Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Madewell Review - The Camden Satchel in Colorblock

Ah, Madewell. I have found a new love (just what I need). I think I've really been craving a new destination to explore clothes! JCrew is wonderful and Anthropologie great but I find myself sort of bored when I walk in now. I think I've exhausted many of the same silhouettes there. Madewell has been a fun new place to explore - just wish there was a retail store closer.

The Camden Satchel in Colorblock in Saratoga Blue

This bag is so lovely. The blue suede is a gorgeous color. The colorblocking part of the bag comes from the light brown leather on the side (this was not inherently clear from the website)

One zip pocket and 2 cellphone/etc. pockets

The longer strap look like it had a little wear at one point.

 LOVE. Such a lovely bag and not a bad price with 25% off. Unfortunately, I need something bigger for all my work stuff. The zipper up top doesn't open completely - it is linked at the end - which made it impossible for me to put my reams of music inside. My only complaint is that the carrying handles are a little short for me to wear the bag on my shoulder. I think this is a carry with hands or wear with long strap cross-body type of bag.

Anyone else try some of the bags from Madewell? How do you feel about the quality?

Monday, October 29, 2012

Anthropologie Review - Striped Boatneck Mini Dress

I had been dying to get my hands on this little dress since it went on sale and finally located it via charge send. I did read the reviews that said it was really short but since I'm pretty short I figured I would give it a try anyway.

Striped Boatneck Mini Dress (XS)

Let me start by saying that I love short dresses. But woah, this one is REALLY short. Like I can't bend over or lift my arms short. So basically, this is not a dress but a tunic. The colors are scrumptious. Much more vibrant than they appear on the website. 

But, the dress is literally just a hunk of rayon sewed together on the side. I was soooo disappointed in the quality. Plus, there is literally no hem to be let out if you want it to be longer, which is also ridiculous. The fact that this dress was originally sold for something like $160 is OUTRAGEOUS. It is a lovely colored sack with no room for an alteration of an obscenely short hem. Hmm...

I will be skipping this one. For about $30 I might consider it as a tunic with skinny jeans and boots but that's about it. Why can't we just have some things fall to the knee?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Madewell Review - Silk Stardot Dress

Free shipping & returns will be end of me! I'm so glad this promotion is ending tomorrow because I have found a new store to be infatuated with. Yes Madewell is skewed slightly younger, but some of their shapes are really fun and different. I like that. I have a closet full of staples and could stand a few things to mix it up!

Silk Stardot Dress (size 2) in Fresh Blueberry

This dress is so interesting. I love the fun graphic pattern of little polka dots that meets to form stars. Very cool. I normally do not love a slit sleeve but this one is subtle and flirty. The dress is silk although feels more like a chiffon then a traditional silk (like the Blythe). It is fully lined and the length is right to the knee. Although the waist band is elastic. It has a panel of flat material in the front which makes it look less casual. I think I would like a thicker belt with it. 

In the pictures I think it looks pretty plain Jane, but wearing it made me feel so lovely. Modern, light and easily dressed up or down.

What do you think?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

J. Crew Review - Jules Dress in Silk Scarf Foulard

Ah the elusive Jules dress! I have been obsessed with this silhouette ever since it came out but have never been able to find one that looks good on me. I was convinced this would be my Jules!

Collection Jules Dress in Silk Scarf Foulard (size 2)

Okay. So while I do not think it looks terrible, I also do not think it looks $298 great. The print is really lovely and the silk feels great. But ALL the Jules bother me for one reason. Okay a few reasons. The seam that connects the top half and the "skirt" portion goes in making the material right below it pouf out just slightly. This is right on the hips and I do not like it! If anything I wish it tapered in ever so slightly. Also, something about that very plain highish neckline does not do anything for my chest. 

As far as this dress shape goes, this is one of the better iterations. It has a pajama like looks but I think could be dressed up with lots of fun jewelry and heels. It is quite short (I am 5'4") but not obscenely so with tights.

Anyone else buy into the Jules dress? How do you make it work?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ann Taylor Reviews - Metropolitan Shift Dress and Polka Dot Pants

I was intrigued by this dress from the Kate Hudson ad campaign earlier this year. The blue is gorgeous and the shape look so simple and classic. The photos make the dress look sort of teal, and while the color is not quite as vibrant as the website photo it is definitely brighter than my photos.

Metropolitan Shift Dress (size 2) on sale for $79.99

I think $79.99 is a pretty good price for this dress. There weren't many left in the store. So why didn't I bite? I'm not sure. It's a very comfortable and the wool/polyester knit is forgiving and at the same time structured. I don't think I needed to size down but the hips of the dress did seem to stick out slightly past my own. Didn't get the feeling exactly but I may regret this since it is a great day to night dress.

These are sort of adorable. Yes they are glorified pajamas but they fit pretty well. I would be interested to try on my normal size 2 as well. They were actually pretty flattering. So what stopped me here? Polyester. Polyester did make them drape very well but I have started developing this snobbery against this material. Again, may regret this decision.

Btw - Ann Taylor, like many other retailers, often has a large discrepancy between online price and in-store price (in-store price being much better).

Anyone else check out their recent sale offerings?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

J. Crew Reviews - Sweaters, Skirt and more!

Couldn't help but do a little run through J. Crew with the recent 25% off sale promo. Our sale section was quite well stocked and I was tempted by quite a few things. Here's what I tried:

Blythe Blouse in Byzantine Blue (size 2)

This color is yummy. I already own the extravagant green blythe and was one of the lucky ones who caught the polka dot on crazy price so I passed. I think I'm going to hold out for Madewell's silk boyshirt to go on sale since I like the subtle pocket, roll-up sleeves and no pleating at the shoulders. See my review of that shirt here.

Tippi Sweater in Crushed Grape (XXS) and Toothpick Ankle Jean in Garment-Dyed Twill in Byzantine Blue (size 27)
This is a sad case of way too tight. The SA promised me these jeans stretch out and I certainly hope so. My usual size in Tippi is XS but I love this color and thought I would see if an XXS would work. Ahem. Not so much.

Colorblock Boatneck Top in Vintage Burgundy in XS
I tried on this top on a whim but I LOVE it. The XS was slouchy in a lovely way. I did actually end up purchasing the XXS for a little but of a closer fit. Because the shirt is not so stretchy, the XXS does have tight arm syndrome but I don't mind. Love this top. Cute, lays well.

Inside-Out Fairisle Sweater (XS)
This is apparently sold out now but I couldn't tell you why. I neither liked the inside-outness nor the fairisle-ness. Overall unflattering on me.

Sweatshirt - not online yet - XS

I think the side view is quite cute. The front view is a little blah. It's really cozy but I don't love the raglan sleeves. If I needed another hangin' out at home type of sweatshirt I would go for it but I most certainly don't.

Sparkle Row Cami in Ivory (Size 2) and Classic Mini in Felted Wool in Navy (Size 2)

The Sparkle Row Cami was way cuter than I thought it would be. The neckline is a bit high for a busty lady like myself but it was quite sweet. My size 2 fit perfectly and I have to admit I was tempted. The mini I did not like at all. I have the mini from a few years ago and it is lovely. This one was so scratchy and the squares of fabric on the sides gave me lumps. Granted I usually have to size up in this skirt and I did not but still I thought the construction was rather shoddy.

Collection Cashmere Waffled Colorblock Sweater in Poppy Navy Caramel (XS?)
I don't understand why I would want to pay this much for a sweater that looks like thermal underwear. Okay, I exaggerate but it's not that cute. The jeans are the same ones as above but in the shallow sea color which I LOVE but reveal way too much info about my booty.

This fits beautifully and is a lovely little dress. The fitted waist band over emphasized my chest so I passed. Plus, this sort of silhouette always makes me feel like a figure skater. So cute on some people, just not for me!

Can't wait to finally get some new arrivals online this week. Perhaps more markdowns to follow?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Madewell Review - Silk Gatehouse Dress

Oh how I wish I lived near a Madewell. Yes they are skewed for slightly younger women than myself but they are really a breath of fresh air. Love the playful colors and really nice quality silk. I had been eyeing this dress forever and finally decided to try it with the no-risk free shipping & returns.

 I'd say the color is pretty true to these pictures, maybe slightly duller. The size 2 basically fit well but it is quite short. There is a nice little slip under the tulip skirt so that you don't have to worry about undie showage. The waist is elastic which is not my favorite. Every time you raise your arms or do anything with your upper body the whole thing rides up.

Side and back view. Again short, but soooo cute. Very comfortable on.

A little blousier in the top and I think the length is better but I'm not sure. I'm definitely not one to shy away from a mini but this is quite brief and I'm not sure I want to always wear tights under it.

Anyone else own this dress? Would love feedback on whether the size 2 or size 4 looks better.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews - New Sale Items

What a gigantic sale on Monday! My cherished Glimmered Pointelle Pullover went on sale so I knew I wanted to check it out again. I was disappointed I missed out on the Striped Boatneck Mini-dress. I had no idea it would sell out so fast. Oh well. Here are a few goodies I found at Anthro:

Mingled Hues Sweater (S) in Blue Motif
There was no XS for me to try on so I just went for the small which was a tad big. I have to say - I really like this sweater. Super cozy comfy but the little details and the neck and sleeves make it interesting. The color is beautiful and I can see myself pulling this out quite frequently.

Bea Embroidered Blouse (I think small) 
I am probably a nutbag for not walking out with this blouse. The embroidery is simply lovely. But, it is so sheer and so white I wasn't sure where I would wear it. And the real dealbreaker for me was the little ruffled right on the hips. Really? I mean come on. Really a cute piece for $40 however.

Ruffle Sleeve Blouse (size 2) in Blue
The color is gorgeous and I like the little collar detail. It does make it fit a bit strange though. I felt like I couldn't get the collar to lay straight and the blouse to fall properly. Sizing up to a 4 helped that but not enough to make me want to buy.

Branching Blooms Tunic (size 2 or 4)

I'm not sure I'd call this a tunic! The colors and pattern and lovely but I felt a little overwhelmed by the blouse.  May have to revisit in a smaller size. The sleeves are a bit blousy for my personal taste. I think it's selling quickly so if you see it and like it, jump on it!

Olmeda Pencil Skirt (size 2)
Cute. The fit from the side looked less pencil-y to me. I thought it was a cute pattern but just didn't look like much on nor did it feel very substantial. The colors, though, would be amazing for pairing with about a thousand different tops!

Prunus Brocade Skirt (size 2)
The color IRL is much duller than the online version. More plummy I think. This skirt is so adorable but does indeed bulge out at the hips like a little balloon. That didn't bother my so much but the extreme shortness did as well as the tightness in the waist. Granted, I may have gained a few pounds in the ol' tum tum recently but I could not even zip it up! Cute for the younger and less curvy
Best part of this picture? My daughter's blue sparkly chucks! Nuff said.

Anyone else indulge in some items from Monday's sale?