Friday, February 19, 2016

J. Crew Review: Some New Arrivals!

It's fun to hear the generally positive reviews of J Crew's latest arrivals. I'm really hoping that things start going right - better fit, better fabric, less crazy. I'm not really ready for spring yet but I love seeing the spring colors and prints drip in. So uplifting.
Speaking of spring, I just ordered these mugs from Rob Turner. They are reminiscent of my mother-in-laws cups and always make me feel so cheery. They remind me to take a moment to slow down and have a cup of tea.

Paneled Geometric Jacquard Pencil Skirt (size 2)
This reminds me so much of something else J Crew did recently. Maybe the Italian Tweed Sheath Dress? There's also a similar style at Loft but with a little flippy portion at the bottom - the paneling looks like it would be flattering. The J Crew one is made of a nice thick material and the paneling should be flattering (although I didn't find it particularly so). This is a size 2, I'm usually a size 0 in pencil skirts but I do waiver back and forth these days. I liked the way it fit in my waist - I'm so tired of things being too snug on my post baby belly. I wish it were just a bit shorter. Overall it's nice just not my style.

Colorblock Stripe Skirt (size 0)
I keep on trying this skirt on. Everyone's saying it runs true to size but it's definitely tight in my usual size 0. It's cute because it's simple but the length really is a little long for my 5'4" self. I'm liking the look of this adorable LemLem Colorblock Skirt as an alternative.

 Floral Lace-Shoulder Top (size 0) in Pale Rose
I generally like these flowy poly blouses from J Crew. They are simple and easy to throw on with skinny pants. I like this color and the lace detail is adorable. I usually size down in these blouses and while I liked how the 0 felt through the body it was slightly tight across the bust. Cute. Easy wardrobe staple.

 Tippi Sweater (size S)
I think I reviewed this previously but just wanted to give another shout out for this color. It's so great!
Plus, I think I like the new Tippi better than the old. The longer sleeves are better in my opinion. I almost always size up for a little more drape.

 Collection Cashmere V-Neck Sweater (size S)
Indigo Skinny Ankle Jean (Banana Republic size 26)
Ugg Chaney Bomber Boots (size 8 - half size up)
Here's what I wore shopping Not exciting but those BR Jeans are AWESOME and totally on sale right now. I wear them all the time and they look great - they give but don't stretch out too much.
The cashmere sweater has so many terrible reviews online but I have been loving it, plus the color is glorious. My friend has really good luck with Bloomie's Cashmere - I found this v-neck version on sale, and this more fitted version too. Plus the blue color on this one is gorgeous!

And my Ugg boots have been workhorses. For some reason I hate being bothered with socks so I love slipping them on but looking put together. They also come in suede and a higher version which is really tempting.Yahoo!

Monday, February 15, 2016

J. Crew Review: A-line Midi Skirt in Mirrored Floral, Lightweight Wool Tunic Sweater, Sunday Slim Chion, Tippi Sweater and Stadium-Cloth Majesty Coat

Boo on the promo today. I was so excited for free shipping but I wanted a better percentage off final sale. Actually I really just want final sale to go away but I'm not sure if that will happen any time soon. We did have some really good breaks from it this year so maybe it will come again?

Stadium-Cloth Majesty Coat (size 00)
I was so sad that this a) wasn't really in my size and b) had totally weird boob pockets that stuck out significantly. I love the style of this coat - it is so classic - and the stadium cloth is a material that J Crew does well and I love. Plus navy is pretty much my all time favorite color. But, those weird pockets on the sides of the boobs, what? Granted this jacket is 2 sizes too small but even in my normal size I'm convinced those little suckers would stick out like a sore thumb. Sad.
I found some other versions that I like but none as cute as the boob flap coat.

Lightweight Wool Tunic Sweater (XS) in spearmint white
This is a new arrival and I tried it on because I like sweater-y tunics (or I guess tunic-y sweaters as the case may be) and I like the color spearmint. This one is just fine although I certainly wouldn't call it a tunic, I would just call it slouchy. I liked my normal size XS, a size smaller would look odd I think. There is a cute little seam detail on the sides.

 Tippi Sweater (size S) in Vivid Cerulean
I'm generally a little meh about the tippi but I do like the color of this one. It will go with a lot in my wardrobe. I always size up as I like a little slouch and wiggle room in them so I felt happy with the small.

 Sunday Slim Chino (size 0) in vintage champagne
I keep on trying to make these work for me. I'm not sure if they do but the vintage champagne is definitely not good for me. SEE THROUGH. Majorly. I can see wearing them a lot (in a different color) in the summer though. Soft and relaxed.

 A-line Midi Skirt in Mirrored Floral (size 00)
This was clearly an online return. While I could squeeze myself into the 00 it did not fit - couldn't quite zip it to the top. This fits more like a pencil skirt in my opinion. I'm finding that the pattern is less thrilling in real life. The colors are so muted. I do like how it looks from far away.
The slit is high but not obscene in my opinion. The problem for me is the length. I love the idea of a midi skirt/dress but that length makes me look so short and frumpy. Taller ladies will look great though. It's made of a nice material with just a little give and overall it's pretty interesting looking. And $79.99 on sale already? Here are a few other a-line midi options:

What items are you considering with the current promo?

J. Crew Review: Toggle Coat, Cowlneck Sweatshirt, Perfect Cable Sweater, Mixed Stripe T-Shirt and Ridge Plaid Shirt

Now that the sale section is only 30% off it's becoming a little easier to resist the temptation of buying stuff I don't need. I keep on scouring though looking for a little bargain or random return. Although I'm looking forward to spring goodies I can't even imagine wearing them yet since it was -8 degrees this morning! It seems one of our pipes has frozen because our hot water is acting funky and the laundry isn't working. I can honestly say this might be the coldest day I've ever experienced! Luckily, a good day to cozy up on the couch with my 6 year old and watch a movie (while the baby sleeps). And of course, catch up on a little blogging...

Wool Melton Toggle Coat (size 0) in Heather Antique
I was excited to see this on the sale rack. I actually like this color quite a bit and the wool melton is lovely to the touch. The 0 was a bit tight so I would probably go with my normal size 2. It's a little long on my 5'4" frame but overall it's a nice coat. I'm not particularly into toggle coats or I might have purchased this one. I like this Petite Toggle Coat by Pendleton. On sale and I bet it's well made. This one with leather details is quite adorable too.

I'm always looking for casual weekend wear that doesn't look too schmupy. I love the cowlneck on this sweatshirt - it stands up on its own which makes it extra warm and cozy. The lining is fleecy and the side pockets are great. My only quibble - the drop shoulders! Argh! I feel like they made me look thick on top. Otherwise this is cozy great loungewear.

Perfect Cable Sweater (XS)
I tried this on before in a size small but I prefer my usual XS. The only problem, as the online reviews state, is that the sweater runs a little short. Otherwise I think it is a great cable sweater - really classic looking, and I love the little buttons on the shoulders. I don't particularly mind the plastic buttons but they could easily be replaced if they were not your taste. The Tipped Cable Sweater also looks promising. I also LOVE a good cowlneck and would consider this lovely cable cowlneck sweater at Ann Taylor.

 Mixed Stripe T-Shirt (XS) in Ivory Black gray
Stripes. I can never resist trying on a stripe. The XS fit perfectly - fitted enough but with a little extra room. The sleeves on this are a bit roomy as well but in a nice way. The variation on stripes is fun - I mean how many different ways can you do a striped shirt? I feel like we've maxed out the variations. Cute, on sale, if you need casual stripes, yes! For me, I'm going to hold out and buy the Striped Boatneck Tunic if they offer free shipping again. Love this one as it feels slightly sweater-y, fitted and a bit longer.

I love this plaid but my husband thinks it looks too butch. In any case, it's soft and flannely. That's about all I can say. This is 2 sizes down from my normal and I would probably just take the size 0 although I liked that the 00 looked slimmer. My main complaint is the pockets on the chest. I avoid pockets like the plague because I have a larger chest.

I'm so used to perusing the sale section in the morning but I haven't really bothered lately. Think I may be maxed out for now. Can you even believe that the midi skirt in mirrored floral is already down to $79.99? Review of that upcoming...

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Madewell Reviews: Archive Boot, Thermal Side-Button Tee, Low-V Pullover Top and Flannel Oversized Boyshirt in Dark Plaid

ah. Madewell. I have loved you for so long but you are disappointing me lately. First of all, I've basically sworn off all Madewell sweaters because they are the worst culprits when it comes to pilling. Secondly, what is with the shapeless crap? I love the drapey, laid-back look but lately it's just been so shapeless, oversized and unflattering. Boo. I'm hopeful it will turn around though - Madewell used to be one of my go-to's.

 The Archive Boot (buy them here or here)
I like the look of these and the little pull-on tabs, very cute. They are very slouchy so I would only wear them with skinny jeans. My cords tucked into them looked sloppy. My main complaint was the lack of ankle shape. Just makes my whole lower leg look a little swollen.

 Thermal Side-Button Tee (XS) in Shale Grey $19.99
This is adorable and comfortable and very inexpensive right now. I just didn't totally love the way the shirt stuck out a bit where the buttons were. I think it added a bit of visual weight. I might size up on this one so the button would lay more smoothly.

 Low-V Pullover Top (XS) $39.99
This is a really low v! Woah. I had to blur my boobs in the pic. It's such a cute idea but the arms were TIGHT. Like unwearable tight and I never have that problem because my arms are fairly thin. This made the overall look sort of weird. Perhaps a size S would drape better?

 Flannel Oversized Boyshirt in Dark Plaid (XXS)

I was super excited to see this in the sale section. It is SOOO soft and flannel-y. Really nice flannel - some of the softest and thickest I've seen this season. It's just so wide and boxy. I'm really trying to wear things with some waist shaping these days to avoid the rectangle look so I passed, but it was really tempting. If you're looking for black watch plaid and a really nice flannel, check out this LL Bean one. I'll post a review soon but it was really nice.

Are you eyeing anything in the sale section with the extra 30% off?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Anthropologie Reviews: Vienne Cardigan, Overland Sweater Coat, Minka Jacket, Soft Brocade Blazer, Bas-Relief Blazer

More reviews! I actually had time to shop at Anthropologie and not just run in and return something and run back out. I still feel like I'm waiting for prices to drop some more - for the quality I still think the price points are mostly too high. But, I hate waiting and I hate waiting and then having something sell out even more. So we'll see how good I can be...

Vienne Cardigan (XS/S)
I'm surprised that this is still in stock. It's a nice sweater, cape, thing. The wool is thick and doesn't feel particular itchy. It's sort of a lot of material but if you like this shape and the aran knit (which I do like), it is a goody.

 Overland Sweater Coat (PXS)
The PXS fit perfectly - nice and slim in the arms and good through the body too. The problem is that it's not warm enough to be a jacket and it's too thick to be a "blazer". I just couldn't figure out where I'd wear it. It is very soft and cozy but didn't feel particularly well made to me.

 Minka Jacket (XS)
I was really excited to try this on because I loved the thick rich-looking knit but the shape was really disappointing. Looked like I was wearing an oversized 80's blazer. I thought it was more of a blousy, cocoon-y shape but it's just a weird long blazer shape. The material is nice and thick and beautiful.

 Soft Brocade Blazer (size 6)

This was a surprised love. It's quite unusual - hook and eye closure, semi-peplum, floral brocade fabric that feels sort of silky. This is 2 sizes up from my normal size and I think it's the right call. The silhouette is beautiful although very dressy. This is another piece that I want so badly but fear the CPW might be too high. Might have to play with it a bit since I really think it's lovely. Just bought this navy blazer this year so not sure I can justify another.

 Bas-Relief Blazer (size 6)

Mmm, cute. This is 2 sizes up from my norm as well but I think I could have gone a size 4 if I didn't want to put anything but a dress shirt underneath. It's cute - the material is soft and the jersey lining is delicious. I would replace the white button - too garish. The overall look is really cute. Damn blazers. I feel like I always want to buy them but then I really never wear them. Maybe I need to start shopping my closet and making myself wear the ones I already own...

What do you think of these items?