Friday, September 7, 2012

J Crew Reviews - a few sale items and a liberty

This week is crazy! I just started a new job and my daughter started a new school! So glad it is Friday and everything went smoothly. Ah... to breathe again. Here are a few super quick reviews:

Liberty Perfect Shirt in Assorted Florals (size 2) in Vintage Brights

Meant to take a close-up of the print. It is so charming! lots of stars in muted colors. Although some of the brighter/louder liberty shirts appeal to me I think this one is one of the more wearable ones. Fit great in my usual shirt size of 2.

I stole the layering idea from Ina in Wonderland who styled it with the Tartan Boy shirt here. This sweatshirt would normally never even get a 2nd look from me but somehow it is so cute! My usual size XS was perfect - with just enough drape but not baggy and not too tight. My only complaint is that cute little rolled sleeves are literally rolled and with no stitches to keep them in place so I'm not sure how it will turn out after I wash it. Love how it dresses down a cute button-down shirt.

Tippi Sweater in Garment-Dyed Linen (XS) in Neon Pink 
I LOVE my purple linen tippi. The Neon Pink is even brighter than it looks in this picture. It is truly fluorescent. A bit too much for me. 

Back-Zip Tee (XS) in Navy 

These are terrible photos but this t-shirt is literally perfect. Just loose enough and the little pocket and back zip are lovely. The other color, strawberry, is not as depicted on the monitor. Sort of more coral and much brighter. Thank goodness my lovely VPS let me return it.... "just this once".

Hope everyone has a great weekend and had a great first week of school...


  1. I took a few very close up photos of this blouse, so I can add them to my review when I get the chance to wear it (soon, I hope).

    I have so many liberty print blouses, but honestly, there is a reason, they really are exceptional. Well crafted, great prints, and timeless. I fortunately did not have to pay FP, but it still was a lot of money. But from what I can tell, J. Crew is not reducing them during sale time, so I just sucked it up and bought it. Sigh. That color is really close to selling out from what I can tell, too.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out!
    Have you tried the leopard perfect shirt under it? They look so cute together!
    I washed mine a few times and its still holding up,so hopefully it will last:).