Sunday, August 23, 2015

J Crew Review: Inky Floral, Double Hem Tank top, Slim Cargo Pant, Patio Pant and Sequin Shift Dress

Summer is on its way out and the fall arrivals are coming! Love the colors I see. Cobalt and Burgundy seem to be big and I am so happy! I already own this dress but may be tempted by getting it in this gorgeous cobalt color. Also love this color on the Sleeveless Lace Dress (review upcoming) and the lovely Floral Lace Top. Still trying to find a few summer bargains though...

Double-Hem Tank Top in Black Sand (XS)
Collection Women's Ludlow Pant in Inky Floral (size 2)
This tank just came out. Not good on me. None of the stuff with flounce at the hem is - always cut too short and then adds weight just where I don't want it. Pass. The pants are interesting. The fit is a bit odd.

I normally wear a size 0 in skirts and sometimes pants but usually size up in this type. Nothing worse than too tight linen pants! The rise was a bit high and they were a bit big but not enough to size down. I like the print but I don't th fit is doing me any favors. Not slim enough through the leg and a bit shorter than I like.

 Slim Cargo Pant in Stretch Chino (size 2) in Scarborough Grey
These are... fine. I don't think I would take my usual 0 so I guess they fit a little on the snug side? Again with the slightly high rise which does not work well for my body. The elasticized cuffs are not my favorite. Would love these on someone 25 which is not my age. Anymore :)

 Circle Skirt in Brushstroke Geo (size 2)
This print is so joyous. I think this was a size 2 but it may have been a 4. Was definitely too big but I liked the feel of it. Made me feel like a lady ;). From the side it is a bit poufy but that might be remedied in my normal size.

 Patio Pant in Vanilla White (size 2)
I am a broken record but can we please go back to low rise? I know it's not in fashion but I so prefer it. These are not completely my style but I like they are cute. I would need my normal size 0 as the waist was too big on these. The white was a bold choice on my part. Overall quite comfortable - reminds me of the Minnie material but a bit lighter.

 Iridescent Sequin Shift Dress (size 2)
This just came out and is already on sale. I would need to size down to a 0 on this one. The sequins and color are fun. I would want to take the straps up a bit or get a petite.
Not too bad on the underarm test. I like the slight racerback although I would need to wear a different bra. Overall I felt like it was a bit shapeless on me but again maybe this would be better in my normal size. I love sequins and wish they had made this in other colors. Sort of drooling over this sequin dress at Neiman Marcus. Yum! And this little Topshop Colorblock one is super cute. Still scratching my head over this J Crew dress - so 80's prom to me!

Nothing I had to have this time but I think J Crew is moving in a good direction. There are some really nice dresses this fall including this one which I will review soon.

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