Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Anthropologie Review: Sale Goodies

Happy New Year's Eve! You know you are old and tired when you are already home from the party (ok, truth by told we had the party) and you are happily blogging with your glass of champagne at 10:30. I guess I'm just happy that both kids are asleep.

I have such a huge backlog of reviews coming up. My little 11 week old has been a great sleeper but she is a bugaboo to get to bed which means no free time for me. In the priority list, blogging falls pretty low but I miss it! I'm going to try to make just a little bit of time each day to get it done. We'll see if that happens. Right now I'm happy if I'm showered and fed!

A few quickie sale reviews:
Afternoon Abroad Tee (XS)
The fabric is so soft. The colors are a bit garish to me. I believe this is basically the same as the Francophile Tee which I love. Just wasn't loving this graphic or the color of the actual t-shirt.

Animalia Tee (S)
The cute little detail at the neckline makes this special. I particularly like this horse graphic. I'm not really thrilled with the way any tops fit me right now because of the breastfeeding but this one is definitely cute and comfy.

Averie Dress (Size 4)
The color is lovely and the fabric is thick and comfortable. Again, this is not a good time for me to buy dresses since eventually my chest will go back to human size instead of stripperpalooza size so I passed on this one. I think my normal size 2 would be fine. A nice, modest, going out to dinner dress.

Keavy Jacquard Jacket (XS)

I felt sort of Golden Girls in this. The fabric is so old looking. The fit and drape are pretty good but U I still felt like a grandma, growing fuzz on her body...

Camelback Cocoon Shrug (XS/S)
This is adorable. Very lightweight but it creates a really nice shape considering it's that cocoon style. I might have to wait for the price to drop a little more before I'm ready to bite but I love the neutral color and the way it fits.

Angel of the North unknown cardigan

Love this burgundy color and the back detail is interesting. In general, I'm not a huge fan of crochet. Always afraid I'll snag it and looks a little 70's hippie dippie tome. Overall a nice cardi though if you are a fan of this look!

Seascape Maxi Skirt (Size S)
Big hot mess. Runs small. I love the fabric and the idea but the hi-low hem is too extram and the fit is unflattering in the hips. Don't need extra weight on my hips right now.

Pinion Dress (size 4)
Just going on here. It has a nice fit but I still felt like it added visual weight. Maybe because of the ginormous brightly colored print, puff sleeves and puffy skirt. Too much going on at once. I think this dress will overwhelm a lot of petite people.

Splitshade Tulip Hem Dress (S)
The fabric is very stretchy and comfortable. It looked small on the hanger so I sized up to a small and I'm glad I did. Creates flattering lines and the teal is nice.

??? (size S)
This definitely runs small. I like the lace on top but otherwise it's a bit meh and short.

I have a lot more Anthro reviews coming up. Tried some things out of my comfort zone recently. Can't resist the tag sale!