Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews!

Even with the deluge of sales lately, I sure haven't found much that I have to have. Maybe that's a good thing :) Here are few items from Anthro:

Nocturnal Wings Tank (XS)
I luvs me a good bird print and I really love a good Anthro lounge item (note less expensive) but.... I just don't get this blouse. Completely see-thru and I would never want to put a cami underneath. The birds were a-calling but I couldn't answer...

Something else I love? A good shift dress! But dang are they tricky. They pleating at the bustline ruined this for me but that's because I am really busty. If you are less well-endowed I think this would be cute in a chain gang/ laugh-in sort of way. The material is nice and thick which I greatly appreciated.

Striped Scenery Sweater (XS) in Brown Motif  
I found this sweater a bit shapeless and blah on but the colors are divine! It feels very delicate and I love that you could layer different colors under it for different effects. May reconsider at sale time. Feels slightly oversized/slouchy.

Avian Myth Shift (size 2) 
I was immediately drawn to this but grabbed two sizes since it looked like it ran a little small/short. The 2 fit fine in the top half but the bottom was TIGHT. Too tight.

Size 4. Definitely closer to how it is supposed to fit. The top felt a little loose but my butt could move again so I'll take the trade. I still don't know if it does a ton for my figure or complexion but it's definitely intriguing.

Side view. Acceptable :)

Lousy back shot. I do love the slightly open back to contrast with the higher neck in the front. And, although many are not fans of an exposed zipper I always like the slight edge it gives a piece of clothing.

Big sale of some coveted items today! Anyone bite?


  1. I was attracted to the Avian shift the first time I saw it too. I think it's very pretty and such a unique style.

    I did pick up a few things with the Saturday 20% off deal: black enamel petal posts (bought another color a while back and love them), Flocked Landscape scarf in pink, and the Chelsea bootie in Carbon. I've been looking for a pair of gray booties for over a year. I'm hoping these work out.

    Thanks for the reviews.

  2. The size 2 Avian Shift looks great on you. Too bad you can't walk..sit..raise your arms.