Thursday, February 28, 2013

Madewell Review: Flowersketch Peplum Top

I hardly ever risk final sale anymore. I've been burned a few times and I just won't waste my money like that. But somehow, Madewell tempted me to take a chance. A very risky chance on something I have never tried on and only saw on a few bloggers.

Flowersketch Peplum Top (size small)

 So I had read to size up and I'm pretty sure that I'm glad that I did. I think an XS would have been pretty snug and silk is not a fabric you want hugging your body too tightly. First of all, this print is not for everyone. It's like the fabric on my beautiful old chair. In fact, I'm pretty sure my husband will say, "This looks like something I would see on a couch." But, it grows on you. And the peachy/coral color is really nice. The side view picture makes it look like the peplum sticks out but that's just my belt underneath.

What bothers me are the sleeves. The look sort of baggy. So I rolled them to see what I thought. More flattering, no? The peplum is very subtle and the waist falls at a perfect place.

Still I can't decide if this is cute on or if it's a hot mess. Thoughts? Anyone else own this one? How do you style it?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Madewell New Arrivals!

As I've mentioned a bit too many times recently, I'm obsessed with Madewell. Or maybe I'm just really enjoying the chance to explore another retailer. Their clothes are pretty easy to wear and have that semi-slouchy look without being sloppy. I'm slowing getting better at gauging size and shapes that will work for me.

Here are some of my Spring picks:

Heathered Linen V-Neck Tee

Ok. I know this is not super exciting - but doesn't it just look so slouchy I'll wear it every day this summer perfect?
Also comes in a slew of popsicle hues in the regular Linen V Neck Tee

Lacebloom Dress

Ohhh. Pretty. Lace. Little pleats. Love. Also love the Painted Lacebloom Dress.

This sweater is all sorts of 80's wrong but I still love it. The muted colors, the bateau neck. Yum.

Lace Cutout Tee

So adorable! I like tops with a little bit of lace - a slight hint of sexiness.

There is something so simple and summery about this shirt. The little blooms look like they are just falling from the sky. Love it!

I think this print would be too overpowering on me in a shirt or dress but I adore it on the shoes.

I think this is amazing. I love the asymmetry and the clear stones - means it would go with about a billion things! A statement piece but the neutral colors keep it from overpowering an outfit.

I like a lot of things in the new rollout but of course will have to see them in person to really decide. Sure wish they would bring back free shipping & returns for the whole website - that was a wonderful chance for me to get better acquainted with their clothing and sizing.

What are your spring picks from Madewell?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

J. Crew Reviews - more Liberty!

Some more new arrivals for your consideration. Unfortunately, new arrivals are not on the website until tomorrow so I'll have to update the links then.

Collared Eyelet Tee (size small) in Ivory
Liberty Postage Stamp Mini in Tresco Floral (size 4)

Excuse the belly shot. I'm trying to show that the skirt is sitting very low on my hips. Normally, I size up in JC minis but it is definitely not the case with this one. I'm obsessed with this print and think it is more manageable as a mini but definitely draws a lot of attention! The hips were also jutting out on the side. Perhaps my normal size 2 would fix all these issues!

The top is very sweet - J. Crew is very into Peter Pan collars this spring! The fit is awful - way too baggy and no waist shaping. I know this is a size bigger than I usually wear but it is clear that the cut of the shirt is straight.

Elbow Sleeve Tee in Stripe with Anchor (XS)
Liberty 5" inch chino shorts in June's Meadow Floral (size 2)

I sort of liked these together. The shirt is quite thing and so appropriate for spring/summer. It might be a little short for some but I thought it very cute - I like the wide neckline. The shorts are another great way to enjoy the liberty print thing. The inseam is just long enough and the fit is quite slimming.

Liberty Toothpick Jean in June's Meadow Floral (size 27)

 Eek. So cute. I realize that floral jeans will probably be out by next season but there is something so charming about them. These fit just like the Emma and Georgina Floral toothpicks (I always have to size up in toothpicks - closeup of pattern above). At first I thought I would like this print better (and I do close up - it's lovely) but I sort of like the way the Emma and Georgina looks on my body better.

 Liberty Peasant in Lodden Paisley (size XXS) in Fresh Pear
Liberty Toothpick Jean in Emma and Georgina Floral (size 27) 
 PIctures on left shows the blouse pulled down. Picture on right shows its natural state after moving around a bit.

(picture L) Show elastic hem tucked under. (picture R) Side view.
I love the Lodden Paisley in this green colorway. GORGEOUS. This blouse is really, well, blousey. This is the smallest size and it is still pretty big. And I have to say it - I hate elastic hems. I never know what to do with the bottom of the shirt. Plus the side view is a bit pregnant looking. I really do like this blouse I just wish they made it with a regular hem.

 Liberty Craze! Which pattern are you going for?

Monday, February 25, 2013

J. Crew Review - More New Arrivals!

New arrivals hit my store - and they are cute! There is so much liberty print to be had - I think everyone can find at least a piece that works for them. Here's what I tried:

Silk Collar Tee  (XS) in Heather Fog
I am really not into this type of thing at all and merely tried it on for the blog but... it's so cute! The shirt is made of an almost sweatshirt-like material. Sort of a thickish knit. There is a zipper of the back and the shirt is shaped very nicely. I believe it came in another color way as well. Adorable and flattering!

 Adorable. I didn't think I'd like such a muted liberty print but it is really pretty and understated. I can see it going with a lot. My usual size 2 felt slightly snug (snugger than the size 2 Tresco Floral) but that could have been a discrepancy with this particular shirt because I tried on the size 4 later and it was clearly too big.

 Liberty Perfect Shirt in Lodden Paisley (size 4)
You can see the vibrancy of the print in this picture more. The size 4 is way too big. I like the length on these new liberty shirts - perfect for untucked over skinny pants or tucked into pencil skirts.

I have to say, J Crew really did something right when they created the matchstick jean. These fit beautifully - no gap at the waist, slim but not skinny. I believe they were on sale for around $79.99 but can't say for sure. The only reason I did not purchase them is because of the whiskering at the hips - I felt like it visually widened me.

This felt like it ran big but it might just be because I've lost some weight lately. I think I might now be between a 0 and 2 in pencil skirts. Anyway - the eyelet is really substancial, quite thick, slightly stiff. It's very pretty though. I don't always like the way J. Crew does eyelet but I think this is nice. I believe this was navy but it's a really really dark navy. See a close-up of the material below.

Ponte Swing Dress (size 2) in black
This is a very sweet little dress - and incredibly comfortable. The dress almost had a stretchy, sweatshirt feel. It isn't a thick ponte (which is disappointing for $128). Very flattering fit and flare shape. The waist falls just at the right place and the flare is enough to give movement without being too "fluffy".

Anyone else checking out some new arrivals? What are you favorites?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Anthropologie Review - Cosmos Jumpsuit

I didn't think I would ever try on a jumpsuit. Ever. But I was attracted to this one - stars and a nice dark color - that's age appropriate right? Suddenly I had visions of an elegant party, sipping on a martini, eating mini quiches... Not quite my real life but it sounded good to me.

Cosmos Jumpsuit (Petite XS)

Hmmm. I think less cocktail party and more sumo wrestler. I do love the star print but the little stars are a muted tan color which I don't love. I guess white stars would be too cutesy. The Petite XS was definitely the right size - good on the length both at the feet and the shoulder to crotch length.

The back slit is really cute - nice to have a little peek of skin.

I think if you're going to go wide leg on a jumpsuit, the top has to be more fitted. I feel like I'm drowning in fabric. I don't know if I'm ready for something like that yet so I think I'll just stick to my dresses for the cocktail set for now...

Anyone else try this on and rock it?