Wednesday, August 8, 2012

J Crew Reviews - New Arrivals!

Finally got a moment to try on a few new fall items from JC. Lots of colors are vibrant and gorgeous in their offerings and I'm glad to see new classics like the Blythe Blouse sticking around. Here's what I found:

Jules Dress in Stripe Silk Twill (on sale for $139.99 online) (size 2)

Yikes. It's (maybe) hard to tell in the pictures but this thing made me look like a brick house. Very wide and short. The pockets are on the side seams which also didn't do me any favors. It's a shame because I really like the stripes with the subtle red/orange stripe but this hung like a sack. I don't think I could size down because it already felt tight in the shoulders with no give in the fabric.

Jules Dress in Wool in Retro Jade (size 2) 

This was a slight improvement since the pockets are on the front but still some of the same fit issues. I felt like I needed a 0 for the body but then I probably wouldn't have been able to move my arms that well. The color is quite striking although I like the extravagant green of last year a little better. wish I could make this silhouette work for me as I love a good shift dress!

I can't find this blouse on the website yet but I think it's quite lovely. I hope it comes in some other prints/colors. I am not someone who loves an animal print except on accessories. Love the contrast piping at the edges and the general shape of this blouse. Please JC make it in other prints?

The Blythe blouses are lovely. This color is striking although not sure I loved it on me in person. The 0 actually fit fine with just a slight gaping at the chest. Think I would stick with my regular 2 for a bit more blousiness.

 The t-shirt appears to be sold out. It is adorable but it is also really thin! I almost bought it but thought it would probably be the kind of thing to get a hole in it after 1-2 washings. It's lovely and just the right amount of drapiness. A little bit low cut. Definitely size down.

The jeans are also nice and I love this color of blue. Still engaging in the colored denim trend without hitting someone in the face with it. Subtle blue. I sized up and they were still pretty snug but knowing JC denim I'm sure they would be perfect by end of day.

Boy Shirt in Turquoise Plaid (Size 2)

Cute and true to size. If I didn't already have about a thousand JC shirts I might be tempted but I think I'm at maximum capacity.

What new arrivals are people most excited about? Any must have full price purchases?


  1. Thanks for the reviews! I want to love the Jules dress, but am just not feeling it! I like the blouse on you - i have seen it on others, but I think your pictures really capture the colours, and so I am thinking it is quite pretty now!


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