Thursday, May 24, 2012

Reviews - J Crew and Anthro - Pieced Column Dress and Scully Pencil Skirt, Boy Shirt in Carrick Tartan and Joe's Kicker

Whew. It's been a while. Things have been crazy! May is just a whirlwind of activity for teachers - busy busy busy. The worst part is the kids already have one foot out the door into summer so it's a bit of a struggle to get to the end. Anyway, between recitals, shows and a new job (yay!) I've been distracted. So here are a few randoms to get my back in touch with le monde du blogging...

Boy Shirt in Carrick Tartan (size 2) and Joe's Kicker, Lainey (size 26)

Do you ever stalk an item for so long that by the time you get it you think, hmm... really? That's initially how I felt about finally receiving the boy shirt in Carrick Tartan. But, I do think it looks seriously cute with the little cropped jeans. I just can't decide if it looks too butch :). The jeans are very cute and comfortable but I actually wish they were about 2 inches longer so that they would hit the top of my feet. That's where I like my jeans to hit. A little on the fence about them especially since I'm getting sort of a double bubble from the back. 

Pieced Column Dress (XS on left, S on right)




As you can see, there is not a tremendous amount of difference between the S and XS. The biggest difference I noticed was that the skirt hung a little funny in the front in the S. This dress is amazing and although it PAINS me to pay full price, pay I will because it makes me feel like a sexy momma.

Scully Pencil Skirt (size XS)

Speaking of Bailey 44, this is the Scully Pencil Skirt. Also fabulous, but here is my problem. I think it really requires a sort of cropped loose shape on top but I cannot find anything! This is an old Tracy Reese top that I love. It looks okay but still not the look I am going for. On the fence with this one. The skirt definitely runs bigger than the dress. Even the XS feels slightly big. And the waist band is weird - if it's not flipped the right way the layers don't lay well.

Is anyone else disappointed about the lack of extra percent off at Anthro? 

Will be scouting out JC extra 30% options this weekend online since I don't think I dare enter a store.

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews - Four Corner Shirtdress, Side Swept Frill V-Neck, Eyelet Seersucker Blouse, Pilcro Stet Slim Bootcut and Panoramic V-Neck

Is anyone else getting excited for the Tag Sale? I'm not sure what to expect since I don't remember going to one before but I am hoping for at best a few bargains and at the least a few price adjustments. Went to Anthro to do some pre-scoping of sale items and here is what I found:

Leifsdottir Hera Feather Dress (size 6)
This was a random store return as my local store does not carry the Anthropologie line. I never even gave this dress a 2nd look online but I LOVE it. The colored trim is almost like a rainbow and I love the etherealness of the dress. Unfortunately, it is at least 2 sizes too big! I called around for a size 2 but couldn't find it. Insert very sad face here. It is so lovely and interesting and subtly sexy.

Side-Swept Frill V-Neck (size XS) in Grey Motif and Pilcro Stet Slim Bootcut (size 26)
The frill on the side of the shirt is sort of a bummer. I actually think the slouchiness of it is adorable with some skinny pants and the material is this light linen knit that is delightful. The jeans fit well and were very comfortable but I'm finding something about the Pilcro denim unflattering in the crotch area. I don't know why, something just looks sort of off.

Eyelet Seersucker Blouse in Navy (size 2) 
This is very cut and a nice sturdy cotton. Requires a cami underneath. The shirt runs a bit short in the torso (and I am quite short torsoed) and is a little boxy but would be adorable with the right bottoms.

I love all these luscious floral prints. Unfortunately, the fit on this one is too big to be called just slouchy. It was just unflattering on me. 

I'm on the fence about this one. The SA thought it looked great but I'm nervous about wearing anything that cinches in right under my rather bountiful bosom. I actually like the high/low hemline - adds some interest. This may be a little too cutesy for someone my age would be great on someone younger? I sized up because of my chest and I'm pretty sure that was the right decision.

Tried this on before in a size 2 and thought I would size down this time. You can definitely size down on this one - it helps all the little details at the chest and back lay better. I love the shape and cutouts but the print is too blah for me. 

Hope there are some big markdowns for the sale next week - I have my eyes on a few things.  What about you?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Colored Skinnies - Should they have an age limit?

Colored skinny jeans are so in right now! It's all I see in every store. Gap, JCrew, Anthro, even my local boutique stores geared to the "older" set. I love the idea but my inner skeptic says - hmmm.... tight and bright, not two words I often put together in the same sentence as flattering. So the other day I'm scoping the high end section of TJMaxx (have found so many bargains there recently including a gorgeous Velvet cashmere tunic sweater) and I happen upon some Paige denim skinnies in my size. These are BRIGHT. I was thinking I could go with a safer cobalt blue color a la J Crew Toothpick Jean in Garment-Dyed Twill in blue grotto. But here these were and much cheaper than $125 (!!!!!?!) so what the hey.

So my question is, how old is too old for trendy items like this? I am in my late thirties and still feel really young but am having trouble walking that line between looking fresh and trend-aware and looking like I'm trying too hard to recapture my youth. It's a tricky line. Especially in the stay-at-home mom sector where the uniform around here is generally yoga pants and a tee-shirt.

I found a fascinating post over at Alexis' J Crew Aficionada on this very topic here. Much to my surprise, many of the women there said they were too old to pull it off. Hmm. I think it's all about styling - and many people had wonderful styling ideas - to make it work.

So here are my Paige pants. I would only wear these with a long top that covered at least most of my generous derriere. But, I am bravely pulling up my shirt in the last picture so you can get the idea of what they look like without.

I paired it with my liberty print shirt for fun but I would most likely wear these with a long tunic or striped shirt or plain white menswear shirt.

Thoughts? Does brightness of color make the difference? Fit? Combinations?
Would love to hear the blogging communities ideas!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

J. Crew Reviews - Raglan Dress, Classic Merino Cardigan, Linen Baseball Tee and Contrast Boatneck Sweater

I did place a little order with the most recent sneaky "mustshop" promo. I am usually so excited for JC's spring prints, but nothing has really excited me so far. But, I do completely rely on JC for wonderful wardrobe basics. Button down shirts, pencil skirts and fine merino wool sweaters. That is what they do well. So here are some things I found:

 Contrast Boatneck Sweater (XS)

Cute and TTS. The silk cotton blend is feels good on the body and the knit is very dense - i don't think this sweater would lose it's shape easily. I like the 3/4 sleeves and the wide boatneck.

Raglan Dress (size XXS) in Navy

The dress is VERY soft - it truly is like wearing a sweatshirt - and not the terry kind but the fluffy soft kind that you had in high school. Love the back zipper. The XXS felt a bit too sexy. I think this dress should fit in a more relaxed way. See below.

Raglan Dress (size XS) 

Ah much better. See those weird discolorations on the dress? Yes, that is partly from adjusting the exposure on the picture but those weird lines and stuff are there. It looks the garment dying process was sort of off. If I decide to keep the dress I might ask to exchange it for another one to see if it has the same problem. To be honest, I'm not sure how to style this one. The navy is really dark and I think worn over black leggings it would look too gym and not enough chic. Hmm... dilemmas.

Classic Merino Cardigan (size XS) in Heather Flax 

I'm so annoyed over this one. I tried this sweater on in store DURING the 30% off promo and I could have gotten an extra 15% with my teacher ID but they only had XXS and I thought it was a bit snug. Well, my usual XS is sort of ridiculous. This is the grandpa cardigan done way too grandpa. Bummer, I waited for this to pop back in my size forever and turns out it was the wrong size.

Linen Baseball Tee in blue sea (size XXS)
Ahem. I have blurred out my bra since it is pretty much completely visible through the shirt. That is partially because the shirt is way too small, partly because of the linen factor. I do love the tee though. Love a good baseball tee and the linen makes for a really interesting texture. Would love to know if this would be as transparent if it actually fit. The color is really saturated and lovely too.

Overall, this haul was a bit of a disappointment. Anyone else find something fabulous with MUSTSHOP?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews - Leadlight Maxi, Maia Column Dress, Pressed Lutea Skirt, Kimberly Boatneck, Malino Peasant Blouse, Carolinae Top, Jarmila Tunic and Belted Fresna Skirt

Oops. I can't believe it's already May! I love this time of year - just a complete blur until summer and then, hey, it's summer. Woo woo. I have lots of reviews to do but it will probably take a few days to get them all up. I even have a box of J Crew stuff to photograph that I got during the most recent (secret) 30% off promo (MUSTSHOP ends tonight). Anyhoo, no time to waste so here they are:

Carolinae Top (size 2?)
The print is so cute on this one but the fit is bizarre. I can't completely describe it but the cut across the top is super straight and it makes the sleeves stick out. Sort of like someone took 2 identical pieces of fabric and just sewed them together. I did also try on a size 0 and it was the same. 

OMG. I die over the colors and print but the sleeves are too much for me. Otherwise lovely.

Kimberly Boatneck (size XS) 
Love stripes and tanks with thick straps but the neckline came too high on my busty self. The back is to die for so I think if you are normally busted it will be cute.

Love the design and colors. In general I love Tracy Reese but always have to size up at least one size and in this case 2 sizes. The length is perfect and the fabric lovely and light. The little pleats at the to did nothing for me but it's very cute overall.

Dropwaist Mini-Dress in Green (size 4) 

This was randomly in the sale section and it almost came home with me. I still can't decide if this look is too youthful for a late 30's mom but I'm thinking maybe yes. This version of the Minutiae Dropwaist dress fits slightly smaller. That dress I take a 2 in but this felt great in the 4. Maybe because of the extra layer of fabric in the skirt?

Maia Column Dress (size S) 

If I'm going to do the whole Bailey 44 stripe dress thing I'll probably go for one of the more seasonless iterations. I get it on this line though. Sexy sexy and pajama comfy - how often do you get that? I wouldn't mind trying on a medium or at least a pair of spanx with this. Definitely would not need an XS although that is what I took in the Scully Pencil Skirt.

 Yikes! I LOVE leifsdottir but this one is confusing. First of all, I usually wear a 4 or 6 in their skirts and this was pretty big in a 2! The length is awkward and the buttons are oddly placed.

Jarmila Tunic (size XS)
This is adorable. Wish it weren't polyester. The straps are great for bras, the top part is fitted over the bust and it's just blousy and long enough. Colors are gorge! 

Dappled Sea Blouse (S) and Leadlight Maxi Skirt (size 2) 
The skirt's print is just as magnificent in real life as it is on the website. The slit was unexpected but cute. It is a lined cotton which is nice but I like my maxi skirts out of stretch cotton for flow. Pretty long. TTS. Dappled sea blouse - would definitely need an XS but sort of loved it.

Whew. That's it for now. J Crew coming soon!

Anyone else grab some sale goodies this past week?