Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews - Night Phlox Blouse, Kudzu Skirt and Longtail Tee

I'm very intrigued by the Sarah Ball's photographic prints that Anthropologie is using right now. I love anything pastoral/nature/bird printed so I knew I had to try on some of the offerings.

Kudzu Skirt (size 2)

 This skirt runs slightly generous as the size 2 fit comfortable below my waist but I'm pretty sure it should fit a little higher. The colors are lovely and the print is interesting but unflattering. Plus the side view is atrocious - makes me bum look even bigger than it is. The length is also a bit dowdy on me.

Night Phlox Blouse (size 2)
I adore the print - orange and navy is such a deliciously rich combo. Unfortunately, the blouse runs a little short in the torso (and that's saying something because I have a very short torso) and a little high in the neckline. Didn't do much for my figure but perhaps sizing down would help.

 Longtail Tee (size XS)

I really like the idea of this but even the XS was quite large. The material is thin so good for a warmer climate.

Have some more anthro reviews coming.... 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Winter Coat Dilemma - Ostsee Coat, Popham Peacoat, Stadium Cloth Boulevard Trench

I love coats. Love 'em. My obsession started in NYC. When you live in New York, you walk everywhere. Some people only see you in your coat so it becomes a major source of how you express your fashion sense. Now that I live in a car culture, coats are not as important in terms of warmth but I still love them. This winter I went a little overboard. THREE coats. That is about 2 coats (possibly 3) too many. The thing is - I love each one for a different reason. And here they are in no particular order:

Ostsee Coat by Leifsdottir (size 4)

Ahhhh... Leifsdottir. Yet another obsession of mine. I had seen this coat at my store but only in a size 2 and on sale for $199.00. A good price considering it was down from $500 but still too hefty. The other day I see it in a size 4 and it is down to $99. Oh my. The pockets are lined with velvet and the buckles are beautiful. Fully lined with an interesting print and the wool is substantial without feeling stiff. It is a bit "goth" looking in my opinion - like Trinity in "The Matrix" but it is lovely.

Also a really well-made coat and I am just in love with the plaid. Not as flattering to the body I suppose but I adore a good swing coat. The toggles are precious and the wool is soft.

I've blogged about this coat many times before. It makes me feel like a Russian spy. It's totally timeless and I love it with the collar up. It's a little stiff but feels like it would be super warm.

Decisions decision decisions. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Anthropologie's Peppering Skirt - Styling Ideas

I was lucky enough to nab the Peppering Skirt during the 50% off sale but hadn't really bothered to figure out what I could wear with it. It truly is a flattering and comfortable skirt and I think there are lots of different colors combos to work with. Here are a few that I came up with:

Peppering Skirt (size 2)

Here I paired the skirt with Anthropologie's Dotline Boatneck (size S). It's a lot going on with the polka-dotted stripes and all the different patterns in the skirt but I like the general shape.

I like the neutral color of Anthropologie's Purl-Wise Pullover with the skirt but I don't think I love the sweater on me - adds bulk in a weird way.

It's a lot of color when you add J. Crew's Blythe Blouse in Extravagant Green but I sort of love it. This is perhaps something I would wear to work.

Woah. Very Mad Men. The sweater is a bit tight on me. It is an old Shelli Segal cashmere shell. I love the color combo however.

This is an old J. Crew sweater. There really isn't that much green in the skirt but I think it works.

If you're going for va va va voom, the Orchard Cardigan would work nicely shape and color-wise. This is a size small and I would want at least a medium. Very snug, but very flattering.

Other ideas:

Anyone else have some great ideas? Always looking for some inspiration :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Anthropologie Tile-Quilted Pencil Skirt - Style Me!

Okay. So I was totally going to return this skirt, but I sorta love it. It is like the sweatpant of skirts and the pattern is so cute. One problem - I cannot figure out what to wear with it! I want to keep it pretty casual so I was thinking of some sort of slouchy sweater but nothing I have was working. Hmmm... any ideas?

Anthropologie's Tile-Quilted Pencil Skirt (Size 2)

Here it is paired with the Merino Boyfriend Sweatshirt from J Crew in Weathered Wood. I like the shapes but I don't think I love the color combo.

I thought maybe gold would be a nice neutral to go with it but I think it looks too washed out. This is the Metallic Scoopneck Sweater in Camel from Banana Republic.

I think yellow works pretty nicely but this sweater looks pretty dowdy. In fact, it went into the goodwill bin after I took this picture. 

I'm really not sure how to work with the colors. Green on top might be too much with the bottom. Too beigy of a color looks blah.

Please help!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Anthropologie Review - Leifsdottir Blouse

My latest obsession is Leifsdottir. I do think that their clothing is overpriced but I love how unique it is! With a closet full of staples, it has been fun to add a little whimsy to my wardrobe. I first noticed this blouse on the sale rack at my local Anthropologie but they only had a size 2 left and I always have to size up in Leifsdottir clothes.

If anyone knows the name of this blouse I would be so appreciative!  Thanks to a comment form Stefanie over at Roxy's fabulous Effortless Anthropologie blog who let me know that this is the Striated Silk Blouse!

Leifsdottir Striated Silk Blouse size 4

Leifsdottir Blouse size 6 
I was in a rush when I spotted these in the sale section on a recent trip to NYC so I just grabbed both sizes. There isn't a huge amount of difference and both feel a little tight across the back but not much. The blouse is very loose and flowy but it drapes well thus avoiding the pregnant effect.

This is a close up of the lace detail. I think it is so interesting.

And the back... to die for. Clearly this needs a camisole (although if you have the ability to go braless I think that would be fine) or perhaps just a low cut black bra. Simple, elegant and a fun way to do a black blouse!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Urban Outfitters Review - Elemental Fringe Necklace and Cooperative Cute Embellished Front Sweater

I have blogged about Urban Outfitters once before. And here I am blogging about them again and about the SAME sweater. I seriously cannot help myself when it comes to foxes. I LOVE them. Combine that with sequins and I am toast. Sigh. My size popped back online and to get free shipping I threw in this necklace, which for $12.99 is actually kind of fabulous!

UO Elemental Fringe Necklace for $12.99

For the price, I think this necklace is quite cute and interesting. It also doesn't feel like a flimsy piece of junk. I'm not saying it feels expensive either but I've looked at similar pieces at Anthropologie that have felt less well made. 

Size Medium

Size Small
To be honest, I would even consider a Large in this sweater. I think it looks cute slightly slouchy which I am beginning to get with the Medium but it is still pretty snug. Look at that fox face! Doesn't he just say, "Hey, look at me. I am way too young for you to wear but I will wear you down. Look in my eyes. You will buy me. And wear me. And love it. Resistance is futile."

There you have it. The fox wins - now I just have to decide if I need yet one size larger.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Anthropologie - Purl-Wise Pullover Review

I have been holding onto this sweater forever trying to decide if I like it or not. I sort of love the neutral, oatmeal color of it but can't decide if it's a little too hippie-chic for me. I wish it were a little longer.

Purl-Wise Pullover in Grey $59.95

Size X-small

Size small 
I've heard a lot of complaints about sleeve length on this one and I can see why. I have spider arms so it's great for me plus I think the slight bell/blouson look at the cuff is part of the look of the sweater. It is a really soft sweater and visually really interesting. Not sure what to pair it with. Love the slightly open neckline - very flattering.

Anyone else own this sweater and love it? 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Girl, Interrupted

I have been on hiatus from blogging and might have to continue to do so for a little bit. We are right in the middle of nursery school applications, I lost a babysitter (with no prospects on the horizon), I have been exhausted and the rest of the household is sick! Boo. I'm going to try to do a post this weekend but we'll see if I get to it. I hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to reading others' blog posts. Be back soon!

Friday, January 13, 2012

J. Crew Reviews - Merino Tatting Lace Sweater, Colorblocked Stripe Long-Sleeve tee, Scalloped Lace Shell, No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Cotton, Sundowner Tunic, Pebble Dot Bermuda Short

Stopped in J. Crew the other day with the hopes of scoring some deals on the 40% off rack. Unfortunately, it's the same old tired stuff that's been sitting there for months. Sigh. Tried on a few new arrivals, but nothing is really grabbing me. I do, however, love the nice saturated colors. The store certainly looks vibrant!

Colorblocked stripe long-sleeve tee (size XS?) in cerise

This is a very sweet t-shirt. I have been collecting long sleeve tees from JC this year. I do wish they would make a few that actually had long sleeves and not just the 3/4 thing.

Merino Tatting Lace Sweater in Heather Soft Grey (XS and XXS)

Woah - that is a lot of information. I barely felt any difference between the S and XS and both were tight as hell. Uncomfortably so. I'm pleased with my lady lace popover so I will skip on this one.

Honeycomb Cable Sweater in Bright Dahlia (XXS)

This was marked XXS but I held it up against an XS and it was actually bigger. Who knows. Come to think of it, I finally received my coveted Blythe Blouse in Extravagant Green and turns out that one was mislabeled too - the sleeves don't even reach my wrists. Grrr. I digress, the color is gorgeous but that much texture is not the most flattering on the well-endowed.

Scalloped Lace Shell in black (XS I think)

I can't remember if this was an XS or XXS. They didn't have many left at my store. Not my favorite but I'm sure I would like it better if it actually fit. 

This is really adorable. So beachy and yet I would probably throw it on over light jeans in the summer as well. My usual XS was a bit snug. I would size up on this. 

No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double Serge Cotton (size 2) in Casablanca Blue

Oh this color - so gorgeous. The fit of the skirt was a little different for me - a little looser in the waist and a little tight on my hips. The cotton doesn't drape as well as the wool version. It is a nice thick lined cotton however.

Pebble Dot Bermuda Short (size 2) in Poppy

These were actually pretty cute.  A little snug, but I was a little bloated in these pics. I also think the material would stretch out a bit with wear. The color is almost fluorescent but I kinda loved it.

Liquid Silk Skirt  in dark navy (size 2)

I tried on both size 2 and 4 and both were fine. I think it says something that this skirt was $29.99 + 40% off and I still didn't take it home. It is lovely but I'm not really sure how to wear it. If you tuck stuff in you can see if through the silk and it is hard to find something the right length to wear on top.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Banana Republic - 3 hour sale!

I was in the mall picking up a Sodastream replacement (which btw is awesome if you love seltzer but hate the environmental waste of cans), and there was a 3 hour 50% off sale at Banana Republic. Holy Moly! The sale prices were already really low so with the discount I couldn't help but pick up a few items:

Hidden Sequins Overlay Tee - in-store price $34.99 (online 69.99)

This looks like nothing in the picture but is gorgeous and class IRL. The overlay is lovely and floaty and the golden sequin cami underneath is lush and well-made. It was a steal. Unfortunately they only had an XS in store and it is a little snug but I may just have to make it work.

Metallic Scoopneck Sweater  in Camel (size S)

Such a flattering basic sweater. Love it. By the time I used my bday discount I think it was like $10. If you missed out on the shimmer bow sweater at JCrew this is a good substitute. I found the yard slightly less itchy and the shape more flattering.

Scoopneck Shirred Crew in Bright Sangria (size S)

Basically the same sweater but in a delicious bright pink color. Yum. Again, flattering and the shirring on the sides is lovely. Let's hope for no pilling!

Lurex Stripe Sweater Dress (Size S) in Taupe Heather

The S was pretty snug. I was looking for something a bit more laidback, not so 80's sexy mama. It's cute but itchy. Random side note - does anyone else think that the above model looks sort of funny. She is a new model for BR and I always think her body looks off, like she's 5 months pregnant or something.

There were so many items that were so cheap including a gorgeous pair of fully lined camel wool pants for less than $20! I have not been into BR for a long time but I was impressed. Made the 40% off at JC seem like nothing (mostly since there was nothing that I haven't seen for the past 4 mths on the sale rack)

Anyone else hit this sale?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Anthro Reviews - Unequivocal Dress, Sporadic Stitchery Pullover, Tried and True Top, Lace-Back Blouse

Finally, some new arrivals! Of course, I cannot bother buying anything full price anymore. In fact, I can't even bear to pay regular sale price! I was expecting better sales post-holiday (I usually scoop up some bargains for my post-holiday birthday) but so far it's been disappointing. Popped in to do a few returns and here is what I found.

Unknown blouse by Leif-something (size 4)

Color and detailing: gorgeous. But this blouse has a bad case of too much going on. Elastic waist, decorated collar, appliques and open arms. Whew. Plus I can't really do the open arm thing - it just reads sort of weird 80's trashy to me (but I grew up then so it's hard to go back :)

Lace-Back Blouse in Red (XS)

Although the lace back is attractive, it's a little impractical. I would have loved this blouse without the lace and with sleeves! Why or why is the split sleeve thing coming back? Horrifying. At least for someone my age. Otherwise, the blouse drapes nicely. The color is really orange not red and is pretty true to the color on the website - maybe a bit brighter.

After seeing this on Rose over at 1 More Shopping Blog here, I decided I had to have this top. Unfortunately they did not have many at my local Anthro and the only one in my size was the white. Yes, that's my belly button. I did not like that the body of the shirt was rayon and the sleeves were cotton knit. Plus the whole thing sort of hangs there sloppily. It looks fine in the pictures but I was disappointed.

I'm sort of liking this short over long thing. The sweater is cute but the price tag is a little high. The lumpy arms are from some rolled up sleeves. Anyhoo, super cute. I was surprised I like it as much as I did since the last time I wore anything cropped was in college.

Unequivocal Dress (size 4) by Maple

This dress is gorgeous - like an old-fashioned movie star. This is a size up from my usual size at Anthro and I would almost want to try on a 6 as well. As you can see in the 2nd pic, part of the dress is almost like a belt that you button around your waist and at your hip. It's very sexy and well made.

What other new arrivals are people trying on? Anyone know what the first blouse is called?