Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ann Taylor Reviews - Metropolitan Shift Dress and Polka Dot Pants

I was intrigued by this dress from the Kate Hudson ad campaign earlier this year. The blue is gorgeous and the shape look so simple and classic. The photos make the dress look sort of teal, and while the color is not quite as vibrant as the website photo it is definitely brighter than my photos.

Metropolitan Shift Dress (size 2) on sale for $79.99

I think $79.99 is a pretty good price for this dress. There weren't many left in the store. So why didn't I bite? I'm not sure. It's a very comfortable and the wool/polyester knit is forgiving and at the same time structured. I don't think I needed to size down but the hips of the dress did seem to stick out slightly past my own. Didn't get the feeling exactly but I may regret this since it is a great day to night dress.

These are sort of adorable. Yes they are glorified pajamas but they fit pretty well. I would be interested to try on my normal size 2 as well. They were actually pretty flattering. So what stopped me here? Polyester. Polyester did make them drape very well but I have started developing this snobbery against this material. Again, may regret this decision.

Btw - Ann Taylor, like many other retailers, often has a large discrepancy between online price and in-store price (in-store price being much better).

Anyone else check out their recent sale offerings?

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  1. Wow, I like the dress quite a bit. I totally hear you on the poly thing. I just got the cutest little jacket style, boiled wool cardi from AT for $40 after their 30% off sale this past weekend. You're so right about the online vs in-store pricing. Oh, it's this sweater.