Monday, August 13, 2012

Boden Review - Fall Arrivals

Hard to believe fall is around the corner and I have to say it is a relief! I LOVE summer but do not love it as a time for fashion. I basically end up bumming around in shorts and t-shirts or maybe little light dresses but that's about it. No use in getting gussied up to get dirty at the playground. Fall, however, is another story. Layers! Button-down shorts! Cute cardigans! And real shoes! Ahh.... love it. Feeling inspired a tried a few new items from Boden.

Martha Dress in Navy Cosmic Spot (Petite 4)

So, I think this dress is very cute although the price tag is a bit high for rayon. It is fully lined which is a bonus. I really like the length of the petite because I prefer to show a little leg but I did feel like the underbust seam barely fit under my bust. In general, it was quite tight through the shoulders even though I am not particularly large up there. I'm not sure if this is a problem with the petite or if it means I should go up a size to US6 (which I often have to do with Boden). The print is quite charming and not quite as -in-your-face as other Boden prints which I really like. 

Swishy Jersey Skirt in Charcoal Spot (US4) 

I am generally not a fan of polka dots or midi skirts but this one is SO cute AND comfortable. I didn't it put it on too carefully so that's why it looks like it's riding up in the 2nd pic (okay, and also because I have a bubble butt...). I actually find this skirt to be quite flattering and it goes with anything/everything.  Do wish it came in a navy but the Charcoal is nice. I did reorder a US2 which I have never worn in Boden because the waist on this one is running big. Will review that along with a silk shirt when they come!

Anyone else find some Boden fall must-haves?

This weekend I will be hitting the Boden Warehouse Sale in Boston - so excited! We'll see what I can turn up there...


  1. Hi!

    First, I think Boden has smaller overall sizing, especially since the longs fit me so well. In other brands, the longs are usually too long (35 inch inseams are only heel-worthy), but Boden only ever goes to inches, which is perfect for my legs.

    That is likely why you are not finding their petites a good size for you. So on that note, definitely go to the other size for the Martha Dress, because it LOOKS SO GOOD on you. :)

    I also had been eyeing the polka dot skirt, so I am stoked you love it.

    I should be ready to publish my Boden Weekly Review Roundup tomorrow, and I know that everyone is going to love seeing you in these pieces!

    Oh, I saw that Boston Warehouse sale info. I hope you get to go. I am definitely jealous!

  2. Blergh. My computer's 3 button is stuck. The boden inseam in long is 33, so it is exactly the right length for my legs.