Thursday, August 9, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews!

I've basically spent the past year being obsessed with Anthropologie but I think I may finally be burning out! I love the idea of their clothes but I've been having so many fit issues I'm starting to get frustrated. what kind of body can wear a big shapeless sack? I don't know, but it's not mine. I'm excited to see more of their fall/winter offerings, however, because I usually find them more compelling than summer offerings which are a bit too floral/whimsical/vintagey for me.

Marbled Blouse (size 2)
It is shocking to me that this blouse has gotten so many good reviews. I LOVE the print and colors - absolutely gorgeous - like you're underwater. But, the fit is terrible. Short and boxy. I could have sized down but I think I would have needed more than that to make this look good.

Gazania Blouse (size 4) 
I think the colors in this are to die for. I mean I am IN LOVE. I had tried this on before in a size 0 and size 2 and both laid oddly. This definitely felt like the right size but the cowl neck is so weird! It looks okay in the photo but it sort of just lays flat against you in stead of draping like a true cowlneck. So sad because I just adore the pattern on the silk.

Print is adorable. Obviously super sheer. Like the details at the neck. Just too drapey and shapeless. Do I detect a theme here?

 Aerial Terra Top in Blue Motif (XS)

It's cute, especially from the back. Just not special enough for me to take home. Plus the whole racerback thing is hard for me to do since apparently no one wants to make racerback bras for the more amply endowed.

Glimmered Pointelle Pullover (XS) in Coral
 Now this me likey. I'm sort of loving this open stitch sweater thing that seems to be going on right now. And the color is gorgeous! plus I love a little sparkle in my sweater. Fit is very flattering and TTS. Wishlisted for sale.

Sky Trails Maxi Dress (Small Petite)

 The petite size is great for 5'4" me. I think it needs a belt for sure. It's really interesting but I found that a) the way the fabric had to overlap just right under my arms to hide my bra was strange and b) the top portion just wasn't that flattering. It was very comfortable and the color is great.

Stone Harbor Dress in Turquoise (size 2)

Oh my. I don't even know what to say. The waist came up way too high and yet was in between an empire waist and a regular waist. Quite strange. I felt like I should be in a big tub stomping grapes to make wine and some remote European town.

Anyone else try some of these items? Anyone able to make the Gazania blouse work?


  1. eh. I love anthropologie too, but I find their tops are just generally a bust. I usually just go with the dresses but even that has been difficult lately (especially since I can't try things on!). This shapeless oversized thing has got to go! I like the occasional drapey top but they need to be cut smaller!

    I imagine the gazania blouse would work with any structured bottom, like a pencil skirt. The print is pretty!

    1. Glad to hear I am not the only one with the blouses. It's so frustrating!

  2. They don't really make racerback bras for the less-endowed, either (at least in my size, 32A). Maybe all these racerback tops are designed for the B through D crowd?

    1. That's hilarious! Yeah I don't know, I wish I could go braless but that is simply not an option :)

  3. I'm so glad you reviewed the Pointelle Pullover. I've got it on my wishlist too. I like the open work trend in sweaters; I just wasn't sure how I'd look in it. I'm encouraged by how great it looks on you.

    1. Thanks, maryeb! Always love your feedback. I'm feeling sort of obsessed with the sweater. Might have to go back and have another look at it - I can't remember if I felt like the quality was high or sort of sub-par like a lot of Anthro products these days.