Sunday, January 31, 2016

J. Crew Reviews: Sequin Fair Isle Sweater, Edged-Lace Blouse and Striped Boatneck Tunic

Sequin Fair Isle Sweater (XS)
 I tried this on the other day in the XXS which fit ok but was really too snug. The knit is quite dense and the sequins make the top part not that flexible. The length on this one - so good! Everything is covered and yet it doesn't feel too long either. I don't normally go for sequins but the clear ones are so subtle and fun. I really liked this sweater. Also loving this slouchy Free People version. Looks luxe but casual at the same time. Love the gorgeous colors in this Boden version too.

 Edged-Lace Blouse (size 2) in Navy
 Sorry for the blurry pic - I was in a rush. I thought I would buy this for sure - it was my size and the navy and lace are so lovely but... it runs huge and boxy! I would need at least a 0. Bummer. This was the only one they had - clearly a return. Speaking of beautiful lace blouses, I am coveting this one even though it is out of my price range.

 Striped Boatneck Tunic (XS)
 Yeeeeesssss. This one is so good you guys. It has a sweater-y like feel and weight but is super soft and light. It is tunic-y but not too much so. Neckline is perfect and is just fitted enough without feeling clingy. TTS. I will buy this, it's just a question of how much I'm willing to spend :)

Not loving the new prints that much but I like some of the basics coming out. Hopefully the Teddie Pant will be a winner. What do you think?

Saturday, January 30, 2016

J. Crew Reviews: New Arrivals: Denim Jacket in Tyler Wash, Popover Shirt in Oversized Plaid, Midweight Striped Boatneck T-Shirt

Denim Jacket in Tyler Wash (XS)
I recently bought a Madewell Jean Jacket after swearing off jean jackets for a long time (child of the 80's and all). But if I hadn't, I would definitely buy this one. It is perfection. The wash is just light enough to look worn in and cool without being too faded. The fit is great - goes in at the waist, slightly cropped (I'm 5'4" and it hit me at a perfect spot) and actually has some shape when buttoned. I LOVED it, and I hate denim jackets. It definitely run a little small. The XS fit perfectly and how I would want it to fit but I wouldn't say I would be able to layer a lot under it. I have also been considering this GAP jacket but figure 1 is enough right now.

Popover Shirt in Oversized Plaid (size 0)
I'm usually not a fan of the popovers because they are baggy through the midsection. With my body shape, I really need a bit of darting/shape at the waist or I look like a big booby rectangle. Maybe it's because I sized down in this (usually wear a 2 in perfect shirts to accommodate the ladies) but I felt like it had a bit of shape. The cotton is nice and the colors are attractive.

Midweight Striped Boatneck T-Shirt (XS)
Boxy and big. I'm not sure sizing down would help. It just felt a bit awkward on. Also too short. There are many striped shirts in the world and I don't think I'll be adding this one to my closet. Although I will definitely be adding this one that I also tried to my closet. It is awesome - slimming, fitted, soft, yes! Review upcoming.

New Arrival Skirt (size 0)
I can't find this on the website yet. It's striped so of course I had to try it on. It's a nice, modest a-line skirt made of a decent weight cotton. I felt like the size 0 was snug for me so I think it runs a little small but I have been a bit poufy as of late. Although I don't love the print on the shirt, I do like the deco floral print on the skirt. And also love the deco floral print on this Boden skirt - adorable! And if this wasn't midi length, I'd definitely want to check out the mirrored floral skirt. That print is beautiful and subtle at the same time. Perhaps I'll love the Teddie Pant and settle on that as a good option.

Always fun to see the new prints and styles trickling in. What do you think of J Crew's latest offerings?

Friday, January 29, 2016

J. Crew Review: Belted Zip Trench Coat, Plush Fleece Excursion Vest, Sequin Fair Isle Sweater and Sleeveless Popover in Deco Floral

Belted Zip Trench Coat in Wool Melton (size 0) in Stable Brown

Ok, so I'm pretty sure this was a size 0 and it was pretty big. I felt like I wouldn't even be able to wear it open because it had such a flasher vibe. I own a wool trench coat from a few years ago and I love it. So chic and fitted. With the zipper and the belt this was awkward - and the belt felt cheap. The material did feel nice.

Plush Fleece Excursion Vest (XS)
This was super cozy but I just felt a bit silly in it. It's long - which I think is nice. My biggest complaint was the gold hardware - looked weird, and again, cheap. Otherwise so yummy.

Sequin Fair Isle Sweater (XXS) in Raisin Oatmeal
Too small of course. I did just end up buying this in my usual size XS. I really like the color combo and the clear sequins are really well done. It sort of surprises me that I like this but I do. I also really like that it is long enough! Nice length and fitted - not boxy at all. I will post some photos of the XS later.

Sweatshirt with Floral Applique (XXS)
Again, too small but I think it's pretty cute. the applique is adorable. It does run a bit short FYI.

Sleeveless Silk Popover in Deco Floral (Size 0)
I liked the fit on this one - take the smaller of your two sizes for sure. This print is not for me but I can see it being a great layering piece underneath a navy sweater or blazer or whatever suits your fancy.

More to come!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Brooks Brothers Red Fleece Reviews

I do love me some Brooks Brothers. I'm mostly attracted to the quality and since they fine tuned their Red Fleece line, they're starting to get some of the style right too.

Supima Cotton Printed Shirt (size 2)

 I wouldn't call myself a palm tree person but this print is cute without being cutesy. What I really love is how well the shirt fits, how nicely the collar stands and how perfect the cotton feels. Sigh. I do wish the print were something I was more into but this shirt is so lovely and flattering on I may have to keep it anyway. In my hunt for more perfectly tailored cotton shirts, I may also check out the Cotton Oxford Shirt  and the Supima Cotton Oxford Stripe Shirt

Cotton Blend Fair Isle Sweater (XS)

 Fair isle! I love you but am also afraid of you. Always worried that lots of business across the chest is not going to be a good plan for me. I LOVE the elbow patches. Such an adorable detail. As you can see in the last pic, this sweater does run a little big under the arms. The material feels good - not itchy at all. Neckline is a little higher than I would like. I'm just not sure if I dig the whole raglan fair isle pattern placement. Really on the fence with this one. They also have this one which is more traditional but a little drab in the color palette. What do you think? Would love to add a fair isle sweater to my collection but maybe it should be this one:

J. Crew Sequin Fair Isle Sweater (XXS) (review upcoming)

 Hibiscus Print Pants (size 0)
 I tried these on a long time ago in a size 2 and they were too big. These aren't too small, in fact I like the way they look on my leg, but they do this weird pooching thing at the belly. Boo. So cute and lightweight - perfect for summer. May have to check out these adorable plaid  Wool Stretch Plaid Pants instead.

 Cotton Quilted Skirt (size 0)
 Yup cute. The quilting is so nice and makes the skirt feel warm and squishy and yet doesn't add bulk. .The size 0 is slightly snug but they may be because I am not my usual size 0 presently. More a 0 1/2 ;) Anyway - very cute. Well made. Also loving their Stripe Pencil Skirt.

What do you think of their offerings? How about that fair isle sweater?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Anthropologie Reviews: Caya Draped Pullover, Cashmere Pointelle Cardigan, Malvales Pullover, Cowled Sweater Dress, and more

I've been shopping Anthropologie less these days because I just can't seem to make their pieces fit in with the rest of my style. Plus, like many other retailers, their quality seems to be declining. I can't resist a quick saleroom snoop but I was struck by how high most of the prices still were. Even with the recent 40% off I couldn't justify most of the pieces considering how shopworn they already looked. I did find a few goodies this go around though:

Cashmere Pointelle Cardigan (XS)
 This color is GORGEOUS. And the sweater is so damn soft. It drapes very well and feels great on. I've decide that this isn't really my style but the real clincher is that there were already pills down the front. I was still tempted since, again, soft and beautiful color. I did notice the very similar Aida Cardigan  which is a blend so maybe will actually pill less?

 Malvales Pullover (XS)
 I was seriously tempted by this. The overblown floral works well and I liked the extra slouchiness of the sweater. I think the price is too high considering the sweater is a blend. Still, could picture throwing it on with jeans over the weekend for a comfy cool look.

 Hei Hei Vegan Leather Bomber??? (XS)
 I'm not sure which vegan leather jacket this is but it was by Hei Hei. I normally find Hei Hei to run a bit small but this runs a little big (not enough to size down however). I liked the color and the fun details but felt that it fit weirdly through the chest. Too big and then tapered down to the waist in a outdated way. Might be better on someone with less of a full bust. This one looks similar and is only $42! And I know this is a different style but how cute is the sherpa collar? I like the more open collar of this one - and a great price!

 Caya Draped Pullover (XS)
 I've been really wanting to try this one and was glad to see if in store. It's hard to tell in the photos but the lavender is really light and quite beautiful. The texture of the sweater was very unexpected - sort of thick but really really light. I don't know how to explain it. I wasn't exactly sure how to get the neck to lay properly and was definitely too lazy to figure it out. Again, I think this is overpriced.

 Himalayan Hooded Robe (XS/S)
 Mmmm. I am constantly in my robe when I am at home and it is the ugliest thing you have ever seen. My mother-in-law gave it to me some years ago and it is just so dang cozy. When I saw this, I decided it would be a definite upgrade. It is super cozy and super cute. Too expensive but I bought it anyway. My husband can thank me later. This one from Splendid is equally as adorable and J. Crew's version in pinstripe is cozy and crisp looking at the same time!

 Cowled Sweater Dress (XS)
 I thought this was quite cute on and I loved the "see-thru" sleeve detail and the cowlneck. What I didn't like was the cheap looking quality of the material and the crazy amount of fuzz and dirt sticking to it. I figured this would look like a pilly mess after a few wears so passed. Super bummed because it is a GOOD price at $29.95. Tempting if you can handle sweater shaving every time.
 I won't lie, this Jessica Simpson Cowl Neck Sweater dress is looking pretty cute - especially with that little belt. And what about this Express one? SO darn cute and extra 40% $49.99. This one looks like I'm lounging around in my fave sweatshirt except chic-er. Love the ombre colors in this Max Studio version and the color of this Ann Taylor one is amazing.

 ??? Brindille Sheath (thank you Keilexandra) (4P)
 Ugh, I know I should remember what this dress is called but I don't. Marked down to $49.95. This is a 4P so it is a teeny bit short but I sort of like it that way since the neckline is so high - makes it more fun and flirty. There is a tiny bit of gapping/extra material under the armpits. It's possible that it is due to the fact that this is sort of a size up for me (need to accommodate those breastfeeding ladies). Overall, adorable and actually felt like it was made well. Yahoo!

 Garden Bloom Skirt (size 2)
 I was so relived to read the online reviews that said this skirt runs small. I could BARELY zipper the size 2, yet the rest of it fit fine. It is made of a lightweight neoprene which feels sort of cool but also a bit cheap. I LOVE the print. It is really beautiful. Again, overpriced. I think it should cost around $29.95.

Sorry to have such a harsh reviews but I am really trying to buy less stuff that looks crappy after 1 season (hello Madewell sweaters I'm talking to you) and more stuff that stands the test of time.

Did you make any purchases during the 40% off?