Monday, October 1, 2012

J. Crew Review - 25% off $150 promo

Inspired by the recent 25% off $150 promo, I went in to J Crew. I figured it would be no problem to find $150 worth of stuff to buy (and in fact heard others saying they thought it was a great promotion because it's hard to go into J Crew and NOT spend $150). I stuck to mostly sale items this time around but nothing was too tempting. Perhaps it is the allure of final sale going away online or perhaps it is because I know things will get marked down even more.

I may regret not getting the French Hen shirt... we'll see...

Merino Zigzag Sweater (size S)
Ok. I am shocked that this sweater is sold out! I adore the colors and knit but the fit is so funky. I had previously tried on the size XXS here and the size S was not much better. The collar sticks up all around your neck and because of the busy pattern and lack of stretch I feel like a linebacker. If this came in a different pattern and the neck laid in a more flattering way I would consider. It really does remind me of the type of warm sweaters I wore as a kid.

Totally cute. Nice, thick material. Am I being too picky if I mention that the stripes on the back are plain and straight across?

Jules Dress in Snowcat (size 4)

Ah, the elusive Jules. Shall we never be friends? Granted this is a size bigger than I usually take but the shape just doesn't work on me. I think something about the neckline bothers me but I don't know what. That being said, the rayon version of the jules definitely drapes the best. So close, and yet so far...

Tippi Sweater (XS) in Kelly Green 
Toothpick Ankle Jean in Garment-Dyed Twill (size 27) in Byzantine Blue 

I almost like this color combination. The Tippi is a standard and a nice basic. I do wish they would make the collar thinner but besides that it is lovely and the color is gorge. The jeans are one size up from my matchstick size. I thought for sure I would take these home but they are just so tight. Not the wrong size tight just really toothpick tight. The rear view was acceptable but a lot of information. Plus, I like my "ankle-length" pants to be a little longer - like more top of the foot. I just feel like I got flood pants on here. The color is divine and a great way to do colored denim without putting it "in yo' face".

All in all a pass for me on this promo. Excited to see some new items soon though...

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