Sunday, April 22, 2012

J. Crew Reviews! Villa Dress in Stripe, Jersey Maxiskirt in stripe, Hilary Dress, No. 2 in Sovereign PaisleyMetallic Swing Sweater, Spindrift Sweatshirt

I have been majorly off the Crewlade. I was obsessed with J. Crew last year, but now that I've added a bunch of their basics to my wardrobe, I'm sort of burned out. I finally meandered in there for the first time in months, and I left feeling blah. I feel like they keep churning out the same things in slightly different colors and lower quality fabrics. That being said, I still love my matchsticks, Blythe Blouse, Eden cardigan, gingham shirt, etc. Plus, unfortunately, there is an SA that is ALWAYS working there and she always sort of making snide comments - I think because I come in and never really buy anything but try on stuff. Anyway... my husband recently gave me a gift card so I think I'm going to hang on to it and really hope that some things will catch my eye!

Boatneck Popover (XS)
This has had a lot of blog love and I get it - the material is seriously weighty - in a luxury way. I did not like how it fit though - the boxiness wasn't particular flattering because of my "chestiness". Although the material is awesome it doesn't allow it to drape well on the body.

 Hilary Dress? (size 2) in admiral blue

A bit tight in the bust and not the best cut for my arms. Would be a lovely dress for a school function or shower or something but I don't need one of those right now!

Spindrift Sweatshirt (XS) in Light Emerald and Matchstick Jean (size 26) in Starlight Wash (on sale in store but not online)
I love a cute little sweatshirt but this was a bit too baggy. Color is gorge. See a size down below. The matchstick jeans are cute and on sale - I was hoping to replace my Matchstick in Live in Wash since I have lived in them for the entirety of this past year. Didn't love the whiskering on the hips (really? like I WANT people's attention to be drawn to that area).

Really cute and made out of a thicker, maritime-like, fabric. The buttons on the back are a cute detail. It does not fit me well because of the afore-mentioned big chest issue. Will be adorable on others!

Spindrift Sweatshirt (XXS) in navy and Long No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Sovereign Paisley 

The Spindrift is definitely better in an XXS although felt slightly snug across the bustline. I really thought I would leave with the skirt but upon second inspection, I thought it felt flimsy. The material seems a little cheap to me for such an expensive skirt and the fit was not quite as wonderful as some of my other pencil skirts from JC. The print is adorable and fun. Waist slightly large, no give in fabric.

Blythe Blouse (size 0) in Majestic Purple? 
Size 0 actually felt fine (a size smaller than my usual 2). The blythe blouse is a lovely piece. Just feels really special and lines up with my need to have lots of silk in my wardrobe - I'm a little addicted.

Love anything gold. This gold is gorgeous and much more true metallic gold than in this picture or on the website. The fit in the arms was TIGHT and I have fairly slim arms. The body made me look like I was trying to hide a pregnancy. For the thin upper bodied, it will be cute.

Jersey Maxiskirt in Stripe (XXS) in navy blue grotto

Very cute comfortable maxi. I wish the waistband was just a regular thick waistband instead of the ruching.

back view: 

Jersey Maxiskirt in Stripe (XS) in navy blue grotto

the XS felt basically the same. A little more flow to the fabric and more length - which I liked even though I am only 5'4''.

Anyone else get some goodies with the extra 30% off?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews - Painted Ume Tunic, North Coast Skirt, Flame-Kissed Skirt, Pilcro Stet Slim Straight

A few quickie Anthro reviews:

Painted Ume Tunic (size 0)
Love the muted sorbet colors on this but everything else was unflattering. Online it looks like it has an empire waist but I don't remember that when I tried it on. Just sort of hung there awkwardly. 

 These were a random sale room find. They are super comfortable and definitely fit like jeggings but I've heard they stretch out a lot. After finding them online (the link is to a slightly different wash called Patina and I believe the wash I'm wearing is called Holly) I read the reviews and I decided I needed a 26 because of the stretch factor. Luckily snagged one and so will do a follow up review comparing the 2 sizes. I love the perfect ankle length with just a smidge of ankle scrunch. Great for ballet flats. The rise is slightly higher than I am used to but I like that in case I need to a) tuck a shirt in or b) hide a PMS pooch.

Flame-Kissed Skirt (size 2)

This felt a little snug in my usual size 2 which is weird because I recently lost some weight. From the side, it is adorable. The placement of the pattern on the front actually draws attention to the hips and made me look much wider than normal. Not desirable. The fabric is nice and thick and I like the mini length but the hips killed it for me.

North Coast Skirt (size 2) 
I find it shocking that this skirt is on sale already as I hadn't even seen it before at my store. The print is very sweet but the material felt flimsy. Thus, you could see lumps, bumps and underwear, oh my! I felt the size 2 was a bit snug so maybe sizing up would help but that still wouldn't fix the material problem.

I did snag the Leifsdottir scattered wing skirt so I will post a review of that later!

Anyone else go crazy with the sale this week - so many markdowns/temptations!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

L.L. Bean Signature - New Arrivals

I always enjoy thumbing through all the catalogues that accumulate while I'm on vacation. We just got back from almost a week in Florida and after a LONG day of traveling with a 2 year old - I am still recovering! I cannot even believe that we got in at midnight and she didn't sleep the whole way. That's some spunk.
I'll admit that I have never ordered from LLBean Signature, I've mostly stuck with Lands End Canvas, but I'm definitely intrigue. Their price point is a bit higher and the markdowns are not as good. Nonetheless, very tempted by the following items (sorry for the lack of photos, can't seem to copy them onto my blog):

Cotton Madras Dress - the new slate blue color is divine.

Sport Tank - stripes! slight A-line shape. LOVE!

Poplin Dress Stripe - very Kate Spade, no?

Linen/Modal Tee Stripe - love a linen sweater in the summer. delish.

Bryant Sandal - love any summer sandal that has a slightly 70's vibe to it

Linscott Ankle Pant, Print - remind me of the new and very expensive J Crew printed skimmers in 

Anyone ordered from LL Bean Signature? How's the fit?


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews - Yonina Mini-Dress, Otta Dress, Konza Dress, Celeste Pencil Skirt, AG Steve Straight

Went to make a quick return today and quickly tried on a few sale items that caught my eye. Returned my size small Scully Pencil Skirt - that skirt is oddly sized! Managed to grab an X-small which I will post reviews of when I get back from vacation.

Otta Dress (size 2)

This is an interesting dress. Fit was a bit off. The waist panel is nice because it helps give the dress an attractive shape but the top was a little big. Overall not super flattering and the colors are not great on me 

Celeste Striped Pencil Skirt (size 4)

I love Plenty by Tracy Reese clothes but I find that they run quite small. I would definitely want a size 6 in this skirt. The color is super cute but it did this weird bagging/folding thing in the front. Perhaps sizing up would fix that.

AG Stevie Straight (size 26 and size 27 respectively)

These jeans are great. Super sexy. I would almost classify them more as a jegging. I didn't detect a huge amount of difference between the size 26 and size 27. The size 27's were a little loose in the waist but looked a little better in the butt. Not sure how these stretch out. I think $164 is a lot for jeans but these are really cute.

Konza Dress (size 2)

I actually love this dress. Very easy breezy. The color is a bit blah but the details at the neckline are gorgeous. Wouldn't buy it at this price but would reconsider on 2nd cut.

I noticed this dress right away when the catalogue came out. The colors are absolutely eye-catching and it is another easy throw-on-and-go type of dress. I would definitely want to try on an XS because the S was slightly baggy. The 100% polyester content is a real buzz kill, especially for the price! Again, on 2nd cut I would reconsider.

Anyone else scoop something up at the huge sale last week?

Friday, April 6, 2012

What do YOU think? Fine Point Dress Review

Have you ever noticed a direct correlation between indecision and age? Every year that goes by I get less and less decisive about things. I thought it would be the opposite. I'm good when it comes to decisions for my daughter (except for where she should go to school which I have been hemming and hawing about nonstop) but am terrible when it comes to personal decisions for myself. Should I keep coloring my hair or go natural? Do I want to work more or stay home? Do I want coffee or tea? Whatever. That indecisiveness is especially true when it comes to clothes. Yikes. So here is a recent purchase that I am sort of in love with but not sure if it is in love with me.
Please chime in!

Anthropologie's Fine Point Dress (size 2)

The positives:
  • 100% silk
  • Lined
  • Perfect Length
  • Flattering at waist and from side view
  • Stripes are cute but different than all the "nautical" stuff I have in my wardrobe
The negatives:
  • Silk - why I am obsessed with silk? I have a toddler! But I do work too so... excuses, excuses
  • Pleating under the bustline makes me breasts appear bigger which is not good since they are already quite large
  • Ties at neck are odd - could have removed
  • Neckline needs to be lower in my opinion - take to tailor?
I got this dress for $50 on popback so it's tempting but should you really keep a dress because it was inexpensive? Hmmm....

Help me! :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews: Catch up! Suki Sleeveless Top and Converging Bits Skirt

I've had some photos sitting around for while, so today's post is a little random but here we go...

Rainforest Morning Shirtdress (size 2)

I bought this off the Effortless Anthropologie Exchange which I have always had wonderful experiences with. This dress is awesome! OMG. The colors, the fit, everything. It is slightly tight across the bust but I don't care, in fact I'm thinking a cami underneath might help. love love love.

 Water's Edge Skirt (size XS)

I grabbed this puppy on popback based on all the favorable reviews but I have to say, I'm not feeling it. It's very comfortable but it just sort of hangs straight down off the body. There is no flow to it so I kind of feel like I'm wearing sweatpants but in bright blue skirt form.

 Suki Sleeveless Top (size 4)

Leifsdottir has become one of my obsessions this year. This blouse is so lovely in so many way but the band at the bottom ruins it. Notice pregnant looking side view. Blech. I almost considered taking it the tailor and having the bottom hem taken off. Not for $50 though. Poo.

After fretting about what to pair my Tile-Quilted Pencil Skirt with I finally found this little LEC Cardi in my closet. I paired it with my Ever Present Satchel and Ivanka Trump Indicon high heels and voila! I felt pretty good!

This is the Adalar dress my Leifsdottir that I am constantly on the fence about. I paired it with my newly acquired Lemniscate Belt and I love the combination. A keeper?

Converging Bits Skirt (size 2)

This skirt is adorable and extremely well made for $30. Slightly poufy from the side but I didn't feel it ruined the look. I decided not to keep it since it's not really my style but I would highly recommend it to others.

Still waiting for my Scully Pencil Skirt to arrive. Bought the S but found an XS. Will compare and post pictures later this week!