Monday, September 21, 2015

J. Crew Review: New Arrivals for Fall

Mmm... fall. My favorite season of dress. Layers, light jackets, button down shirts, booties Yippee. Of course our temperatures are not quite there yet but it's nice to have something to look forward to. J Crew is showing some promise wih some of their newer arrivals. Here's what I tried on:

Ribbed Boatneck Tunic (XXS) in Heather Lilac
I sized down in this one and it's still pretty roomy. I like it. It's very soft and this soft lilac color is really pretty. The shoulders are dropped but they don't bother me that much. The real question is whether or not it will pill. Has a bit of that "dream" sweater feel to it. Also comes in cashmere and some other beautiful colors. This shirttail version from Nordstrom looks really lovely. Maybe it has more shape and a longer length.

Floral Sequin-Sleeve Sweater (XS)
I was drawn to the floral appliques on this one. I probably should have sized down on this as well. It's pretty roomy. The material is quite stiff - sort of like the knit on that sweater with th chiffon fringe on the bottom. Makes a boxy silhouette.

Lots of room and almost a dolman sleeve. Not awesome on my frame.

 Cap-Sleeve Floral Lace Top (size 0) in Bright Ocean
I love this color and the little cap sleeves. The lace is substantial and overall the top is thick - might be a turnoff for some but I liked the extra bit of structure. I recently tried on this Loft lace top and will review it soon. Also ordrered this BR one to try which should arrive this weekend. I have high hopes! Saw this little cropped version which is quite eyecatching. If you're looking for something more fitted, Ann Taylor has you covered. And this might be my favorite yet - burgundy purple and navy all in one lace tee? Ugh, yes. Can you tell I love lace?

 Embellished Scoopneck T-Shirt (XXS) in Marine Salt
I don't know why but I love this tee. The sparkle is just enough. This is one size down and I liked the fit.

 Embellished Scoopneck T-Shirt (XS) in Antique Navy
This is my normal size which I also liked. I prefer the orchid smoke color. 

I'm pretty sure this was the size 2. It was pretty snug in the waist and I'm usually a size 0. As far as pleats and midi length goes - I think this skirt does it well. No matter how skinny or well laid the pleats are I just always feel a little poufy in things like this.

Close-up of the dots. So cute! If you're looking for a more affordable version, this Joe Fresh skirt is so cute and well priced. If you want to break the bank, this Michael Kors version is dreamy. Also loving this BCBG one which is in Navy. Always a great neutral alternative!

What are you wanting this fall?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Skinny Ankle Jeans: Loft and BR, Plus some Sloan Slim Ankle

As soon as a temps start to cool, my mind turns to denim. I've been on the lookout for some new skinyn ankle jeans to wear with flats and such. I've been wearing a version of these for a while and also my reliable Paige's but I wanted to get something with a little more color variation. I love the slimming effect of a dark wash but I think it's looking a little dated these days.

Banana Republic Medium Wash Skinny Jean (size 26)
 These are not to the ankle - they are regular length and they are definitely pooling at the ankle. They were fine but I think they made my butt look a little flat (which is impressive since my butt is pretty round). Very comfortable and the wash is attractive.

 Sloan Fit Slim Ankle Pant - SHORT (size 2)
 I've already professed my love for these pants. So slimming and work appropriate. I normally take a size 0 at J Crew but I like these in a size 2. Other versions can be different. I have these and like them in the size 0. So, I'm totally on the fence about the regular vs. the short. They are supposed to be slim ANKLE pants and I guess these hit at just the right length but I'm afraid they will shrink up if I ever clean them. Plus...

 Sloan Fit Slim Ankle Pant - REGULAR (size 2)
 ... doesn't the longer length sort of enlongate my legs? There is the slightest bit of bunching at the top of my foot but I almost prefer that to something that feel a little short. My cafe capris and andie chinos hit at an even shorter spot than the shorts above but I don't know.

 BR Medium Wash Skinny Ankle Jean (size 2)
 These weirdly just disappeared from the website one day. I have no idea why but they are unfindable. The wash is so wonderfully soft and these DO hit at a perfect ankle length.

Here's a picture of the wash. Just enough distressing.

 Same jean almost same wash. Slightly darker overall. I do think these are very slimming in the leg. I don't know how they will wear because I'm still trying to decide which wash i want to keep.

 Modern Skinny Jeans in Classic Dark Indigo Wash (size 25)
 I like the back view of these. A bit stiffer than the BR ones. What I didn't like was the extra crotch material. I got that little foldover right on either side. Plus as much as I love certain Loft items I don't trust their pants. I feel like they fit fabulously right out of the wash and then look ridiculous by the end of the day. Granted that is from some years ago but once bitton twice shy.

Where do you go for skinny jeans? What do you think is the perfect ankle length?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

J. Crew Review: Boyfriend Flannel Shirt and Collection Circle Skirt

These couldn't be more different but I liked a lot about both!

Boyfriend Flannel Shirt in Cerulean Plaid (size 0)
I love J Crew button downs. I just can't quit them but I really should since I have way too many. The flannel of this shirt is SO soft. Feels like it's already been lived in. The colors are also beautiful. The blue is reminiscent of the blue in the scarf print items plus there are some lines of pinkish/red as I recall. Definitely size down on this one - even the size 0 has plenty of room.
It being almost fall - there are A LOT of flannel shirts out there to choose from. At every price point.

Here are some other super cute options, all at similar price points. I love the colors on that first one. The middle one is a wonderful blend of classic gingham and delicious flannel and the last is a great mix of colors.

 Collection Circle Skirt in Misty Hydrangea (size 0)
I keep on talking about this skirt but not getting the review up. Here it is. I do adore this print - just the right amount of romanticism and from far away it almost looks like tie-dye or something more abstract.

The material is quite stiff which does make the skirt stand out a little oddly (if it's not ironed absolutely perfectly). I wish they had just done it in a silk or even a heavy cotton. Also not exactly sure what I would wear on top.

Closeup of the print. Sigh. So lovely. This item was not exactly free so I'm not sure what I'll do about keeping it. I did get it for a significant % off but the CPW (cost per wear) would probably remain fairly high. So I know this one isn't exactly the same but it is really cute and the pleats are well placed. I'm finding ASOS to be a good place to find unusual and fun skirts. Love this big unusual print and this combo of stripes and floral. If you're looking for something a little more subtle, love this pale blue skirt. The contrasting trim really makes the look!

What do you think of the Misty Hydrangea skirt?

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Banana Republic Reviews: I'm loving BR!

I have a bunch of backlogged BR Reviews. I have not shopped there in YEARS but man oh man have they changed. I am really loving their clothes for work - nice modern silhouettes in simple basic colors. The fit has been good too. Anyway, here are some quickies and more to come!

Ikat Soft Short (XS)
These are currently sold out but I bet they'll pop back at some point. They are super cute and mucho comfortable - sort of like pajama bottoms. I thought they were flattering and a good length and I liked the pattern. I didn't love the material - it was a bit too poly for me but I'm picky about that at times. These Joie silk ones are to die for. Love the muted blue and the fact that they are silk!

 Shirred Knit Tank Dress (S)
I would definitely need the XS on top but this dress is adorable. The fabric is soft and stretchy and I loved this particular shade of grey. There seem to be a lot of these drapey top tight skirt dresses out there right now but I particularly liked the way the top of this draped. The tulip shape in the front is a nice detail. This style seems to be popular right now. Loving it in the form of the Westwood dress and Athleta and their Tulip Dress which has a more modest neckline. I reviewed both of these here. The Lou & Grey line also has some similarly shaped dresses. Love the Blouson Tank Dress and the Blouson Tee Dress (review upcoming) and the short-sleeved Blouson Tee Dress (review also upcoming).

 Heathered Faux-Wrap Dress (XS)
Yup. My likey. I felt like this really flattered my body and yet wasn't too sexy sexy. This also comes in a red and teal color and a stripe version and they are all on super sale right now!
I feel good in this. Sexy dress x pajamas = yummy goodness. Plus I bought this in store for about $24. Yippee. 

Eyelet Cropped Top (XS)

This picture is not super exciting but I think this is a great little top for just layering over a cami or something more significant. Come fall I really love layering short over long and I think I'll get a lot of use out of this. I also ordered the blush color but I thought it looked a little cheap. Black hides a lot of flaws :). Also want to check out this lace version at BR. Great price on sale and looks very promising. Love the details on the edges. This Free People version is adorable and on sale for $19.95.

Art Nouveau Crystal Necklace
This necklace is a great piece of costume jewelry. I would have kept it but I already have something pretty similar from the Crew and I don't wear it that often because I feel self conscious wearing major bling at a pretty understated work place :) It's great though and again on sale plus 40% off so check it out.
I've really been looking for a layered necklace and am interested in checking this one out. I also really like the look of this Vince Camuto one. So delicate and simple. I've never tried F21's jewelry but for around $8 I might have to give this one a try. This layered one seems like perfection. I like the stones they chose.

BR. So impressed. I've got some more goodies upcoming. Have a good rest of the weekend!