Thursday, October 11, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews - New Sale Items

What a gigantic sale on Monday! My cherished Glimmered Pointelle Pullover went on sale so I knew I wanted to check it out again. I was disappointed I missed out on the Striped Boatneck Mini-dress. I had no idea it would sell out so fast. Oh well. Here are a few goodies I found at Anthro:

Mingled Hues Sweater (S) in Blue Motif
There was no XS for me to try on so I just went for the small which was a tad big. I have to say - I really like this sweater. Super cozy comfy but the little details and the neck and sleeves make it interesting. The color is beautiful and I can see myself pulling this out quite frequently.

Bea Embroidered Blouse (I think small) 
I am probably a nutbag for not walking out with this blouse. The embroidery is simply lovely. But, it is so sheer and so white I wasn't sure where I would wear it. And the real dealbreaker for me was the little ruffled right on the hips. Really? I mean come on. Really a cute piece for $40 however.

Ruffle Sleeve Blouse (size 2) in Blue
The color is gorgeous and I like the little collar detail. It does make it fit a bit strange though. I felt like I couldn't get the collar to lay straight and the blouse to fall properly. Sizing up to a 4 helped that but not enough to make me want to buy.

Branching Blooms Tunic (size 2 or 4)

I'm not sure I'd call this a tunic! The colors and pattern and lovely but I felt a little overwhelmed by the blouse.  May have to revisit in a smaller size. The sleeves are a bit blousy for my personal taste. I think it's selling quickly so if you see it and like it, jump on it!

Olmeda Pencil Skirt (size 2)
Cute. The fit from the side looked less pencil-y to me. I thought it was a cute pattern but just didn't look like much on nor did it feel very substantial. The colors, though, would be amazing for pairing with about a thousand different tops!

Prunus Brocade Skirt (size 2)
The color IRL is much duller than the online version. More plummy I think. This skirt is so adorable but does indeed bulge out at the hips like a little balloon. That didn't bother my so much but the extreme shortness did as well as the tightness in the waist. Granted, I may have gained a few pounds in the ol' tum tum recently but I could not even zip it up! Cute for the younger and less curvy
Best part of this picture? My daughter's blue sparkly chucks! Nuff said.

Anyone else indulge in some items from Monday's sale?


  1. I have a bday coupon to use at Anthro, but will have to see on what. Maybe some household items instead of clothes. :)

    1. Tee hee. Yes, their household stuff is adorable and unique which is more than I can say for some of their clothing these days.

  2. You can get 2 scarves and pin them together for the same look of the Bea blouse. lol It's very pretty, though. Good of you to be discerning and not buy because "it's only..." The last Anthro thing I bought was the polka dot blazer. So glad I got it when it first went on sale because now it's gone. Thanks for sharing reviews :)

    1. HA! I know what you mean. Sometimes when I am in Anthro I get sort of the Anthro version of beer goggles and can't tell what looks good, modern or remotely interesting anymore. I do think some of their winter collection looks nice.