Thursday, September 13, 2012

Talbots and Ann Taylor Reviews

Whoops. I have a new schedule and new job and I still have not gotten into the "flow" of fall yet...

I have to say, one of the real perks of having a more active work life is being able to dress a little more nicely. It sounds silly but I find it a real mood lifter to have to put on more than jeans and a t-shirt in the morning. Of course I also realized that my closet is a bit short on official work clothes so I thought I'd try to fill the gap. I normally do not shop at Talbots or Ann Taylor but they have been having some good sales! I got some skirts at Talbots for $11! Anyway, on to a few quick reviews:

Elite Stripe Bateau Tee (XS) in Bright Emerald/Ivory
I like this tee. It is a nice, thick knit but not too thick. It has a little piece of fabric on the shoulders that is a cute detail. There is still something sort of old lady about it for me but if I was in need of more stripes (which I'm not) I would be tempted.

Ann Taylor Cowl Neck Halter (size 2) in black
So, this is polyester but it doesn't bother me. It drapes beautifully in the front although a bit low. Wondering if the girls aren't a bit too much on display for a performance. There is a cute little snap on the cowlneck to help close it up a bit which is a cute feature.

Yes that is my goofball daughter running into my hand while I try to stand still. Picture taking has become a challenge now that she's stopped napping but it is definitely more hilarious!

Oops. I think this top looks cuter in person but in these pictures it looks like a maternity top. I LOVE the color and I love something with a little room for a tummy pooch for those not so thing days. Hmm...

Ann Taylor Back Zip Denim Top (XS) 
I had my doubt about this top because when I raise my arms it sort of lays funny and then I have to pull it back down but.... I actually sort of love it. Very artist smock looking but in a good way! There is a cute little faux leather zipper on the back which I also love. I think this could be quite versatile.

Flower Garden Print Skirt (size 2) 
I thought I liked this from the front. Cute little print, good fit, nice length..... but...

hello! way... too... much...information. I think this is due to the lack of lining. Alas. I thought I could break my J Crew pencil skirt habit! The fit was decent with a bit of looseness in the waist.

Paisley-Swirl Pencil Skirt (size Petite 2)  
This print is so cute and would go with so much! The length on the petite is short enough to show the knees but not be obscene for work. The 2Petite was definitely a bit too snug. The 4P felt a little roomy but better. I'm sort of debating between the 2 regular and the 4P and will try to post pictures later. How can you resist a fully lined pencil skirt for $20.99???

More to come... when I have a day off :) Anyone else find goodies in the Talbots sale?


  1. lol about the pencil skirt! Would a little slip help or just be too annoying? I love that denim top from AT! So cute. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad you like the AT top! I do too but was on the fence for a bit. The pencil skirt is so annoying. I'm not in love with the print so even for the ridiculous low price I paid for it I decided to return it.

  2. I love the paisley print skirt. What a great deal!

    1. Thanks! I just received the other sizes so I will try to do a comparative review soon!

  3. I like the denim shirt and paisley skirt the best. I tried on the floral skirt too, and it never occurred to me that the lack of a lining is what made it so revealing. I thought I ate too much chocolate! Always buy the pencil skirts roomy. They look richer.

    1. Hilarious! I know. It's one of those nice from the front and scandalous from the back deals. Back it went!