Thursday, January 31, 2013

Anthropologie Review - Burst Botany Slims and Cutout Collar Dress

Burst Botany Slims (size 2P) currently selling for $49.95

Did I mention I gained a few holiday pounds. Um, yeah. Nonetheless I can tell you that these pants are adorable! Really cute and unique. I sort of knew the 2P was going to be too small but wanted to give it a try. By the way, these are also now called the Dragon Print Slim Straight for some reason. Weird.
The material is nice and thick and once I get the right size, I don't think it will show every lump and dump. There's something very dressy about these. I snagged a size regular 4 and I think they will be much better. To be honest, I'm getting tired of the words "slim" and "ankle" with pants so I'd be pleased if they were less fitted and longer.

This is a great twist on a cute black dress. I adore the cutout collar - a little cheeky, no? This dress fit well/ I definitely wouldn't want to gain any weight in my regular size. The problem was the side view. Granted I have larger (much larger) than average sized breasts but the peek of my bra from the side wasn't good. I think I need a 4 in this one. Overall a flattering, fun take on the LBD.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews: Lounge Wear

Ah, who doesn't love a good romp through the Anthro lounge section? So adorable, better prices and often totally out of the house appropriate!

Kiran Luster Loungers (Petite XXS)

Iwent with petite because I hate dragging pajama pants all over the ground. Annoying. The print on these is AWESOME. I love it so much, I wish they would a dress, a skirt, a shirt... something fabulous out of it. I might try a size PS because although these fit just fine I want them to be even a little more flowy. They have little pockets and a nice smocked waistband so comfort level is good. Unfortunately they are poly and they did cling to me everywhere. Darn it.

Riley Ribbed Chemise (XS)

This is a whole lotta awkward on me but I think would be quite cute on someone taller, thinner and with a different skin tone. The predominant color is mustard which does nothing for me. The idea is cute but the stripes did me no favors. It's pretty clingy for an XS. The material is actually fairly thick and stretchy so it does feel sort of cozy on. Too tight on me, especially in the bust so a pass.

I still love loungewear and am determined to get a cute pair of sale pajama pants by summer!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Anthropologie Review - AG Stevie Ankle Polka Dot Cords

AG Stevie Ankle Polka Dot Cords (size 27)

Jumping straight into the review today because of a lack of time! So, these are very cute and comfortable. The corduroy is that thin corduroy that everyone uses these days which I usually don't like because I feel like a sausage in thin, corduroy casing. These still managed to look pretty cute. I can normally swing a 26 or 27 in AG's depending on the style but I preferred these in a 2y. I would almost consider sizing up to a 28 to see if I could get a little more room and less "skinny".

The color is gorgeous and the polka dots are just the right size. The length is also magnifique for some cute little flats. I didn't keep them because I just sort of felt silly wearing polka dot skinny cords when I'm not so far away from 40. 

I especially liked the bottom hem which didn't hug the ankle but stayed slightly away from the leg (I always find this more flattering).

Overall a thumbs up but a pass from this mom :)

Anyone else own and love these? Do tell!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews - Goldleaf Cocktail Dress and Dotted Jacquard Sweater Skirt

January is my birthday month and I am still holding onto that 15% off coupon looking for the perfect item to splurge on. Have not decided what I will buy yet but it may be the Morning Birds Sweatercoat if it ever comes back in my size! It is so dang cold here! Ugh. I placed quite a few orders (regrettably) with the most recent FREE SHIPPING promo so there will be quite a few reviews in the next few days.

Dotted Jacquard Sweater Skirt (size S)

This skirt is very cute and very comfortable! It is 50% wool but I did not find it itchy at all. Only a S was available so that was what I ordered - I think it fits well - especially for work. If I wanted to make it more sexy I would try the XS. The band of colors at the bottom is really lovely and it grazes your curves without adhering to them. I wasn't sure what top I would wear with this - I love the peachy/orange color in the skirt but I don't have anything that color. The length is lovely for 5'4".

When I saw this on the sale rack I grabbed it and ran! Unfortunately, the fit is a bit off - i.e. too tight. If you look at the side photo you can see that the material is bunching above my bum in an unflattering way. I think I would need a 4. The dress is very well made and I LOVE the sequins but the slip runs tight and the color is off for me. It is more on the bronze-y side of gold than pure gold and so quite unflattering on my skin tone. I think the front view is very flattering. Sigh. Wish this could work for me!

More to come!

Madewell Jeans Reviews - Skinny Skinny Ankle Colorpop and Skargorn

Madewell is offering an extra 40% off on their website right now with code LOVE40 so bargains are abounding! Unfortunately, so is final sale. But, here are a few reviews to help fend off the final sale blues!

Skargorn (TM) Bones Skinny jeans (size 27) in Black Indigo

These are definitely SKINNY. Yowch. I had a few holiday pounds hanging around in this picture but still... I think these are meant for the more lean and less curvy of us. Besides that, I really liked the material on these and appreciated the slightly longer length (I'm getting really tired of everything being ankle length). The rear view is not flattering but I don't know if that's because they are glued on or if there is something about the design.

Skinny Skinny Ankle Colorpop Jeans (size 27) in glam pink

These, as you can see, are a completely different story. I sort of love them. The color is a bit too bright for my age but the cut is lovely. They were slightly big so I would probably order a size 26 with the expectation that they would stretch a bit. The rise is really nice - high enough but not too high, the length is perfect and the fit is very flattering. These are quite lovely and on sale for $59.99 before the 40%. Tempting!

Remember - always free shipping and returns on denim!

Anyone else try some colored denim from Madewell? Thoughts?

Monday, January 21, 2013

J. Crew Review - Girls' sequin Faux-Wrap Skirt

I've never done the Crewcuts thing for myself but they had a size 14 of this skirt and it was 50% off and I love sequins so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Girls' Sequin Faux-wrap Skirt (size 14) in Navy

So close! The skirt actually fit fine in a size 14 because of the elastic waistband and nice give to the material. The sequins are nicely sewn on and the length wasn't too crazy short at all! I even loved the little bow detail on the waist and the slight a-line shape. But, there was something off about the fit (I'm sure this had more than a little to do with the fact that I am not built like a 14 year-old girl). I just felt a little lumpy at the top. I think those with slightly straighter figures could definitely get away with this one - and it's so inexpensive! I did end up getting one for my daughter who loves all things sparkly for about $15 after discounts.

Anyone else have success with Crewcuts?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews - Velveteen Cowlneck Poncho and Judith Collar Coat

A few sale items that keep popping back...

Unknown Vanessa Virginia Blouse

I usually like a lot of her clothes and I love easy breezy tops but this is sort of crazy. If I liked the colors more I would consider but I think they're a little odd. The texture of the jacquard pattern is interesting - sort of sweater like - and the navy party is chiffon-like. Too much going on methinks.

Pilcro Stet Bootcut Cords (size 27) in Navy

I've reviewed these cords before but I love them! The corduroy is a larger wale and the material is thicker which is better for hiding lumps and bumps :)
The poncho is so cozy and warm and also good for hiding post-holiday pounds. I like the collar open and closed and appreciate the longer back for wearing over skinny pants/jeans.

Every once in a while these pop back and they are so adorable AND comfortable! Many reviews online say that they are to get on and off but I didn't find that at all. My normal size is 7.5 and if anything these tend to slip off a little bit so I may put a little heel grip in the back. I love that they are heels/boots. Great with dresses or pants. 

Judith Collar Coat (size 2) in Turquoise

I have so many coats, I'm not really sure I need this one but it is adorable. the shade of turquoise is beautiful and not too bright or too dull - just right. I can't quite figure out the button collar - there is a button underneath one side but I can't find the corresponding loop on the other side. I'd say this fits fairly TTS - I could do a 2 or a 4. My only complaint - the bottom hem looks shoddily done - sort of lumpy and doesn't lay quite right.

Unknown Cartonnier Knit Blazer  Window Pane Blazer (thanks to thatdamngreendress!) (size 4)
Yes I realize I just reviewed this the other day but I'm hoping someone will tell me what it's called. I love it with the gingham peeking out - 3/4 sleeves are great for that! Keep the preppy vibe going while the bootcut jeans add a little casual vibe.

I think I'm burned out on sale for a while... Time to look forward to spring!

Friday, January 18, 2013

J. Crew Reviews - City Mini in Tartan and Mini in Black Sequins

The extra 40% off in store is so tempting, n'est-ce pas? I'm really trying to make good practical choices but here are two things I tried on for fun more than practicality...

Collection Cashmere Tippi Sweater in Stripe (XS) in Kelly/Cranberry

City Mini in Dublin Tartan (size 0)

I really like this color combination on the tippi. So preppy in a cute way! The skirt is a size down from my normal skirt size but I liked the way to fit more closely to my hips. The waist was pretty loose however. So I LOVE the tartan and I like the way the skirt drapes but I have no idea what to do with the paper bag waist. I have lost my waist since having a child and I am very short-waisted so it doesn't look good to tuck something in. Such a shame because I think this skirt is adorable.

Would love to hear how others wear the paper bag style -  I just don't think it works for me.

As far as black sequins skirts go, this one is well made and attractive. There are little pleats in the front so I'm not sure if they would lay well. This is 2 sizes up from my normal skirt size because it is all they had. The sequins are small and sewn on quite well and there are little pockets on the side. Wish they had my size because I think this is a lovely, fun piece!

What else are people buying during the holiday clear out?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

J. Crew Review - Cashmere, Boyfriend and A Cocoon

Went in to return the oversized collection blouse and tried on a few sale goodies since there weren't many new arrivals (or at least not many that I wanted to try on). Here's what I found:

Stadium-Cloth Cocoon Coat (size 2 ) in Black

I am totally behind the idea of this coat. I think the stand up collar is very chic and the style is pretty classic, i.e. you won't regret buying this coat next year. I do think it's oversized. I usually size up in coats (like my stadium cloth boulevard trench from last year) but I would size down in this one. I do love the stadium cloth fabric and find that it does not pill and holds up quite well.

Merino Boyfriend Sweater (XS) in Neon Azalea

I don't know what size the model is wearing in the product shot but it would have to be an XXXXXXS. I realize this is the oversized look - which I love - but this just looked sloppy. I would have loved to have tried on an XXS but I'm not sure that would be small enough. This Neon Azalea color is growing on me but I have a feeling neon will not be a trend that sticks around. Still, quite cheery.

Collection Cashmere Tippi Sweater (XS, S and XXS in Pagoda Blue) in Kelly Green 

Sorry - my link is to the full price Cashmere Tippi. You have to search for the sale on under sale sweaters. They had a bunch of these at my local store and I couldn't resist. The XXS was definitely too tight but I didn't mind the fit of the XS or the S. I think the S looks better in the pictures but the XS looked better IRL - just enough easiness around the body and it is so soft! After 40% and educator discount it was $40! I couldn't resist. I generally do not love the tippi - that neckline! why is it so thick? - but the softness and beautiful color won me over. Lovely.

I have a few more sale reviews coming but my local store's racks were pretty cleared of interesting merchandise except for recent returns. Anyone find some gems?