Tuesday, October 16, 2012

J. Crew Reviews - Sweaters, Skirt and more!

Couldn't help but do a little run through J. Crew with the recent 25% off sale promo. Our sale section was quite well stocked and I was tempted by quite a few things. Here's what I tried:

Blythe Blouse in Byzantine Blue (size 2)

This color is yummy. I already own the extravagant green blythe and was one of the lucky ones who caught the polka dot on crazy price so I passed. I think I'm going to hold out for Madewell's silk boyshirt to go on sale since I like the subtle pocket, roll-up sleeves and no pleating at the shoulders. See my review of that shirt here.

Tippi Sweater in Crushed Grape (XXS) and Toothpick Ankle Jean in Garment-Dyed Twill in Byzantine Blue (size 27)
This is a sad case of way too tight. The SA promised me these jeans stretch out and I certainly hope so. My usual size in Tippi is XS but I love this color and thought I would see if an XXS would work. Ahem. Not so much.

Colorblock Boatneck Top in Vintage Burgundy in XS
I tried on this top on a whim but I LOVE it. The XS was slouchy in a lovely way. I did actually end up purchasing the XXS for a little but of a closer fit. Because the shirt is not so stretchy, the XXS does have tight arm syndrome but I don't mind. Love this top. Cute, lays well.

Inside-Out Fairisle Sweater (XS)
This is apparently sold out now but I couldn't tell you why. I neither liked the inside-outness nor the fairisle-ness. Overall unflattering on me.

Sweatshirt - not online yet - XS

I think the side view is quite cute. The front view is a little blah. It's really cozy but I don't love the raglan sleeves. If I needed another hangin' out at home type of sweatshirt I would go for it but I most certainly don't.

Sparkle Row Cami in Ivory (Size 2) and Classic Mini in Felted Wool in Navy (Size 2)

The Sparkle Row Cami was way cuter than I thought it would be. The neckline is a bit high for a busty lady like myself but it was quite sweet. My size 2 fit perfectly and I have to admit I was tempted. The mini I did not like at all. I have the mini from a few years ago and it is lovely. This one was so scratchy and the squares of fabric on the sides gave me lumps. Granted I usually have to size up in this skirt and I did not but still I thought the construction was rather shoddy.

Collection Cashmere Waffled Colorblock Sweater in Poppy Navy Caramel (XS?)
I don't understand why I would want to pay this much for a sweater that looks like thermal underwear. Okay, I exaggerate but it's not that cute. The jeans are the same ones as above but in the shallow sea color which I LOVE but reveal way too much info about my booty.

This fits beautifully and is a lovely little dress. The fitted waist band over emphasized my chest so I passed. Plus, this sort of silhouette always makes me feel like a figure skater. So cute on some people, just not for me!

Can't wait to finally get some new arrivals online this week. Perhaps more markdowns to follow?

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  1. Thanks for all the reviews.

    The colorblock sweater is adorable. I hadn't considered it, but it looks so great on you now I want to try it.

    Does the Tippi sweater fit the same as the Jackie pullover? I was advised to size up on the Jackie and I'm wondering if I should do the same with the Tippi.