous.

I love this incredibly affordably Jacquard Floral Midi Skirt - so ladylike!

This print is so bold and beautiful and the skirt is only $14!

I've always loved Ted Baker and like the burnout subtle quality of his print on this skirt. Also by Ted Baker but pencil style.

Finally, this midi is lovely enough for a fancy dinner but could easily be worn for day as well.

H&M really inspired me to look around - I think they have great ideas just not the most fabulous execution (for my particular body shape). Have you had any luck with H&M?

Monday, July 13, 2015

J. Crew Review: Sale continues...

Sales sales sales. I'm sorry that J Crew is not doing well but am happy to take advantage of the rock bottom prices. That being said, I've really tried to be conscous of buying something because OMG it's $12. It's so hard to resist but I think I'm doing ok with it. I am really glad that I picked up the Drapey Crepe Perforated Dress during these sales because that was a love from the first time I tried it on. Other items I'm trying to hold off on. Case in point, the pants below.

Garden Pant in Gold Foil Leaf (size 2)
I was surprised how much I liked these. Very flattering and comfortable on and the pattern is very on trend. But, palm trees and tropical prints might not be around as much next season. Plus, linen has to be dry cleaned and can stretch out a lot. I did love that these were lined.

Overall great but I probably don't need white pants right now. Every time I feed my daughter a meal, half of it ends up on my lap so darker colors are good for me right now.

 Linen Baseball Tee in Mixed Stripe (XS)
 Garden Pant in Midnight Floral (size 2)
The baseball tee was stadard J Crew fare. Totally cute and comfortable. I do not love their linen tees - tend to be on scratchier side. The pants I've tried on about a billion times. I do love this print but I think I'm satisfied owning just the top.

 Space-Dyed V-Neck Cardigan Sweater (XXS?)
I like the color and delicate nature of the knit. Besides that I think it is very oversized. Too boxy for my liking plus I own about 3 or 4 gold sweaters. Gots to put a limit on that.

 Sleeveless Floral Lace Shift Dress (size 2)
I was so excited to find this lone dress on the 50% off rack. Unfortunately, I found the fit quite strange. The bodice fit exactly, the waist was very good and then there was so much etra room at the hips. I didn't find it flattering but I did like the color and material. Also a bit on the short side. If I want a lace dress at J Crew I think I'll go for this one. Or would love this as a laid back alternative.

What do you think?

J. Crew Review: Summerweight Cotton Sweater and Drapey Chambray Romper

A few more quickie sale reviews. I feel that July is giving me a sale hangover. I've mostly stopped looking at this point but it's amazing how you can always find something you never noticed before!

Summerweight Cotton Sweater (S) in Vivid Ink
Garden Pant in Midnight Floral (size 2)
This was a sale find that I had never noticed before. I like the material - it's hard to describe but sort of net/mesh feeling without being scratchy at all. This was the closest they had to my size and while it is a little big I sort of like it that way. I'm trying to curb my sweater addiction - in particular navy sweaters - so I passed but definitely have my eye on it should it get marked down any futher.
This is also about the 5th time I have tried on the garden pant in midnight floral. I do really like them but I keep on passing because I can't quite figure out where to wear them. Too fancy for work, husband prefers skirts for dins out and I'm certainly not showing up to the playground in them! Regrettably they are a pass for now. Even for $12.

I did see these attractive and more neutral print trousers at Brooks Brothers.
These look super cute and more casual.
This printed pant by REISS is also super attractive and summery.
These off 5th printed pants are a dead ringer for the dutch floral J Crew pair from earlier this year.
And, although Gucci is a bit out of my price range, I LOVE this pair.

 Drapey Chambray Romper (size 2)
Hmm... I keep on trying to make the romper thing work but I think it is futile. First off, I would say this would runs big. The waist definitely needed to be tighter. The shorts and top sections fit fine. I think it would be cuter if the sleeves were a bit shorter.

I pulled up the elastic waist so it was hitting at my actualy waist more. Still not so awesome. I do think this will look cute on some if you size down. Just not for me. I did notice this lovely Theory jumpsuit in a beautiful floral print at Off 5th. So fresh and an excellent price for Theory.

If I was going to do a chambray romper I think I might like longer sleeves. 
I love Splendid's laid back California vibe and this romper definitely fits the bill.
Free People doesn't always work for me, but their version looks very cool.

Are you shopped out? Still perusing the 60% sale section?