Sunday, August 30, 2015

J. Crew Review: Perforated Eyelet A-Line Skirt

I have a lot of reviews to get up for you sale shoppers but school just started and I am not quite on top of things. I think J Crew is really trying to turn things around this fall so let's hope it works. So far the dresses have been excellent. We'll see what else turns around (please let their pants start working for me again). Here's a quickie skirt review:

Perforated Eyelet A-Line Skirt (size 0) in Crimson Maple
I was really attracted to the color which is absolutely lovely. I've seen this skirt on others and love it. It's just not a style match for me. Anyhoo, my usual size 0 fit well / maybe even a tiny bit snug. It's hard to tell since my waist is always fluctuating. I like these skirts to fit AT my waist and pretty snugly otherwise I feel like I'm tugging them up all day and they don't look as flattering.

I think it's fine but I don't love that back view. The long a-line skirt look just doesn't work great for me when it hits on the widest part of my butt and then keeps on going out. I need a little more drape. If you have less "underbutt" you might do fine. I like the detail at the bottom where the eyelet changes to these little half-domes. Very cute.

I am getting more into the "midi" length thing. It's convenient to not always be thinking about too much skin showing if you're chasing your kid at the playground. Plus there is something elegant about it. I bought the skirt in this print (sorry the skirt is sold out for now here is the link to the skirt version which is lovely and keeps on popping back in a variety of sizes) and I think I like the shape better. I'll review it when it comes. I like the idea of this eyelet skirt at Anthropologie because I think the peekaboo effect with the shorter lining is pretty cute. I'd be curious to try out this other one from J Crew. It's so hard to tell what it looks like IRL!

For now I'm excited to receive the correct size of the skirt in this print. Oh my! It's so gorgeous! I just love yellow and was so pleased that my size finally popped back.

More to come! Hope the end of summer is treating everyone well!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

J. Crew Review: Some Geo Brushstroke, Stripe Mini and Broken-In Boyfriend Jean

School is revving up and so am I :) Trying to squeeze in some reviews before things really get crazy. So without much further ado - here they are:

Geo Brushstroke Short (size 2)
I really like crazy shorts. I have lots of plain tees and tanks so I am happy to add some fun in the bottom half. I felt like this pattern overwhelmed me on top or in the skirt version but the shorts are so cute! The subtle pleats are very flattering and the higher waist actually works on these - WHICH IS CRAZY BECAUSE I DEPISE HIGH WAISTS. Somehow the short inseam also feels totally modest. They are lined in cotton so you need to wear sort of "slippery" underwear for them to lay right. They feel slightly dressy. I usually wear a 2 in JC Shorts because I would way rather them be a bit big than too small.  The 2 was slightly big in the waist but good everywhere else.

The back view is a little dubious but with my shirt pulled down I don't mind it. Trying to show the higher rise here. I also like these shorts over at Ella Moss. The pattern is really nice and both colorways are slightly more muted. Recently tried these Ikat Print shorts over at BR. They are super comfy loungy and yet I think the pattern elevates them a bit. Already mentioned my obsession with the easy shorts in marble and watercolor floral - just have to decide which pair I want to buy!

Stripe Mini Skirt (size 0)
Rah rah siss boom bah, goooooo J Crew! Holy cheerleader. Too short and too full. The stripes are super cute and I liked the cotton but yowsers. Too youthful. The size 0 fit pretty perfectly so TTS.

I don't know what this pose is but here ya go. Maybe trying to channel my 25 year old self?
Ok. I have no money for Victoria Beckham (plus it still sort of gets my goat that Posh Spice designs such fabulous clothes) but this skirt is really fabulous. Love the a-line of this one and the pockets with horizontal stripes. And this one is completely different with its multi-colored crochetedness! I am going to have to check out Top Shop very soon.... 

Broken-In Boyfriend Jean in Freddie Wash (size 26)
I'd like a boyfriend jean but these are not the ones. The wash is a little unusual - very white down the front of the thighs. They are super comfortable but definitely too big. I would happily exchange for another size but what actually bothered me is how short they were. They don't look it in the pictures but they felt weird in the length.

Close up of the unflattering white wash. I would try these jeans in a different wash and a size down. Definite potential and very comfortable.
These Acne Studios ones look pretty cool. This other option from J Crew looks encouraging - I like the word slim along with boyfriend. Probably more along the lines of what I'm looking for. Rag & Bone makes some nice denim among other things. They definitely have that cool factor. And of course, good ol' favorite Madewell. The rise will probably be too high but I really like the wash. Distressed without being trashed.

Do you have any favorite boyfriend denim?

Monday, August 24, 2015

J. Crew Review: NEW Arrivals are here!

It's been hot and humid here so it's hard to think about fall but I'm glad there's something to look forward to. Nice colors and fabrics and more awesome dresses! I feel like J Crew is really starting to do it right dress wise. Now I just have to save my pennies and see which one I might want!

Cape Jacket in Wool Melton (XS/S)
I love a good cape and knew I wanted to try this one on when I saw it on the website. The color is deeper than your average "camel" color. More of a caramel I'd say. For my skin tone I prefer a basic camel but the SA's in store were raving about this particular shade of tan. Anyway - it's a nice thick fabric and I think it's a lovely fun piece. I do not love it on my 5'4" frame. I would like it a lot more if I was a lot taller or it was a lot shorter.

Nonetheless, it is fun to try on. Made me feel quite elegant. Although also slightly football player-ish.
To be honest, I'm still obsessed with this Plaid Cape at Brooks Brothers that has no dropped to a ridiculously awesome price. Also this black one is super duper cute and only $52! So if you want to try this trend but don't want to invest in this trend... might be a good way to go. This Top Shop version takes the cake though. (also comes in a cheeky plaid if that is your thing) I love that shade of camel and the double breasted front would be so much more flattering on my frame. Might have to look into that...didn't know they had free shipping and returns.

Sleeveless Lace Shift Dress (size 0) in Navy Black
I do loves me a lace dress. In the pictures it looks pretty plain but it feels so nice on! Skims the hips just right, good vee on top without revealing too much... The sleeves are slightly odd but I still liked them. It just feels comfortable and slightly sexy without being immodest. Love the navy color.

Close up of the navy lace with black outline. Feels of good quality. I saw this little number at Off 5th. Seems slightly dressier but also fun.

Flare Dress in Watercolor Floral (size 2)
This is the same style as the Aquatic Floral Silk Dress  from the spring. It's a great shape - nice and nipped in at the waist and easy but streamlined everywhere else. I still haven't decided how I feel about the watercolor floral print. I like it but now sure I have to have it. This shape though - yes! TTS for me. I think if I bite on anything in this print that it will be those easy shorts. Darn they are flattering!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

J Crew Review: Inky Floral, Double Hem Tank top, Slim Cargo Pant, Patio Pant and Sequin Shift Dress

Summer is on its way out and the fall arrivals are coming! Love the colors I see. Cobalt and Burgundy seem to be big and I am so happy! I already own this dress but may be tempted by getting it in this gorgeous cobalt color. Also love this color on the Sleeveless Lace Dress (review upcoming) and the lovely Floral Lace Top. Still trying to find a few summer bargains though...

Double-Hem Tank Top in Black Sand (XS)
Collection Women's Ludlow Pant in Inky Floral (size 2)
This tank just came out. Not good on me. None of the stuff with flounce at the hem is - always cut too short and then adds weight just where I don't want it. Pass. The pants are interesting. The fit is a bit odd.

I normally wear a size 0 in skirts and sometimes pants but usually size up in this type. Nothing worse than too tight linen pants! The rise was a bit high and they were a bit big but not enough to size down. I like the print but I don't th fit is doing me any favors. Not slim enough through the leg and a bit shorter than I like.

 Slim Cargo Pant in Stretch Chino (size 2) in Scarborough Grey
These are... fine. I don't think I would take my usual 0 so I guess they fit a little on the snug side? Again with the slightly high rise which does not work well for my body. The elasticized cuffs are not my favorite. Would love these on someone 25 which is not my age. Anymore :)

 Circle Skirt in Brushstroke Geo (size 2)
This print is so joyous. I think this was a size 2 but it may have been a 4. Was definitely too big but I liked the feel of it. Made me feel like a lady ;). From the side it is a bit poufy but that might be remedied in my normal size.

 Patio Pant in Vanilla White (size 2)
I am a broken record but can we please go back to low rise? I know it's not in fashion but I so prefer it. These are not completely my style but I like they are cute. I would need my normal size 0 as the waist was too big on these. The white was a bold choice on my part. Overall quite comfortable - reminds me of the Minnie material but a bit lighter.

 Iridescent Sequin Shift Dress (size 2)
This just came out and is already on sale. I would need to size down to a 0 on this one. The sequins and color are fun. I would want to take the straps up a bit or get a petite.
Not too bad on the underarm test. I like the slight racerback although I would need to wear a different bra. Overall I felt like it was a bit shapeless on me but again maybe this would be better in my normal size. I love sequins and wish they had made this in other colors. Sort of drooling over this sequin dress at Neiman Marcus. Yum! And this little Topshop Colorblock one is super cute. Still scratching my head over this J Crew dress - so 80's prom to me!

Nothing I had to have this time but I think J Crew is moving in a good direction. There are some really nice dresses this fall including this one which I will review soon.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Athleta Reviews: Tulip Stripe Dress, Westwood Dress and Salinas Sweatshirt Dress

Some of the prices are lower than I have ever seen them on Athleta's website right now. Their stuff is so cute but I'm not exactly going to the gym every single day and living the "active" lifestyle so sometimes I feel a bit silly in their clothes. Love their workout gear. I've been wearing the connect capri for like 2 years and they still basically look brand new. The other pair I have are so soft and I was actually able to wear them throughout my entire pregnancy by just pushing them below my belly a bit. I've been wearing a Lululemon tank for several years as well (boo I don't think they make it anymore) but this one (on sale!) caught my eye as a good and simple replacement.

Anyway, active wear as going out wear is a bit of a challenge for me but I like the idea. Here are some recent finds:

Tulip Stripe Dress (XS)
 The stripes are so cute and the material is soft but thick. I'm not sure how I feel about all this ruching down below. I sort of wish it went all the way around - I could use it on my bum more. I think for a straighter figure this dress is absolutely adorable. Length is perfect and armholes fully cover my bra!

 Westwood Dress (XS)
 This is my favorite. I like the grey but thick I prefer the taupe version even more. It is SUPER soft and so comfy and fairly sexy for a little stretchy dress. I would probably do a little spanx underneath just to hide the lump and bump factor. Love the gently drape at the neckline and that the top is a bit breezy and the skirt is quite fitted.

 Salinas Sweatshirt Dress (XS)
 My husband thought this looked like "a bag" but I like it. Again, SOFT SOFT SOFT. Makes me realize how much I crave nice soft comfortable pieces. The color is also a beautiful dark mauve. The skirt fits perfectly and I like the way it looks. The top is a bit batwingy for my taste and I think it might add a bit of visual weight to my shoulders. What do you think?

Here's my trying to make it work moment. I love a good sweatshirt dress but might have to check out this little James Perse number instead. Also found this AG one at Nordstrom - how cute does that look? And if I wanted to drop some serious dough (which I don't :) I would check out this dress.

How do you feel about "athleisure" clothes? Not sure I know how they can fit into my lifestyle yet.