Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Madewell Reviews - 2 Shirts and a Sheep

I was really excited about the recent Free Shipping & Returns at Madewell. The closest store to me is about an hour or so and I make it about once a year. Shopping there is always tricky as well since I generally feel like I am everyone's grandma. But.... I do really like some of their clothes. Here is what I found in my most recent order:

Sheepmeadow Sweater (XS)
I'm a sucker for an animal sweater but this one didn't quite fit the bill. The shape is nice and I liked the slight slouchiness of the XS but the color is really unfortunate. The color online looks like a nice heathered camel but in real life it is closer to the color you see above. The sweater is a mix of nylon and other fibers and has a nice shape but of course I thought it was 100% merino. Whoops. Love sheep but not enough to wear this color.

Silk Candlelight Top (XS) in Baroque Violet 
The color of this shirt is divine and definitely a rich royal purple (it looks a bit indigo in these photos). The silk is very nice but I just didn't love the shape. Slightly boxy and the details felt too Amish for my taste. Would look lovely on many people though.

 Solid Silk Boyshirt (XS) in Bloomsbury Blue
IRL I'd say the color is slightly less vibrant but still really nice. I LOVE this shirt. I love my Blythe blouse but I prefer this one. First of all, no flap pockets - just one understated one on one side. Nice roll-up tab sleeves. Long length. I want this shirt. Am praying it makes it to sale. Divine.

Might have to place one more order to try out the Gatehouse Dress which has been on my mind ever since the catalogue. Anyone else take advantage of the free shipping & Returns???


  1. I didn't take advantage of the free shipping and returns since I got a couple of things in-store but I like the silk shirt on you. I agree with you Madewell definitely makes great silk shirt, I like theirs more than JCrew.

    1. Thanks, Joelle! I agree - their silk shirt is awesome. More flattering than the Blythe (although truth be told I own 2 of those!)