Saturday, August 11, 2012

Boden - Big Button Tunic Review

Oh big button tunic, if only your colors were not so bright and your pattern not so bold. This shirt is so beautifully made and very flatteringly tailored. The price is so right - $20.40!!! But, for me this print is just too much. It seems like a good idea and then I can just see it sitting in my closet forever. But, if big prints are your thing - rush to get this shirt! The cotton is crisp and the fit is lovely - slightly tapered at waist, really beautiful.

Big Button Tunic (size US 6)

Big button tunic in Ocean Spring Flowers (US 4) 

 Big Button Tunic in Ocean Spring Flowers (US 6)

I thought both the 6 and the 4 fit fine. The 6 was a little more comfortable throughout the shoulder/chest area and both were shaped nicely through the waist so I'd say you could go with either of your Boden sizes but maybe the bigger if you don't want to feel constricted.

LOVE it just wish they could make it in a more subtle pattern.

Anyone else able to make this shirt work?


  1. Love the print on the second tunic!

  2. Haha. I love that it is a LOVE except for the print. :) Oh, Boden...such big, bright prints. I love prints and would have a hard time wearing them!

    1. I know! That is sort of my problem with Boden. I do love print but I do not love humongous in your face print. I feel like it overwhelms me. Saw many of this tunic at the Sample Sale this weekend. Details to come!