Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ann Taylor Reviews - and a special Sunday treat

It's really hit or miss for me at Ann Taylor but I am desperate for some work-appropriate pants post-weight loss so I keep on going back. If you like them at all, you should definite sign up for their emails because they have these "Sunday treat" specials quite frequently. I placed a large order during the 60% off sale - yes that's right 60% off! Unfortunately, I had no idea what size I wore there and I think I returned almost everything! Boo.

There is a Sunday treat tonight - extra 40% off EVERYTHING and FREE Shipping with code APRIL40

Here are some reviews:

Classic Hatch Print Ankle Pants (size 2)

I did order these pants during the 60% but in the wrong size - darn - because I really like them. I'm not saying I'm going to win a style award while wearing them but the material is a nice thickish cotton, the print is cute without being overwhelming and the fit is spot on. These look like they fit pretty well but I actually ended up getting the size 0 and they fit perfectly. Just slim enough but not too much booty for work. PERFECT ankle length. Yes. 

 Slim Stretch Ankle Pants (size 2) in Lush Hibiscus
I later tried this in size 0 and they fit better. The color is just too much for me and yet the blue variation these come in is too drab. The fit is cute and they are quite comfortable. Wish they came in some more neutral colors. 

 Embroidered Floral Shift Dress (size 0)
I really liked the idea of this dress but it look too boxy on my body. It is quite substantial and the lace was ever so slightly itchy. If the neckline were a little lower I think I would like it better. It will be absolutely adorable on some.

 Lace Hem Cotton Tank (size S?)
Yes that is a lot of boob, sorry. But, I wanted to show this picture because it's impossible to find regular tank tops with straps that will hide bras without too much extra embellishment. I think this was a size small since I normally size up in tees at AT but I don't recall.

 Essential Scoop Neck Tee (size S)
Again, not super exciting but a perfect little white tee. I really liked this one and was glad I sized up for the longer length and slightly looser fit.

Night Sky Blouse (size S)
They didn't have an XS or I would have tried that. Yes I realize this is not exactly the J. Crew Photo Flower print but it is quite cute. I'm trying to reject poly these days since I spent the better part of the 90's wearing it.

Moody Floral Pants (size 00)
These run very big. The 00 fit great/a little loose - and let me tell you - I am no 00! Again, with the poly, I had to leave them behind. Plus, I can never decide if big floral pants look Florida Grandma or Urban Cool. I think I made the right decision ;)

Colorblocked Sweater Dress (size XS)
Random try on but really cute and flattering. A little grabby on the bum. I would love to try this on in the petite length so that the white stripe hits a little higher on the body. I don't know why but it bothered me hitting so low. Felt like it should be high hip.

 Sequin Tulle Mini Skirt (size 0)
 I got this for $28 with the 60% off and it is adorable. I decided to return it because of the lumpiness that you can see in Picture 3. It's very lightweight, and short and the seam (on the side) makes the sequins all bubble out. But, if you are looking for an inexpensive, cute sequin skirt - I wouldn't pass this by.

 Bouquet Print Slim Pants (Petite 2)
I almost got these but might wait for another cute. The print is cute and neutral and the fit is quite comfortable. I prefered the petite length in these - which is rare since I find AT petites to be too short. Poly. Again. Please stop AT because I'm beginning to like some of your clothes!

Anyone else have some spring faves at AT? Will you indulge in the Sunday night treat?

Friday, March 29, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews - Dresses and a Skirt

A few dress reviews for those considering the 20% off sale...

Unknown Shift Dress  Mod-Stripe Chemise (XS)
I wish I could find this online but I can't. It is very cute. Fit is looser than the Triple Bow Dress which I also reviewed here. The material is nice and substantial - reminds me of the Maritime Dress at J Crew but has a nicer a-line shape and a longer length. The colors are lovely and neutral enough to be worn in spring with flats and winter with tights and a nice sweater. I believe it was relatively inexpensive so I may have to reconsider with the extra 20%.

 Silk Mabel Dress (size S)
This was one of the few items from the spring collection that really caught my eye. Unfortunately my local store only had a size S left so it is clearly too big. One disappointment was the elastic waist. I have several elastic waist dresses but I'd love a nice structured waist, please. It just looks sloppy on an otherwise fairly elegant dress. The quality wasn't as high as I was hoping, as I'm finding with a lot of Anthro clothes these days, but I am interested in trying on an XS at some point. 

 Clematis Pencil Skirt (size 2)
I did not like this at all and I can't even really tell you why. It felt sort of dowdy and not very spring like! The material is a rather unforgiving linen (hello wrinkles) so if you are in between sizes I would definitely size up. I am wearing size 0 often these days and the 2 fit just perfectly... I wanted to love this skirt but it just looks a bit blah on, don't you agree?

Nothing for me right now but I'm sure when the weather turns warmer I will be more interested in spring clothes. 

What did you spring for during the 20% dresses event?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews!

Eyelet Azurite Peasant Blouse (size 2) by Vanessa Virginia

All I could think was maternity wear. Way too much gathering over the breasts added weight and girth - I felt like a house in this thing! I like the color and the lace detailing but overall it felt very cheap. Such a shame because I love the idea of it!

If it's rainbow, I am immediately attracted to it - just like my daughter! This is a sweet, lightweight sweater - I love the colors! They are definitely more vibrant IRL than pictured on the website. I would probably size up to a small because I don't like thinner sweaters that are too clingy.

 Triple Bow Dress (XS) in Blue Motif

 First of all, the colors are slightly different IRL - sort of minty and chocolate brown. I like the dress and this thick cotton knit it is made of but I don't love the sleeves or the way the stripes change around the chest line (you can really see it in the side shot). The back view is adorable - maybe too adorable for my age. I sort of like it in these pictures but remember feeling like it made me look funny up top IRL. Fits TTS/slightly snug (but will definitely give as you wear it).

Fitted Western Chambray (XS) by Cloth and Stone
So, much like its cousin, the Fitted Chambray Buttondown , this fits wonderfully up top and then is pulling across my hips. I really don't ever have that problem with shirts but with this brand I do. That is a close up of how much it is pulling. When I size up, it ends up feeling a little sloppy. Darn because I really like this one.

Tulipa Dress (S) by Leifsdottir
 My store clearly did some house cleaning because this turned up out of nowhere and they don't usually even carry Leifsdottir. It was $19.95. It's nothing fancy but I sort of love it and the material is so soft. Is does have this weird knot thing on the front that I couldn't figure out but I just sort of pulled it down on my hip and it seemed to look vaguely normal :)

Aha - here's the problem - major bra show. I think if I wore a pretty lace black bra it could sort of be peek-a-boo sexy but I'm not sure. Maybe just cheap?

thoughts? Anyone else own the Tulipa Dress and know where that darn knot is supposed to go?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Welcome Back! ... and a J Crew Review

... to me.

We just got back from a lovely little trip to Florida - the weather wasn't quite as nice as expected but we had a lovely time.
Unfortunate incident on day 1 of my sweet little lady stepping on a fish bone on the beach which got stuck in her foot. Rush to the emergency room where we were for several hours but all went well. Children as so amazing in their ability to heal. The next day she was not really using her foot for a couple of hours and by lunch, you never would have known anything had happened! She was so brave and sweet and patient. I had so much love and respect for her for getting through this (at the tender age of 3 1/2).

Anyway, just a quickie review today to get things rolling. This belt has been lingering a bit in the sale section but I have to say, I love it!

J. Crew Distressed Denim Belt (XS) in Tobacco

This belt is not for everyone - it is definitely distressed, as was I when I first saw it :) But I sort of love the tough appearance and what I love most? I can wear it at my waist without a long end hanging down. Excuse the ridiculous pictures in my bathroom and the silly belt over a cashmere sweater thing. I have lots of elastic waist dresses that need belts and sometimes I get tired of wearing something dainty and sweet or sparkly. This definitely dresses things down a bit.

I think it would look awesome with:

Anyone else try this belt? Hate it? Love it?