Thursday, February 14, 2013

J. Crew Review - Liberty Perfect Shirt in Tresco Floral

This one immediately caught my eye in the pre-order invite. I love Liberty Art Fabrics but have not seen one at J Crew in some time that I HAD to have. Especially for $150. I actually have a Liberty print shirt from the GAP that I got years ago for about $15 and I wear it constantly. Thus, $150 is hard to swallow :)

Liberty Perfect Shirt in Tresco Floral (size 2) in Yellow Multi

Sometimes I feel more comfortable in a size 4 in perfect shirts but this one fit perfectly. It actually skimmed the body beautifully and I love the length. Just right. 

I think really bold shirts like this always need something to break up the craziness so I put my Cashmere Tippi over it. Love this look.

The colors are bright. Like crazy 70's polyester bright but they are so beautiful. The print makes me want to jump right into the fabric and sniff all the flowers. It is truly a mood lifter! 

Will I pay $150 for this shirt? No. I think the Lodden Paisley will be more popular and sell out while this should definitely make it to sale. But perhaps I'm wrong. I hope not - I love this shirt!


  1. It is pretty, but I hope the Lodden eventully makes it sale because that is the one I have my eyes on!

    1. The Lodden is lovely and probably more versatile. It just arrived today so I will try to review it soon!