Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ann Taylor - 2 dress reviews

I keep on returning to Ann Taylor this fall for work appropriate clothing. I haven't shopped there in years but am liking some of their colors and shapes. I do find their fit challenging at times - I feel like I'm in between a petite and a regular - and I do wish they would stop using so much polyester but I think they are definitely trying to be a bit more on trend.

Redefined Lace Sheath Dress (Size 2)

I really love this dress. I feel like it was made for me. Plenty of room up top to accommodate the ladies but not too big on the bottom. Nice little structured waistband and a long exposed zipper down the back (which many will hate). I do have to admit that on this type of dress a hidden zipper would be more appropriate but it's not a deal breaker. The lace is stretchy, although not overly so, allowing the dress to form to your body. I am a navy whore at this point. I can't help myself. Love it. At $99 this was a splurge for me but I think I can use it for all my concerts. Love sleeveless when I am playing piano!

Here's where I think AT goes a little wrong. The material of this dress is super yuck way too much poly. It's a shame too because I think the idea is there. The darts at the bustline really help slim this dress down and make it more flattering. I like that the entire dress is not striped. The length is great. Overall it is a little big on me but they didn't have an XXS nor did I bother looking that hard since I would not pay $69.99 for this dress. Maybe $30.

What have others found at Ann Taylor recently?


  1. I walked thru AT recently. They had a couple of cool looking coats. Didn't try anything on. Looooove the lace dress on you. :)

    1. Thanks, Gigi! I really love it too. I think it serve a lot of purposes in my life!

  2. Your lace dress looks fantastic. Chicos has something similar in style and I was thinking of getting it since it was on sale.