Saturday, December 31, 2011

Anthro Reviews - Dropped Dots Dress, Embossed Basket Dress, Split Diamonds Shift, Inlaid Sweater Skirt

Still playing catch up - alas! I popped into Anthro to make a few returns the other day and here are some lovelies that I spotted/tried on...

Split Diamonds Shift  (size 2)

This is a beautifully made dress and the material is thick and substantial (in a good way). My size 2 fit but was a little snug. I have to agree with Roxy over at Effortless Anthropologie (see review here) that one should consider sizing up. I wanted this to fit a little more like a shift and less like a tight hoochie-mama.

Embossed Basket Dress (size XS)

These pictures do not do the dress justice! The blue is GORGEOUS and bright without being gauche. It fits just like the Noon & Night Dress and if I could grab it for the same price I would prefer it. Something about the cap sleeves is more ladylike/Audrey Hepburn than the tank top styling of N&N. Something bothers my about the those sleeves being thick in the Noon & Night but since I grabbed it during the 50% off I think I can suck it up :)

This dress is adorable! So feminine and 1950s. I do wish the background color was slightly lighter - it almost appears black in low lighting. Also it was TIGHT. I could not zip it in my usual size 2 so I would recommend sizing up in this dress. That being said, the linen is lovely, the polka dots adorable, and the silhouette is quite flattering. 

Inlaid Sweater Skirt - Black Motif (size S)

Yes, those are my pants around my ankles. I always start burning out. This skirt is actually very cute but I think the silhouette of this one is too close to something I owned in the 90's. It just doesn't feel fresh or modern. Extremely comfortable however.

still more reviews coming! Anthro has really drawn me in with all their promos!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Anthro Reviews - 50% off

Whew. The holidays are over and here I am back at home trying to find a place to put everything. Despite my greatest attempts at not getting much for my daughter for Xmas (not to be a Scrooge but because she really doesn't need it and we don't have much space), we still ended up with a ton of stuff. Our house looks like a dress-up shop exploded. Anyhoo, I went a little crazy before the holidays with all the sales so I thought I would start posting. Clearly everything is not a keeper but it was fun to get it at such a great price. In fact, Anthro's regular sale today felt totally unexciting.

I apologize for the ridiculously bad pictures. I was just trying to take some quickly before I attacked the disaster that is home right now.
Here goes...

In Clouds Blouse (size 4 and 2)

 I was soooo excited about this blouse - snails, green and silk. Yay! Unfortunately (and I will try to take better pics later) the cut is completely unflattering. I think if I was smaller busted it would look better. I felt more comfortable in the 4 and would consider having it nipped in at the waist but it is still basically a sack. Sadness. Sad sad sad.

Tarpan Buttondown (size 4)
Love farm animals. Love buttondowns. This is cute, I had tried it on before in the store. It is a little short and a little boxy however.

 Peppering Skirt (size 2)

This is not a skirt I was initially drawn to at all. But, after reading all the positive reviews I decided to give it a try. It really is flattering and would go with a thousand different things. I thought the ruching would bother me but it is unnoticeable. My usual 2 felt slightly snug but I think that's because a) I'm not used to wearing things at my waist (where I think this is meant to be worn) and b) I have a gained my usual holiday tummy.

Tile-Quilted Pencil Skirt (size 2)

I'm wondering if a size 4 might not have been better. This skirt is COMFY which makes it tempting but it is also a little lumpy bumpy. Especially on the side with the zipper. Do love the print.

Sloping Skirt (Leifsdottir size 4)

This was a total random purchase and of course the thing I like best. Unfortunately, I really think I need the 6. I find it funny that no one else seems to need to size up in Leifsdottir but I always do. Sometimes 2 sizes. This skirt is gorgeous and bright and super fun but it is definitely too small. Ironically, I went online and saw that there was a size 6 available - hooray! But I don't want to pay $99 for this skirt I want to pay 50% off. By the time I called CS he said the skirt was gone. Boo. Alas. This is the sale game!

What else have people gotten during the 50% off? Any of the above items? Opinions?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Holidays!

I have been so excited for the holidays this year. My daughter is old enough to really enjoy them and I have been enjoying some serious sales! Anyway - I really want to take this chance to focus on visiting with my family and relaxing so I will probably not be back for a week.

Please enjoy a healthy, happy holiday. I will have loads of reviews when I get back. So many sale items I have picked up at a pretty price!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

J. Crew Reviews - Bennett Chino, Daisylace Tee, Eden Cardigan

Popped in the other day to try to get an adjustment on my lady lace popover - happily it worked! For the first time ever, the SA let me return and rebuy it at a savings of $60!!! Thank goodness - I really do think I'll find a lot of use for the sweater - love the long arms, nice fit and perfect length (for the short-torsoed at least).

Anyway - here are some other items I spotted...

Daisylace Tee in white (XS)

Oops. Way too small. The lace was so tight around my arms I almost couldn't move them. Also way too transparent. It's a sweet little tee but probably better for the less well-endowed.

Perfect Shirt in floral (size 2)

The sweet SA brought this for me because he thought it was less "in your face" than the dress (see below) but I actually feel more comfortable in a bright floral dress than I do a shirt. It's too 70's Hawaiian gone wrong for me but I'm sure styling it without Xmas green corduroys might help :)

Jules Dress in floral (size 2)

I love the jules dress in wildcat - it drapes well, has a fun retro feel to it, is super comfortable and doesn't wrinkle. This dress however has a totally different fit because of the fabric. There is also a seam that runs around the dress at high hip level and it creates a bit of a bump in fabric. I would definitely want to size down on this one but it was so unflattering, I didn't bother.

I'm not actually sure this is the classic flare jean but I think so. I will say - these are SOOOO comfortable. Slightly high rise to hold in all your post-mommy jiggles and the material is lovely and soft. I'm really trying NOT to buy any jeans right now so I resisted but they were on sale for $44.99 + 30% off in store.

Eden Cardigan (XS) in Heather Charcoal?

The color code is HCA so I'm gonna say Heather Charcoal - it's a color not currently on the website. I truly believe the the Eden is the perfect "boyfriend" cardigan. Just long enough, just fitted enough, nice merino wool. I'm throwing out my old grey go to sweater for this one. With 30% and teacher discount I snagged it for $29. Not too shabby.

Bennett Chino (size 2) in Vintage Elm $49.99

There it is, my booty on the internet. Not my favorite angle to show as it is a substantial booty but I did want to show that they are fitted in the rear without being obscene. I love these pants. Kind of remind me of the Riveter or Troupers from last year. I have too many bottoms in this color or I would have snagged them. Will wait for redwood to go on sale. 

I think I am finally shopped out. Anthro has really been getting me with their recent 30% off. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the last of the holiday shopping!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Anthropologie Reviews - Soft Chevrons Pullover, Purl Wise Pullover, Harrington Cowlneck

Oops. I've been a bad blogger. There is so much going on! I love the holidays but I always feel like a chicken with its head cut off - running around without a clear destination. To add to this, my daughter has definitely hit the terrible part of the twos. Woah. Tantrum-ville, population: me. It's been a bit rough but I know this is all part of the development process. Luckily, school is wrapping up tomorrow for me (yay) and then we will be jetting off to spend time with family and hopefully lovely little one will be too distracted by merriment to throw any more fits. Time will tell...

In the meantime...  a few quickie Anthro Reviews. Yahoo for their EXTRA 30% off sale.

Soft Chevrons Pullover (XS) in Pink ($59.95 + 30%)

Yes, that is my belly button that you can see through the sweater. The sweater is sheer but it is oh so lovely - really delicate. The shade of pink is not my favorite - sort of in between pink and lilac - but I love everything else about this sweater. The SA said she pictured it in warmer weather with shorts and I can totally get that vibe. It's a great mix of slouchy, delicate and flattering.

I remember when this sweater came out - unfortunately I can't remember what it is called. This is a Medium which is probably 2 sizes up from what I would need but I still kinda of liked it. The wool is a bit itchy so that was a deal breaker for me.

Purl-Wise Pullover (S) in Orange ($59.95 + 30%)

I never even gave this sweater a second look when it came out but I LOVE it. It's absolutely adorable and the details make it special. I am not a big fan of orange so I would prefer it in one of the other colors. I actually did a charge send on an XS but I'm thinking that I like the slouchiness of the S even better. I'll do a comparison with the navy XS when it arrives.

Harrington Cowlneck (XS) in Pink ($129.95 + 30%)

Can you tell this is at the end of a long day? I was so lazy I didn't even bother putting a shirt on underneath. I didn't realize this sweater was quite as cropped as it was. It's very soft and cute but I don't really love the whole cropped look so it was a pass for me.

Firelight Skirt  (size 2) $49.95 + 30%

The fit of this is very sexy and the color is divine. The wool was itchy and even though the skirt was fully lined I found it bothered me. Bummer since this is at an awesome sale price and the skirt is cut in a way that it really gives with you as you move. Boo. 

The promos are almost overwhelming at this point. I may have to take a break! I did snag one of those delicious Jellycat stuffed animals on sale. Couldn't resist.

Anyone else find something spectacular?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

J. Crew Review - Stadium Cloth Boulevard Trench

Just a quickie to say that my size 4 arrived and I think it is a better fit than the size 2. The one thing I didn't like was that my boobs look very lumpy and larger than usual in this coat but then I realized that I had a shawl-collar sweater on underneath so I think that's what did it. I will try on again with a less lumpy sweater later - just wanted to see if the back still felt a little tight with a thick sweater on.

Stadium-cloth Boulevard Trench (size 4)

The quality on this one is definitely high, so is the price tag even with the promo. I'm going to think about it but I LOVE the look of a classic camel coat. Totally timeless.

Anyone else snag this during the promo?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Anthropologie Reviews - Sumana Dress, Chinoiserie Tank, Pale Borders Blouse, Colloquium Trousers and Blanched and Buckled Cardigan

I have to say that I am AMAZED at the amount of promotions going on recently. I did pretty well resisting the majority of them, but, a girl can get worn down! I am feeling super excited about the extra percentage off of sale that is coming this Sunday. Loves me a good bargain. Anyway - had to drop by for a few returns the other day and here is what I tried on...

Sumana Dress (XS)

I love a good bohemian print and this one is lovely. The beading detail at the hem is also quite nice. I felt a little too "Age of Aquarius" in it so I passed but it would certainly be good for hiding a food baby during a holiday party. Perhaps a bit too youthful for me.

Pale Borders Blouse (size 2) and Colloquium Trousers in Orange (size 4)

I have been dying to try on this blouse as I am absolutely in love with every item in the Lousada Heyhoe line. The print is gorgeous and the silk very nice but the fit is off. I think I need a bigger size to accommodate the girls but the body was already boxy. And the hips tight. Not flattering. I sized up in the Colloquium because I had read that that they ran small but I think they run TTS. Unfortunately you can't see how they fit in the crotch area but it is all bad. The color and wool are great though.

With the current 50% off promo this is, of course, totally sold out. Clearly the medium is not the right size but I still wanted to see if it was worth hunting down. I love the buckles but I was surprised that the knit was looser and less thick than I expected. I really thought (especially for the price tag) that it would be a typical thikc, wool aran knit. Not so but still a great piece.

Popham Peacoat (size 0)

I snagged this in a 2 during the madness of Black Friday and wanted to compare with the 0. The 0 fit better in the body but I did feel a slight snugness in the shoulders so I think I'll just stick to my size 2.

Chinoiserie Tank (size XS?)

The print is delicious but the back is this lace/crochet that while totally beautiful is also totally see-thru. I don't think this is a great shape for us larger busted ladies. It hung off my top off in a way that made my mid-section look a little thick.

Keep the promos coming! 50% sweater and 30% off sale items this Sunday! Woo woo says me, Boo hoo says my wallet.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

J. Crew Review - Stadium Cloth Boulevard Trench

I need another coat like I need a hole in the head but I couldn't resist trying this one on. They only had a size 2 in the store so I couldn't try a size up to compare.

Stadium Cloth Boulevard Trench (size 2) in Saddle

This coat is to die for. The cloth is wonderful and feel so warm and yet breathable/flexible. The color is a perfect camel and the fit/length is divine for someone my size. Not sure how it would fare on the taller ladies. I definitely want to try a size 4 for comparison. The 2 fit perfectly but I only had a button down underneath and it was snug. The fabric does "stretch" much like something that is cut on the bias so I could still move freely. This is a timeless coat. So flattering, so fashionable and yet you can wear it when you are eighty. Unfortunately, it is a bit out of my price point right now plus I really think I need a size 4 and that is sold out online in this color.

Will be stalking this in sale season. If it ever makes it, which it probably won't.

Anyone else own this coat? Did you size up?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Urban Outfitters - Foxy Lady!

Okay. I have not been to Urban Outfitters in at least 5, if not 10, years. Their stuff is super cute but it's the kind of thing my babysitters wears - which is adorable on her but aging on me. I actually stopped in to check out their home section because I had to get a gift for a "Yankee Swap" at my husband's holiday party.
Funny side story - I bought 2 very small things as stocking stuffers for my daughter. The checkout girl was all 'tude and I'm so cool. Well, I go home and open the shopping bag and guess what? She didn't put one of my items in there and instead there was an opened box of Midol. I kid you not. It's so bizarre I'm not even sure how it is possible that happened. So yes, I walked out with a USB splitter and an open box of Midol from UO. Hmm...


As soon as I spotted the sparkly fox, I knew I would be doing some try-ons. I LOVE foxes. Love 'em. Is it because they're sly and sleek? Is it because they are adorable? Is it because many a folk song has been written about them? I don't know but I love fox. Combine that with sequins and I am toast.

Cooperative Cute Embellished Front Sweater (S and M respectively - I think)

Okay - the sweater material is total cr*p. It is not well made - but the sequin fox is! Adorable. I will not pay $69 for this because I'm pretty sure it won't last that long but when it goes on sale I am pouncing. Where will I wear a sparkly fox sweater? I don't care if I wear it to bed, I think I have to have it. So darling.

Unknown Sweater (XS)

Foxes again but way less flattering. This was too reminiscent of something you pick up at a thrift store because you think it's sort of funny and retro and nerdy but in a cool way. The foxes are still cute.

Some other sweaters that are tempting:

Cooperative Intarsia Sweater - above-mentioned babysitter has hedgehog version. Cute.

Minimarket Notes Sweater   - I'm a music teacher, it's almost irresistible

Maimi Bird Sweater - I love birds as much as I love foxes. I think.

PJ by Peter Jensen Animal Face Sweater - Deer aren't half bad either

Anyone else check out UO ever?