Thursday, September 29, 2011

J Crew Review - Marching Mini, Perfect Popover in Herringbone Plaid, Deck Stripe Boater Tee, Metallic Foil Jacquard Top

A continuation of the other day... unfortunately some of these things have gone out of stock during the sale but I'm sure they will be popping back...

Marching Mini (size 4)

It's a cute basic little mini skirt. I love the color and the buttons but I just don't think it's that special for $59.99. Maybe on further promo? I do like the weight of the cotton however.

Perfect Popover in Herringbone Plaid (XS)

I took this home with me as it was on sale in store for $29.99 plus my 15% off educator discount. I'm not sure I'll keep it though. I like it more with skinny pants than I do my waverlys that I'm wearing in the 2nd picture. I would like to try the XXS. According to online measurements I think it would fit fine but I'm always concerned about shoulder/back movement and they don't seem to carry XXS in store. Love the slightly more muted colors than the Quincy Plaid shirt though...

This is the XXS and it was still fairly roomy. It's very cute but I'm sorta striped out (except for that striped Elodie which I am totally kicking myself for not buying during the promo). I think smaller girls may be sized out of this one. The buttons on the sleeves are really cute.

I was trying this one on because I spotted one on ebay with a starting price of $0.99 and no one seemed to be bidding. Of course I spaced out and forgot to bid but oh well. Am on the fence about this one. I love anything gold so was immediately drawn to this when I saw it in store but the pattern is a bit too reminiscent of Mee-Maw's couch. It's also pretty snug in the shoulder and hips - if you have broad shoulder you may have to size up. The color is beautiful but the fit a bit dowdy. I think I would like notches at the hips for movement and maybe a lower neckline.

I DID buy the striped Elodie in store in a size 0 and 2 and will do a more in depth review of that later.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

J Crew Review - Striped Elodie, Fisherman Sweater, Saturday Pant with Ankle Zip and Dream Fair Isle Vest

Went into J Crew to return something and just grabbed a few quick things that caught my eye...

Will finish this post tomorrow with the Metallic Foil Jacquard Top, Majorette Mini (?) and Deck Stripe Boater Tee

Elodie Sleeveless Blouse in Stripe (size 2) $59.99
I picked this up on a total whim. I thought people might want to see pictures since it has stripes. Oddly enough - it was my favorite thing that I tried on. True effortless chic and really comfortable. I'm debating whether I want to order it on promo right now. I found it TTS with possible room to size down but I kind of like it floaty and don't want to feel constricted in my back.

Fisherman Sweater in Heather Acorn (size XS)

WAY cuter than I thought it would be. I think 3/4 sleeves on a thick sweater like this are a little hard to pull off (what do you do with the shirt peeking out from under it - could look awkward). The deal breaker was the 100% acrylic. Yikes. Still cute take on the fisherman trend without being too bulky.

Saturday Pant with Ankle Zip (XS) - I think these were navy

I'm wearing these in all the photos. They look vaguely cute in the photos but they would never be something I would wear in real life. Fit like a legging sweatpant. Back view not so lovely. Comfortable and thick however. Pretty skin tight. Not much else to say.

Dream Fair Isle Vest (XS) in Forest Clementine

I really should not even be posting this photo :) Clearly I should be wearing a shirt underneath but I was in a rush so there it is. Sweater vests are not for me - I try to avoid any bulk to my upper body since I am already well-blessed up there. As far as a sweater vest it seemed pretty cute but SUPER short. I have no torso and the thing was still a little short. By the way this is $19.99 in store as opposed to $54.99 online...

I will do the rest tomorrow. Have to sleep on that striped Elodie - any feedback???

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Oldies but Goodies

My daughter says this a lot. We'll discover some book back in her bookshelf and she'll pull it out saying, "This is a goody." It makes me laugh, a lot and also makes me realize how my language influences her little 2 year old brain.

So today I thought I would post about two oldies but goodies.

J Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Eyelet (size 2) in white

This blazer is currently on sale for $49.99 and I feel certain there will be another percent off soon. It's super cute and I feel like the fit is slightly more snug than other schoolboy blazers (which I like). The grey color is a little dishwater to me (and I LOVE gray so that's saying a lot) but the white looks really fresh in summer. 

High Tide Tunic Dress (size XS) in Vintage Linen

The XS is a little tight on my hips and bum but I don't think I would size up. The material is a nice heavy weight cotton and I really like this color. I didn't purchase it as I already own the stripy tunic from Boden's spring line but I like it a lot. I would actually probably wear this tunic as a dress.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and fingers crossed for a a good promo on Monday!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Perfect White Shirt

I've always wanted a nice, crisp white cotton shirt. It is one of those timeless pieces that is so simple yet keeps everything sophisticated and fresh. I love J Crew shirts. I can't help it - I'm a bit of an addict. I recently bought JC's boy shirt in white and while I love it, I do not love the price tag. So... I thought I would do a side by side comparison with the Lands End Canvas Heritage Poplin Shirt which is currently on sale for $19.99 plus 25% off if you use promotion code: SAVE25 with pin: 1231.

LEC Heritage Poplin Shirt in size 4

I have to say - seeing them side by side - there isn't much difference! The LEC shirt is slightly more fitted because it has some stretch to it. The JC Boy shirt looks slightly more modern and less dressy. 

What do you think?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Anthropologie Reviews

My adorable husband went to Anthropologie and bought a plethora of clothing treats as an anniversary present! It was so sweet, but unfortunately the sizes were off (it is hard to know your size at Anthro with all the different brands) and the styles he (or more likely the SA) picked were not quite my style. Nonetheless, it was terribly sweet and I was so touched that he knew what I would want as a present - clothes. So, back to Anthro I went to return and snoop around in the sale section. Here's what I found.

Hace Sol Peasant Top (XS) in yellow $19.95

When my arms were straight down and to the side the top looked cute and like it had a little shape (the shirring underneath the breastline helped that). But the moment I raised my arms, I looked like a big box. Such a shame because I love the color and the detail on the neckline. Alas.

Erg. Sorry - this seems to have disappeared from the website. This was an XS and it will still huge. I love the floral print but the overall look is a bit too sloppy for my taste.

Finally! One I know the name of! This was actually a top my husband picked for me because he knows I love ANYTHING with animals on it. And I LOVE it but again it is just too drapey for me. Plus i will agree with the online reviews that there were threads shedding ALL over it. It looked like something I might have paid 10 cents for at the local thrift store.

I have no idea what this top was but it was $19.99 and a size 4. I felt a little too "Age of Aquarius" in it but perhaps someone taller could rock the look.

Anaheim Shirtdress (size 2) in Dark Orange

I love a little fitted corduroy dress in the fall but this one was not it for me. Granted the size 2 was definitely too small (2 is my usual size). The corduroy was super soft and the defined waistband was lovely. However, the buttons would not stay closed and I don't think this was just because it was a big snug. They are also spaced apart weirdly putting stress in certain areas. not good. The neckline was also a bit blah to me.

Aine Pencil Skirt (size 2)

This skirt is really lovely and I love the green fabric peeking through underneath - makes it really unusual looking. The size 2 was way too snug for me. I seem to be having a not size 2 day :) I've actually lost a little weight so I don't think it's me - maybe these brands run differently than my usual ones at Anthro? Anyway - if I found it in a size 4 I would be tempted.

Love the skirt but again too small. It looked okay in this size but it did not feel comfortable. Love the color, love the material, just interesting enough but not too flashy. Perhaps in a size 4...

I will try to find the name of those other tops. Am still anxiously awaiting a few cherished items to go on sale. Maybe this week? 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Lands End Canvas Reviews

Oopsies. I have been a bad blogger. Last week my school started and I was surprised by some policy changes that are making my life a little stressful. It's really starting my year off on the wrong foot! Also, my little bunny started school and I couldn't believe how emotional I was about it! She, of course, did not cry at all on the first day - I was another story. I had no idea I would be so emotional about her going to school. One of the awesome things about motherhood is that you are always surprising yourself!

I thought I'd do some LEC reviews because I have nabbed a few great items from them in the past and I bought the Groupon ($30 for $60 worth of clothing).

Here's what I found:

Women's Cotton Cashmere Sweater (XS) in Scuba Blue and (XXS) Tomato

Yes this is a very basic sweater but it is also offered at a very affordable price! I love the little sweatshirt detailing (inverted triangle at neckline) and the material is very soft although not terribly thick so I think this might not be a winter sweater. I really loved both colors and preferred the size XXS although if you are looking for a little slouch I would go with your normal size.

Woman's Button-Side Crewneck (XS) in Dark Midnight and French Pecan Heather

I don't know why I didn't order an XXS for comparison - I think I would have preferred that. My husband said the fit was a little too boxy but I LOVE this sweatshirt. The buttons on the side are SOOO charming and the terry is to die for. I want to wear it every day. I think it's a teeny bit pricey but I'm sure it will go on sale at some point. I would really like to see what the Daylily Orange looks like. I don't look good in orange but the color on the website looks beautiful.BTW - Dark Midnight is a slightly darker version of JC's Nightfall Blue

Women's Heritage Oxford Shirt (2 and 4) in White

I felt fine in either size. The 2 was a little snug in the chest but that's it. I've been looking for a white shirt that is a bit cheaper than JC's Boy Shirt (which I own but would rather not have paid so much for). This shirt is super cute and I love the nod to true men's shirts with the side vent (in a blue stripe) and the button down collar. The cotton is a nice heavy weight and I like the length. This is the newer version but there is another one on sale for $19.99.

The Heritage Poplin Shirt (size 2 and 4) in white

The 2 was definitely too snug in this one - all over. Prefer the 4. Again, if you are looking for a basic white button down - this is a nice option. This version is more fitted because of the stretch in the fabric and the shaping at the waist. It's a light cotton. Very flattering and comfortable and again, a good deal at $19.99

Boyfriend Shirt (XXS) in white

Huge, unflattering. Not for me.

Women's Button Front Pocket Skirt (size 2) in Berry Breeze Plaid

Well made with a lining, nice cotton. Colors were a bit too saturated for me and the overall feel was 12 year old girl instead of mother of girl. It's a little hard to tell in the picture but it was super poofy. A good ironing might help.

Women's Stretch Slim Leg Jeans (size 27) in Rinsed Deep Indigo 

I don't know if it's from the super stretch denim but these puppies were running really big. I would definitely size down. The denim had that feel of not being jeans but some weird material with way too much stretch. I can see them being baggy at the end of the day. That being said, the general shape was flattering. I would call them more bootleg however.

Women's Slim Leg Jeans (size 27) in Rinsed Deep Indigo

These are definitely slim leg without being jeggings. The camera washed out the color - it is the same as the jeans above. I like these a lot and although the 27's initially felt WAY too tight in the waist, within an hour of wearing them around the house they felt perfect. The length is also just right for me - fine with flats, fine with heels. For $26.99 these are a steal and they actually feel like denim! I did take a picture from behind but I'm not quite ready to post that much information on the internet :)

What are other people snagging with their $30 Groupon?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

J Crew Review - Flair Skirt and Button Box Sweater

I decided I must try on the must talked about Flair Skirt - a longer length is always appreciated in the post-20's era. I found the material thick, soft and lovely but the shape a bit matronly. Here are the results:

Flair Skirt in Heather Acorn (size 2)

Flair Skirt in Heather Acorn (size 4)

To be honest, I didn't think either size did much for me. Size 2 is my normal pencil skirt size, size 4 is my normal "waist band" skirt size and I think I would go with a size 4 on this one. Both were fine in the waist but I felt that the size 4 pleats laid a bit better on my body. Either way I felt like a taller body would pull this look off better. I just felt a little dowdy on me. I think the material is luscious however.

This is a sequin tank on sale for $49.99 item #:52461 in Ebony. Super cute. I really wanted it in the vintage navy but someone snagged it before I got to it!

Button Box Sweater in Heather Clementine (XS)

I think this sweater looks fine in the photo. In real life, however, the line that separates the smooth part of the knit from the more open part of the knit was bothersome. It made this weird lump on top of my breasts - not the look I am going for. Besides that it was a basically comfortable sweater - I like the cut - but the line was a deal breaker. Plus it felt a little Kmart in quality.

I just spent about an hour crying over 9-11 footage (yes I lived in NYC when it happened) so I think I will head to bed and think some healing thoughts for those that were directly affected.

Peaceful dreams to everyone tonight.

Friday, September 9, 2011

J Crew Reviews - Liquid Silk Skirt, Jardin Skirt, Origami mini in peony, Vintage Cotton stripe shoulder-zip tee,

The last of my most recent trip. The store I went to was so well stocked and laid out. I actually had to sort of stand there and drink in all the color for a second.

Liquid Silk Skirt (size 4) in Bright Dahlia, Silkspun Sweater in Gatsby Green (XS) on sale for $39.99

The sweater was meh. It felt pretty cheap/basic and fit a bit big for an extra small. Did not feel like the 14 gauge knit of other JC sweaters I have. The skirt is lovely. I always size up with skirts that only fit at the waist because I am a little thicker there since baby arrived. It fits well, the material flows well and I love the color. I do not find it obnoxiously bright. I would pair it with a more neutral shirt/sweater for sure.

Jardin Skirt (size 4) in rich purple, Sequin Zig Zag Tank  (XS) in faded black

Barf and barf. I look like Cinderella but BEFORE the ball. Every time I see the Jardin Skirt in store, I avoid trying it on - and now I know why! It looks so adorable on other people but is not good for me. I have a curvy body and I just felt like I was wearing a wrinkled old bag. The tank runs HUGE. I'm not sure an XXS would even be small enough.

Love. Almost love together. If you are looking for a more fitted look on the tee, you could definitely size down. The tee is quite long, almost tunic-y, and would look great with super fitted pants (thinking of my Troupers in shadow). I had to size up twice for the skirt just like I did on the Toile one. I love this print but the silky material doesn't lay as nicely. If you walk it poufs out in front giving the appearance of man-bulge or very low-lying pregnancy. I didn't find this as much with the Jacquard one. The zip shirt is on my sale wishlist. We'll see if it makes it there.

Anyone else find luck with these items?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

J Crew Reviews - Schoolboy in Blackwatch Plaid, Betsy Sweater, Merino Pleated Skirt, Eden Cardigan

I ventured into a different J Crew than my norm since we were traveling this weekend and it was really nice. There is a SA at my local store who always avoids me and leaves me walking around carrying clothes instead of opening a fitting room for me and it makes a bit uncomfortable. I understand that I often come in, try on a lot and don't buy much if anything but I don't think it's a crime to try things on. Because I am often NOT planning on buying anything (really why bother since we all know it's going to go on sale sooner or later anyway), I never ask for help and always get my own sizes. I don't know why she chooses to ignore the fact that I need a room but it makes me not want to shop there. How do bloggers out there feel about trying on stuff but not buying anything? I shouldn't feel bad about that, right?

Anyhoo.... on to the more interesting - more fall J Crew!

Eden Cardigan (XS) in Heather Dark Grape, Perfect-fit Long Sleeve Crewneck Tee in Deep Turquoise (XS), High-waisted Skinny Cord in Dark Fatigue (size 27)

I like the Eden Cardigan - I think it runs a little big. But, the length is way better for me than the Infinity of last year and the pockets are placed better. I was trying on the long-sleeved tee to go with the Toile Jacquard Origami Mini. They only had XS and that is too small for me in Perfect Shirts. The cords are really attractive and I love the color. The skinniness of the leg is perfect - flattering and not too tight. I am not the biggest fan of the high waist. It does hold everything in but it was a little uncomfortable for me and unflattering if I were to wear something tucked in. I also got a bit of crotch bunching which is never good. I am REALLY short-waisted so this might have been problem. Wish they made the same cords in low rise. Sigh.

 Hmm... I know that everyone is drooling over this piece but it was not doing it for me. The sleeves seemed to have the tiniest bit of pouf which I DID actually like. The fit was on, the leather patches are a cute detail but it just felt too preppy for my taste. My high school is listed in the Preppy Handbook as one of the top 5 preppy place to go to school - so perhaps I am just rebelling :)

Betsy Sweater in Heather Aqua (XS) and Merino Pleated Skirt  in Saddle (XS)

I really liked both these items. The Betsy is super soft and has a nice shape. It does feel rather airy/flimsy - i.e. I would be worried that it would stretch really easily. I can't quite describe it - but I bet J Crew would say "lofty knit". The color is yummy. I actually love this skirt. It's super comfortable and I didn't feel that it showed too many lumps and bumps in size extra-small. Extremely sophisticated looking.

Tomorrow I will post reviews of the Liquid Silk Skirt, Origami Mini in Peony and Vintage Cotton Stripe  Shoulder Zip Tee (LOVE IT)