Friday, August 31, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews - Sahuarita Blouse and Scattered Buttercup Blouse

School just started this week so these are just some quickies:

Sahuarita Blouse (size S)

The back of this is DIVINE. OMG. So sexy and yet understated at the same time. Unfortunately I find the overall shape a little boxy and shapeless and the colors quite drab. This is a size up from my normal size because it's what they had but I think it fit pretty well. I'm not sure I could fit in the XS because of the lack of give in the fabric. Love the back view, snore from the front.

Ugh. Polyester. And woah tight. If you look at the back view you can see how it is PULLING on my back and I am not particularly wide. The general shape is cute and flattering but maybe a little too Little House on the Prairie for me. I think this top would look nicer on someone a little less busty. The pattern is lovely and the color will be very nice for certain skin tones. I can do polyester when it imitates silk but this felt like good ol' slimy polyester so it was a pass!

Sorry for the brevity - so much to do!

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