Monday, March 28, 2016

J. Crew Review: Perforated Drapey Side-Slit Dress, Tippi in Fair Isle, Long-Sleeve Multistripe Painter T and Thomas Mason Stewart Plaid Shirt

These are some oldies but goodies that I have been meaning to post for a while. We are approaching end of year and lots of concerts so I have my nose to the grindstone but I'll try to keep a few reviews coming!

Tippi Sweater in Fair Isle (size S)

I thought this was weird that was still left in a pretty good size run in the sale section. I think it's really nice, maybe the nicest of the fair isles offered this season (and I do love a good fair isle). I always size up in Tippis and I would consider going to a medium on this one. I like a little slouch. It's quite lovely - recommended.

Perforated Drapey Side-Slit Dress (Size 0)
Check out my instagram for better pics of this (@shoperarach). This version (as opposed to the original version which was offered in orange, black and sort of a pinkish brown) is longer waisted which I really like. It looks terrible here but when you throw a belt on it allows a little blousiness on top which is much more flattering. If I kept this one I would get it hemmed a bit. I love the idea of a midi but the length is really tough. Heels help.

 Petite Perforated Drapey Side-Slit Dress (size P4)
The length on this is MUCH better but now it's really short-waisted again. Looks fine in the photos I guess but I know I would be pulling it down every 5 seconds. Love this color - not quite as eye-catching as the blue but much easier to wear IMO.

Ok, here we go. Heels and a belt. See the improvement?

Heels and a belt again but too short-waisted (and by the way I am quite short-waisted).

 Long-Sleeve Multistripe Painter T-Shirt (size S)
Was on the fence about this one but I really do like it a lot. I don't actually feel I can own too many striped shirts since I wear them ALL the time. I went up a size in this because I didn't want it skin tight and I think that was the right call.

Thomas Mason Flannel Shirt in Stewart Plaid (size 0)
This is very cute. The regular stewart plaid didn't really work for me. Plus I own the old one so I think I'll just stick to that. I sized down in this shirt (I'm usually a 2 but am taking a 0 more often in J Crew shirts ) and it doesn't feel too tight at all. It's a nice flannel although not that super soft yummy flannel like this one. If I had a real need for a flannel shirt, this would be a keeper. But of course that isn't the case ;).

Those are it for now. Have some collection reviews coming up and hopefully I'll get to a store on Saturday to try some of the new arrivals! Happy Spring!

Friday, March 18, 2016

J. Crew Reviews: Some more new arrivals...

A few more new goodies that I checked out the other day. Trying to wear the last of my winter stuff - a few things barely got worn this winter with the warmer temps. Love all the color and print that I am seeing!

Silk Cap-Sleeve Top in Midnight Bloom (size 2)
A-line Midi Skirt in Mirrored Floral (size 0) Currently $59.99 before promo!
 The base color of the blouse is sort of beige-y. It's a nice color but not good on my skin tone. The print is quite lovely and the cap-sleeves are flattering. I think I would need at least a 0 so take the smaller of your two sizes. The skirt I've tried on before. I love this print but the length of this is no good on me. Plus the 0 is too tight and the 2 is too big. Often my problem this year at JC.

 Silk Cap-Sleeve Dress in Mirrored Floral (size 2)
 I forgot about the dress version of the print and was glad to see this - clearly an online return. It's really lovely - my usual fitted dress size of 2 felt just slightly too big. Really it was the fact that the top had a little too much blousiness - not enough to fold over and too little to lay flat. The silk is lovely and the border pattern is beautiful. I don't really need anything like this right now but it is a nice dress. Perhaps a little young for my taste.

 Patio Pant in Evergreen Jacquard (size 2)

 Always Chambray Shirt (size 2)
Colorful Jacquard Striped Short (size 0)
 Chambray! I really love this chambray shirt. It is a bit more shaped than most (I recently tried on this Madewell one and while I really liked it, it is a bit on the boxier side) and the wash is just the right color. The shorts are adorable - loved the fabric - a bit thicker which I like because it hides a few lumps and bumps. I usually take a 2 in shorts because I don't like them to be too tight and I would definitely want to go up to the 2 in these. The 0 'fit' but who wants shorts that ride up all day?
I'm LOVING some of J Crew's other shorts and can't wait to try on these, these and these! Plus I just ordered these from BR so I hope I like them!

 Always Chambray Shirt (size 0)
 Anyway, back to the chambray! I sized down in this one and I really love the fit in the 0 - nice and slim. Unfortunately, it keeps on getting excluded from promos but I am convinced that it will be included at some point. Really cute and will scratch that chambray itch I've had for a while.

What's your favorite chambray shirt? What are you liking from the spring offerings at JCrew?

Monday, March 14, 2016

J. Crew Review: New Arrivals!

Spring arrivals are here and they are really cute. I like the direction that J Crew is headed in although I'm not sure I love gingham quite as much as they do. Here are some things I tried on my most recent visit:

Short-Sleeve Shift Dress in Ornate Lace (size 0)
 It's really fun and the material is rather light (it's lined). I usually take a 0 in these shift dress styles and although that is probably the right call here I did find it a bit tight through the shoulder area (which is unusual for me). The pattern is a bit strong for my personal taste but I love the overall idea of it.

Tipped Sheath Dress in Dotted Jacquard (size 2)
Clearly this is more of a work dress (it's in the suiting section) but oh my goodness I loved it. The fit was so perfect - fitted but skimming and the material feels so good on. The waist hit at exactly the right spot and the piping was a lovely detail. I really love this dress and wish I worked somewhere that would require something like this!

Midi Skirt in Ornate Lace (size 0)
Tippi Striped Sweater with Shoulder Buttons (XS) in Ivory Navy
 I love the ornate lace skirt - there is just enough pleating to provide a little volume without adding any weight. My problem with J Crew skirts right now is that the size 0 is a little tight in the waist and the size 2 (see below) is always a bit big.

 Midi Skirt in Ornate Lace (size 2)
 Close up of the lace detail - it's so pretty! I love a white skirt in the summer - so classic and elegant. I do have this skirt on my wishlist.

Pleated Midi Skirt in Polka Dot (size 0)
 This was surprisingly cute but I've sort of made a promise to myself that I won't do any more elastic waistbands. They are good for making my post-baby tummy comfy but they do not do any wonders for my figure. The drape of the skirt is pretty nice and I would definitely wear it with something over it like in the last pick but not that exact sweater.

 A-Line Midi Skirt in Mirrored Floral (size 0 and 2?)
 This is yet another skirt where I am in between 2 sizes. I do love this print. I was hoping it was a bit more vibrant in person but I think it's actually good that it's a bit more neutral. I was going to keep the Teddie Pant in this pattern but I think I've decided that the Teddie Pant is not for me so perhaps I'll reconsider the skirt. It's too long but I like the overall shape.

  Teddie Pant in Fern (size 2)
 LOVE this color. The regular teddie pant is a lot stretchier than the mirrored floral pant and I actually liked it less. As you can see it shows all the lumps and bumps. The fabric reminds me a bit of my beloved Sloan Pants from BR. The 2 fit okay in the bum but the crotch and waist were funny.

 Teddie Pant in Fern (size 0)
 The size 0 still looks funny in the crotch area but the waist fit well. These are way too tight for my taste though - I feel like you can practically see my veins. It's a shame because this color is amazing.

 Toothpick Jean in Harborside Wash (size 26)
 I almost never try on jeans at J Crew because I usually buy my jeans at TJMaxx. They have so many great designer brands for much less. Tried these on a whim and I loved them! Just the right amount of fading and whiskering and the length is perfect. The material felt very different from J Crew's usual denim and the SA informed me that it is much better and retains its shape better. I usually size up in Toothpicks but these are my usual size and I think that's the right call.

 Colorful Jacquard Striped Skirt (size 0)
 I love the cheery stripes and the fabric. The fringe is a bit out of my comfort zone. I would say this fits slightly large. As I mentioned, I'm really having trouble with the waists of pants and skirts at J Crew right now and this waist fit great. It's really adorable, I would probably take a petite.

I have more reviews coming when I get a moment. I really like a lot of what I see. how about you?