Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ann Taylor Review - sale dresses

I almost never shop at Ann Taylor. I like their clothes but I'd rather wait for something special at J Crew or Anthro to go on sale. Still, I think AT has workwear down. I wish they would stop making stuff out of polyester however. I mean everything. Not good. I did find some really cute clearance dresses although I wouldn't say they were work appropriate at all :)

Poolside Shift Dress (PXS) in Ocean Dive
Okay this is the worst pose ever. I look constipated. If I wasn't so lazy or had any extra time I would retake it but alas here it is. I think I'm trying to show how it really is a straight up and down shift dress.

The color on this is DIVINE. I love love love it. And although many people are not fans of the exposed zipper I sort of secretly love them. The fabric is a THINK ponte knit and it feels great and retains its shape well. it's sort of weird to wear that sort of fabric with no sleeves. I'm not sure where I would wear this or why I would need it but because it is both comfortable and colorful I'm a little in love. The length is perfect (as petite length in dresses always are for me at AT and LOFT, pants not so much).

I bought this because I am a pianist and always looking for comfortable non-constrictive clothes that are black for concerts. I thought this would fit the bill perfectly but my husband thought it might be a little too "sexy-time" for playing. He might be right. I love the ruching although I think it looks a little pregnant from the side and it bugs me when something is ruched on the front and then all plain looking on the back. I returned it but might regret it.

I have been finding lots of cute things at Ann Taylor lately and am welcoming the idea of shopping somewhere to shop besides J Crew and Anthropologie. Their pieces are classic and the fit is pretty good. Sale prices need to come down a bit more (IMO).

Anyone else find Ann Taylor attractive for clothes?


  1. I loved Ann Taylor back during my corporate days and now as a SAHM, I didn't think I would find appropriate everyday pieces for me. The powers that be must have known cause they've been coming out with more machine washable tops and sweaters -- I just placed an order this morning for the studio tipped cardigan and foyer sweater jacket. Love having options other than Jcrew/Banana/Anthro too!

    FYI- if you google search, AT has a 25%off FP promo running into Sept.

    1. Thanks for stopping by mamakoh! I will have to check out the cardigan and jacket! Options are all important! I tend to get stuck in a rut with clothes. Last year was Anthro and now I'm back to J Crew again but I'm seeing that Ann Taylor definitely has something to offer!

  2. Hey, I think the black cap-sleeve looks gorgeous! I was going to say something about your toned arms but if you're a pianist that makes sense- that can be a good workout!

    1. Thanks! I really like the black dress too but I returned it! It's so hard to decide what "black" outfit to buy for performing. Thanks for the arm compliment! I'm not sure if it's from piano since I don't get much time to practice but the push-ups definitely help!